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Gospel throughout the " World "

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Hi Pearl,

I just wanted to ask your view on Col.1:23. Paul seems to be saying that the good news of the kingdom has already been preached worldwide? How could that be because he could never have covered the whole world in the time he had performing his ministry? But for argument sake let's presume he did complete it, then surely the worldwide preaching with regards to what this scripture is saying has been fulfilled in his day if that is what he is proclaiming.

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My Reply:
Col.1:23 is a parallel to Col.1:5-6 and Rom.10:18.
The "world" to which Paul referred to as receiving a full witness, was the Jewish "world"/age/system/arrangement/adornment
(Acts 13:5,26,45-46; 3:26; 9:20; 26:20).

Jesus was sent only to God's People (Matt.15:24; 4:23; John1:11), not to the world at large, as we understand that term. God's people was the "world" that "hated" him (John15:18-22,23-25; Gal.4:16; Amos5:10; John8:45,42; 15:25).
You must see what the Greek definition of "world", as it was originally written in scripture, means.
This link will help with that: (world-earth-home)
Jesus was sent to Israel/"world" (Matt.15:24; John1:9,11), because they were given the promises by God. They were in covenant with God... the people to serve God and fulfill his purposes for a seed of salvation (Gen.17:3-4,9; 22:18; Gal.3:16)... the ones who needed to repent of their unfaithfulness, by the knowledge Christ brought to them. (Matt.15:24; John1:11; 8:22-24; Rom.10:18).
As a whole, that nation broke their covenant with God (Isa.54:5; Matt.16:4; 12:34; 23:33; 21:43; Acts 2:40).
Before God extended a new covenant to people of all nations (Acts 10:34-35; Gen.17:5; Gal.3:28-29), he gave an opportunity to the Jews first, out of regard for the patriarchs and the promises God made to them (Matt.10:6; Rom.1:16; 11:28; 9:5). That entire "world" was given a witness, before God abandoned them to the destroyer (Matt.23:34; 24:1-2) (Matt.3:10; 21:43; 23:37-38; Eze.18:31-32), who did destroy their "world"/age/arrangement, in 70 CE.

This accurate understanding of the Greek word that is translated as "world", is essential,
because it opens up the right understanding of Matt.24:14, and to whom the gospel is supposed to be preached to, today. (the-good-news)
We can't know that, unless we know what "world" really means, in the original Greek.

How does the "world" which was given a full witness, compare to
"all Creation"? (Col.1:23)

The "creation" being spoken about, is also the nation created by God. See Isa.43:7,21; 29:23; 64:8.
God did not create the world of sinful, dying humanity, now under the dominion of Satan (1John5:19; Matt.4:8-9; Heb.2:14; Rom.8:20-22) (John8:44; Eph.2:2).

When the original nation creation by God (His Nation of people under Law) was destroyed, there was a replacement (Gal.6:15; Eph.2:15,10).
God's creation, are His own offspring (Eph.5:1; 2:10; 2Tim.1:9), based in Christ (Rev.3:14; Eph.1:4; Phil.2:15).
Please let me know if those scriptures are sufficient to make clear, what is meant, by "all creation', or, 
every creature "under heaven" (Col.1:23), or,
creation beneath the throne of God  (Isa.66:1; Ps.48:2).

The "world"/system/age/arrangement, that exists today, will also be done away with (1Cor.15:24; 2Pet.3:7,11; 1Pet.4:7)...
leaving only those who have repented, and proven their faith by their loyal works (1Cor.3:13-14),
and having obeyed the "worldwide" gospel of today
(Isa.48:20; Matt.24:14; 2Pet.3:11-13; John12:48; Jer.23:29; Rev.11:5; 19:15; Heb.4:12).
In contrast to the successful "worldwide witness" of the first century;
the final witness of today, will not be as thorough or complete (Matt.10:23; Rev.1:4,11). Why? Because the golden message of Christ, is contraband (Rev.3:18; 13:17; Gal.4:16-17; Isa.29:8-10; Isa.55:2). (buying-and-selling) (mark-of-beast) (666)

  Because the love for truth has grown cold (Rev.2:4; Matt.24:12; 2Thess.2:10-12; Matt.13:15), God is allowing them to be blind and deaf to what the spirit now declares to the Congregations (Rev.2:29) (Rev.13:15,8; Ps.135:15,18,17). They are unable to hear the final proclamations, because they have been deceived into viewing God's faithful messengers, as wicked (Isa.47:9; Nahum 3:4; Rev.18:23,3) and have cast them out (1John3:12,15; Isa.66:5; Luke 6:22-23) (Isa.5:20; Rev.11:3,7-10; Matt.23:34-36; Rev.17:6; 18:24) (Mark8:35-38; John16:2; Rev.6:9-11; Matt.25:44-46)
(Amos 5:18,20; Luke11:35; Matt.6:23; Isa.5:20).
  Therefore, in this time of the end, the seven congregations will not all hear and understand what the spirit declares to their congregations. (Isa.29:10; 2Thess.2:11; Isa.6:9;  2Tim.3:7,5) Only those to whom it is granted, will be given ears that "hear" (Matt.13:16; Rev.2:29; Luke10:23-24; Matt.13:11; Col.1:12)

Thank you for asking your good question.
Love in Christ,
P.S. For those wondering how Matt.24:14 can be fulfilled without the power of the "Watchtower", this link may be of interest: (LINK).

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