Monday, November 23, 2015

Who is the "Earth"?

UPDATE to: World - Earth - Home
as follows:

The original Hebrew word for earth, is "he-rets" (not "oikou"), and simply means "ground"/"land"/"soil". Think about how Jesus used this in illustration (Luke8:15). In Luke, chapter 8, the various forms of ground/soil, stands for differing hearts. A heart either accepts, keeps, and cultivates the planting of the seeds of truth within it (Luke8:11; James1:21; 1Cor.3:8,9), or not. Those who cultivate the truth within them, become "sons of the kingdom" (Matt.13:8,23,37,38), because those who cultivate the word in their heart (wheat seed), grow up into mature wheat, and are known by their works and fruits, resulting from a cultivation of that seed. 
That fine soil, now becomes distinct from the other soils/hearts/land/earth, as belonging to God (Luke8:5-8; Job 4:19; Ec.3:20; 12:7; 1Cor.3:9; Luke 20:9,13,15-16). 
It is the only sort of heart/soil that has accepted and cultivated the truths of God. What then, of it's designation? Is it still merely the dust of the earth as the rest? (Gen.3:19; Rom.5:12,19; John5:24; Luke8:15) Does it's identity come to acquire a designation that reflects it's acceptance of Truth within it?

When the Truth of God's Word finds a home in a righteous, faithful heart (Luke8:15; Matt.13:38; Mark4:20; James1:21) (Wheat Seed: The Word, or the Sons?); that person becomes an "occupied dwelling" for God's spirit and truth (John4:23; 2Cor.1:21-22; 5:5; Eph.1:14; 1Thess.4:8), resulting in eternal life for that person (1Pet.1:23; James1:18; John1:13; 6:63; 1John3:9; Rom.8:9-11; 2Cor.5:1-3).

God's spirit makes it's home within that heart of truth (John14:23,2; 2Tim.1:14; 1Cor.3:16) (Isa.66:1-2 LINK). That is the "occupied home" (Greek: "oikou") which the scriptures that contain "oikou"/"occupied home", are referring to (Col.2:9). (These facts are lost to the mis-translation of "oikou", when mistakenly rendered as the general "world" or "earth").
This fact must especially be kept in mind, when interpreting the symbolic book of Revelation and it's reference to "earth" ("oikou").
There is presently a prevalent misconception, that the scroll of Revelation applies to the world at large (Greek= "cosmos"), the entire "earth"/Greek= "he-rets")...rather than to God's own people ("oikou"). 
This dire ignorance is largely due to this mis-translation and mis-interpretation of the original Greek word, "oikou" (literally, "occupied home") into "earth" or "world", when those are not the Greek word originally written within the scripture.


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