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The Greatest Tribulation -- What and Why?

At Matt.24:21; Jesus said concerning a development at the time of his return,
"For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will again."

Here Jesus confides that the type of distress which occurs at that time, will have never been preceded, nor will it be repeated.
Many have contemplated and expounded on what manner and form in which this "great tribulation" will manifest itself. Such opinions point to it's source as being economic, warfare, famine, natural disasters, spiritual persecution and disintegration of morality.   
  While Jesus does list these conditions as concurrent symptomology of the great tribulation, these conditions are symbolic (Signs), and only secondary manifestations of the Great Tribulation. They are not the root cause.
Why do I say this?
First, many object to these "signs" as being unique to the "last days" (Matt.24:3; 2Tim.3:1). When interpreted in a physical and literal sense, that is correct. Mankind's woes have existed since Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden (Gen.3:17-18; Heb.6:8-9; Rom.8:18-22; Job 14:1-2).
Some assert that what makes these literal "signs" unique to the last days, is the unprecedented degree in which they occur. Although these woes have intensified in modern times, one must remember, that Satan controls the world and all that takes place within it (1John 5:19; Rev.12:9,12). He can certainly increase such woes upon the planet (Rev.12:12 B), in order to fulfill a literal and false interpretation of the signs Jesus listed (Matt.13:10,11; Mark4:34; Matt.24:3) (pearl-sign.blogspot.com).

The only way to achieve an authentic interpretation of Christ's description of the time of the end 
(and the manifestation/appearance, of his "presence"/coming -2Thess.2:8), 
is if the scriptures themselves are used as the means to arrive at one's interpretation.
The scriptures provide much information about this time period. All that information is a part of the whole picture, and as pieces of a puzzle, those pieces of information should not be compartmentalized, but must be assembled into a whole before an accurate image is perceptible. Then we will know where each piece fits, and how each piece relates to the other pieces.

In fact, every description of the last days is speaking of the same scenario. Once we grasp that, scriptural details converge, and the whole harmonious truth, emerges.

Image result for puzzle

A literal puzzle piece usually has four sides. One must seek out where one side fits with one side of another piece. As more pieces are similarly matched up, other nearby pieces also fit additional sides, until there are no more gaps and the last pieces and all their sides, fit perfectly. Things are the most confusing, right at the start. Yet, we must start someplace. I will start at Matt.24:21.
Image result for puzzle
If we examine that verse as if it were a puzzle piece, we see that on one of it's "sides", it asserts that the great tribulation is a singular, unique situation. Now we need to search the scriptures for a matching side. Where else in the Bible, is this unique, singular situation mentioned? 
In the book of Joel, (which also describes the time of the end), we find our match. As we assemble this puzzle, each found piece adds more information to the whole picture.

"A day of darkness and gloom,
A day of clouds and thick darkness.
As the dawn is spread over the mountains,
So there is a great and mighty army;
There has never been anything like it,
Nor will there be again after it
To the years of many generations." (Joel 2:2)
(See Dan.12:1) When we attach these two verses, we learn that the great tribulation/testing/sifting, is the result of "a great and mighty army" (Jer.4:5-7,9-13,16-21,27-28; Rev.13:4,7; Dan.7:19,23c). It is the threat and power of this abominable army, and the desolation it causes to God's people (upon God's people (< LINK) -1Pet.2:10,9), that is unprecedented (Matt.24:15; Dan.7:7,19,23b,24; 2:40). The spiritual darkness (John12:35; 1John1:6) that this army spreads (Rev.9:2,3; Joel 2:2; Jer.13:16), is so insurmountable and overwhelming, that the salvation of God's Chosen Ones, is then threatened (tails-stingers-scorpions) (Rev.13:7; Dan.8:10-11; Rev.11:2; Luke21:24; Isa.63:18; Matt.5:13). 
As Jesus continues in verse 22 and 24...

"Unless those days had been cut short (Rev.12:12; 20:3), no life would have been saved (Matt.19:25-26; Luke13:23-24; 18:26-27; Matt.7:14-15); but for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short (2Thess.2:8; Rev.20:9; 11:5; 12:10,11). For false Christs and false prophets will arise (Matt.7:15; 24:4-5,11,24-25; Rev.19:20; 2:20; 13:11,15,7; Dan.8:11-12; 2Thess.2:4,9-12) and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.". 
(2Cor.11:3-4,20; Rev.2:20; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10; 14:12)
(Matt.19:26 --men are mislead by Satan, without the protection of God.)

When a puzzle piece is correctly placed, all sides match up. We detect such compatibility, if we look at another "side" of Joel 2:2....

"A day of darkness and gloom,
A day of clouds and thick darkness.
As the dawn is spread over the mountains,
So there is a great and mighty army;
There has never been anything like it,
Nor will there be again after it
To the years of many generations."

This matches up with another side of Matt.24, verse 29...
“But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken."
(also Joel 2:10)
The darkness of this army, is able to snuff out, even the symbolic heavenly illuminaries (Rev.22:16; Dan.12:3; Phil.2:15; Dan.8:11,25; Ps.107:10).

We have matched up two pieces, but we can branch out to add more to Joel's army. What army exists in the time of the end, that is so fearsome and powerful, that they and their darkness "spreads over the mountains" like a swarm of locusts (Amos5:18; Zeph.1:15), leaving nothing living behind them? 
(Joel 2:3-5,9-10,17,31-32; 1:4,6,12,19)
We also find matching informational pieces about the time of the end, in the book of Revelation. This is where we can find more information about this unprecedented army, which overtakes the remnant of God's people in the time of the end.

One "side" of Joel's puzzle piece tells us, that the soldiers in this army, have teeth like lions (Joel 1:6; Ps.57:4,3), swarm like locusts (Joel 1:4), cause the sky to darken (Joel 2:2,10), look like war horses (Joel 2:4), cause people anguish and torment (Joel 2:6) a devouring fire accompanies them (Joel 1:19-20; 2:3,5), and they attack God's own people (Joel 2:18,32; 1:6; Mal.2:1-2).

Do we find matching pieces in Revelation's description of this unprecedented army, which will add to our completing the picture?

Joel 1:6 ----- Rev.9:8
Joel 1:4 ----- Rev.9:3 ("scorpions" -Eze.2:6)
Joel 2:2,10 ----- Rev.9:2-3
Joel 2:4 ----- Rev.9:7,17,19
Joel 2:5 ----- Rev.9:9
Joel 2:6 ----- Rev.9:5-6
Joel 2:3 ----- Rev.9:18,20 (Zech.13:8; Rev.2:16; 13:10)
Joel 1:6* ----- Rev.9:4; 7:3 
*("a nation has invaded my land" -Joel 1:6; Jer.5:17-19) (1Cor.3:9; John15:1; 14:23) ("world-earth-home")

More sides are matching up, and the picture is growing.
Now we can see why such great tribulation comes upon God's people (who are not yet sealed). They face an alliance (iron+and+clay Dan.2:40-43) that is stronger than any foe they have ever faced in all history 
(Rev.12:17; 13:1,4,11,14-15; 11:7; 6:9,11) (Rev.16:13-16; 19:19-20).
Jesus said that if our time of unsealed captivity and trampling under them (Col.2:8; 2Cor.11:20; Rev.2:20; Micah 3:5; Rev.13:10,7; 11:2; 9:4,10) (Obey men?) were not cut short, none would be saved (Matt.24:22; 7:13-14; Luke13:23-24; 18:26-27). 
For the sake of the remnant (whose salvation must also be threatened), Christ will intervene 
(Luke 1:78; Rev.22:16; 2:28; Mal.4:2; 2Pet.1:19; Isa.60:1; Luke 1:78; Acts3:20-21; Dan.12:1; Rev.12:7,11; 17:14). 

Those set free (John 8:32,36; Isa.61:1; 42:7; Luke 4:18; Joel 2:25-27) 
can then join Christ / (Michael -Rev.12:7), in the battle for truth and freedom 
(Rev.2:2; 2Cor.10:4,5; Eph.6:11-17; 2:6; Rev.19:14; 17:14; 20:9; 11:5; Jer.23:29; 25:29).

If we were to pursue more scriptural "sides" to these pieces, we could match up every side with more detailed information, causing our perceptions and understanding of the last day scenario and it's time of tribulation, to expand. 
We would learn that this flooding army is also the fourth beast described by the prophet Daniel (Dan.7:7,19-27; 2:40-44; Dan.8:17,19), by John (Rev.11:2; 13:1,5-7; 17:12,14) and by most of the prophets (Hab.1:7-11; Eze.38:16; 35:5; Jer.23:20; 12:10,11; Amos8:10; 4:2; Micah5:4; 4:1; Hosea3:5; Mal.3:1-3; Ps.66:10-12; Isa.2:2-4,11-12,18-19,22; 51:23; Zech.13:8-9; 1Cor.3:13).

(1Cor.10:11,6; 2Pet.1:19; Rom.15:4; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:14-15,13,16; 17:14)

    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +    +

"For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will again." (Matt.24:21)

So there is a great and mighty army;
There has never been anything like it,
Nor will there be again after it
To the years of many generations." (Joel 2:2 B)

The Great Tribulation is a spiritual assault by Satan upon the remnant (Rev.12:17; 20:7-10; 16:13-16; 1Tim.4:1; Luke 21:20-22) 
(1,000 years -- When?), 
through the greatest Army that has ever existed [Rev.13:1,4; 11:2; 9:7,10; Luke22:31; 21:20-22,24; Mark13:14 -(Num.18:7); Matt.24:15-16]
  It has a deceptive priestly - princely veneer (Jer.7:4,8; Eze.44:6-9; Rev.9:7; Nahum 3:17) of divine inspiration*** and approval, through endorsement by the false prophet's lying spirit, not by God's spirit! (Rev.13:14,15; 19:20) ("Disgusting Thing") (Rev.2:2; 2Cor.11:13-15; 2Tim.3:5,13; Matt.7:15; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:14,13,15; 19:20; Matt.24:24,25; Rev.13:15--***"breath" -John20:22)
(*** False prophet produces a counterfeit of "God's spirit - directed Organization")
[The authentic Temple of God's spirit, is His Chosen, anointed priesthood (1Cor.3:16; 2Cor.6:16; 1Pet.2:10,9,5; Eph.2:20-22)]

God sends / allows this abomination, to assault and discipline His people (Isa.42:24; Dan.9:12; Joel 2:25 C; Joel 2:11; Mal.3:2; Zech.13:8-9; Eze.6:9-10; 14:22-23; Joel 3:17) (Zech.9:3; Rev.8:7; 9:18; Job 23:10), because in the time of the end, 
God's people are tolerating, subjecting themselves to, and participating in idolizing, the collective "Image" of that very Army (Rev.13:14-15,7-8; 2:20; Matt.24:24-25; Luke 21:24; Rev.14:12). 
That is why they are being trampled by it (Ec.10:7; Prov.25:26; 2Cor.11:4,20; Matt.5:13; Luke 21:24,22; Rev.11:2; 13:10,7 Isa.51:23; 2Cor.11:20,4,3,2; Mal.3:2-3; Zech.13:9; Rev.2:5; 3:3).

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Monday, June 8, 2015

"Your King Comes to You on a donkey and a foal."

"Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout in triumph, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; He is just and endowed with salvation, Humble, and mounted on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey." (Zech.9:9)

This scripture tells us, that a time arrives in which the virgins daughters of the Covenant "Jerusalem" (Gal.4:26) will rejoice in their triumph. They will obtain salvation through the arrival of their king. That arrival is upon a donkey and it's foal.
Was this scripture completely fulfilled in the first century?
No. It points to another arrival of Christ. How do we know?
I suggest a full reading of Zech.9, and a consideration of how it describes the final arrival of Christ. 
For now, I will quote some of the preceding and following verses...

"14 Then the LORD will appear over them (Luke21:27; Heb.12:1; 1Thess.3:13); his arrow will flash like lightning (Ps.45:5; Matt.24:27). The Sovereign LORD will sound the trumpet (1Thess.4:16; Joel2:1; Rev.8:6; 10:7; 11:15; 1Cor.14:8; Eze.33:3; Num.10:9; Rev.17:14; 19:11,14; 16:13,14; Matt.24:31; Isa.58:1; 27:13); he will march in the storms of the south (explained later)
16 The LORD their God will save his people on that day as a shepherd saves his flock (Phil.3:20; Zeph.3:19). They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown (Rev.12:1; 1Thess.2:19-20; Rev.1:20; 10:5-7).
8 But I will encamp at my temple (Rev.21:3) to guard it against marauding forces (Dan.12:1; Joel2:2,4,1; 1:4; Rev.9:7,9,10). Never again will an oppressor overrun my people (Rev.13:7,10; 11:2; Mark.13:14) (Rev.20:9; 11:5), for now I am keeping watch." (Gen.28:15; Heb.4:16; 13:7; Rev.21:3; 22:3; Jer.29:10-12; Isa.40:9-10; Rev.22:12)
These things were not fulfilled in the first century.

Did you note, that this is a time for spiritual war (14)?
...a day of salvation and vindication? (16)
...a day of protection and release from oppression, that would last forever? (8)

Zech.9:9 describes the final arrival of Christ. 
The relevant details that verse contains then, are worthy of our understanding.
Why does verse 9 tell us that Christ's arrival, is...
"Humble, and mounted on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey."?
Some believe that Jesus arrives on only one donkey.
What is the truth?
Consider Matt.21:5...
"Say to Daughter Zion, 'See, your king comes to you, gentle and riding on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey."
This is consistent with Matt.21:1-3...
"When they had approached Jerusalem and had come to Bethphage, at the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, 2saying to them, "Go into the village opposite you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied there and a colt with her; untie them and bring them to Me. 3"If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, 'The Lord has need of them,' and immediately he will send them."

Image result for what is a donkey foal Image result for what is a donkey foal

Such details are important to us, because God considered them worthy of recording as a part of prophecy. They contain significant meaning for those present at the final arrival of Christ, which all these verses, describe.

1 When they had approached Jerusalem and had come to Bethphage (Béthphagé: "house of unripe figs," -Matt.21:19; John15:6), at the Mount of Olives (Zech.4:11-12,14; Eze.17:23; 36:8), then Jesus sent two disciples (John8:17), 2 saying to them, “Go into the village opposite you (Isa.41:11; 2Tim.2:25; Phil.1:28), and immediately (Luke12:36,40) you will find a donkey tied there [("while at ease") Dan.8:25; 1Thess.5:3; Gen.49:15; Isa.46:1-2; Rev.13:7; 2Cor.11:20; Rev.2:20)] (Matt.24:48-50; Num.22:28,30,32-33; Rev.2:14; Jude1:11; 2Pet.2:15; Matt.23:2,4,12)
and a colt with her; untie them / "loose them", (Matt.16:19; Job 39:5-6; 24:5; 11:12; Ps.102:20; Isa.49:9-10) and bring them to Me (Matt.11:28-30; Ps.25:5). 3 If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord has need of them,’ (John14:15; 21:15; Col.3:24; Gen.49:10-11; Isa.63:2-3; Rev.19:15) and immediately he will send them.” (Isa.49:25) 4 This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet:
5 “Say to the daughter of Zion,
‘Behold your King is coming to you,
Gentle, and mounted on a donkey,
Even on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden.’”
6 The disciples went and did just as Jesus had instructed them, (John1:51; Rev.22:3-4) 7 and brought the donkey and the colt, and laid their coats on them 
[your outer garment is your identity before others (Matt.24:17,18; 6:25; Luke6:29; Matt.6:30; Rev.6:11) (Rev.12:1; --Mal.4:2; 2Pet.1:19; Rev.22:16)] 
(Isa.61:10; Rev.19:8,14; Gal.3:27; Rev.12:1; Luke1:78; Isa.60:1); and He sat on the coats (Ps.89:14; Col.3:14; Gen.49:10-11; Isa.63:2-3; Rev.19:15). 8 Most of the crowd spread their coats in the road (Mark1:1-3; Matt.6:25,28,30.33), and others were cutting branches from the trees (John15:2; Matt.5:30) and spreading them in the road."

Jesus humbly arrives on two ignoble donkeys (1Cor.1:27-29; Rev.11:3,7-10), despised and treated as if wicked (Jer.22:19; Heb.13:13; John16:2). They do not have an impressive visible army with them (Zech.4:6,14), but are moved to speak by the spirit and power of God (Num.22:28; Eze.3:27; 24:27; 29:21; Rev.22:16,6).

One is a mother (1Thess.2:7-8), who previously served as a beast of burden 
(Rom.6:16; Gal.4:3; Col.2:8; 2Cor.11:3,4,20; Rev.13:7,10; 11:2; Isa.51:23; Ps.66:11-12; John8:32,36).
The other, her clinging foal, whom no master has ever dominated 
(Mark11:2; 1Cor.7:23; Zech.8:23).
Although many expect the presence and inspection of Christ to be a majestic supernatural display;
the great majority even among God's chosen people,
will fail to recognize the "humble and lowly" means by which Christ truly arrives. 
(2Pet.3:4; Luke19:41-42; Jer.13:17; Matt.13:15; Mark4:12; Eze.12:2; Rev.3:3)

(I have been delayed in finishing the composition of "Michael"/"chief princes", and the post about the "man of lawlessness", due to intense activity with the demonstration campaign this Summer. I will return to writing as soon as possible. In the meantime, please make use of the search box to access information within the hundreds of article posts here,
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"Who are the 'Chief Princes'?"

---Important Scriptural Additions---

Below is a question left in the comment section of the post, "Michael". I am adding that question and my reply below, to that post.


"does the Bible shed light on how many Chief Princes are there and who they are as stated in Daniel 10:13 Michael, one of the chief princes"


Yes, the Bible sheds light on how many Chief Princes there are,
who these chief princes are, and who all the princes are, among whom there are chief princes.
Accordingly, I will answer your question in three parts.
1. Who are all the "princes"?
2. Who are the "chief princes" among all these princes?
3. Who is The "Great Prince" ("arch-angel") mentioned at Dan.12:1?
    (Jude1:9; Dan.10:21; 8:25; Acts 3:15)
    (Jude1:9 -- "Moses" -Deut.18:15,18; Heb.3:5; Matt.16:28; 17:1-3,5; 2Pet.1:18; Rev.14:1)
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

1. Who are the Bible's princes?

I will limit my reply to the princes of God's covenant woman, and not include the princes of Satan's covenant of death
(Eph.2:2; Isa.31:9; Eze.21:25; 22:27; 38:3; Dan.9:26; 10:20; Zeph.3:3; Rev.18:23; 9:7).

The princes under the Great "guardian" Prince/Rescuer, (Dan.12:1; Isa.49:24-25; Matt.12:29; Rev.20:1-2; Luke10:19), who is Christ,
     (Isa.9:6; Dan.9:25; 12:1; John17:12; 6:39; 10:28; Matt.28:20),
are the kings under the great king (Rev.19:16; 1:5; 5:9,10; Eph.1:22; Col.1:13).

They are also considered by God, Christ's sons, because by means of Christ, they receive spirit life (John10:10; 20:22; 6:63; 5:21; 17:2; Rom.8:9,10,11,13; 1John4:9,13; 5:11-12; 2:25; John3:6,15,36; 6:47,48,51,57,63; 10:28; Heb.5:9). "But", you may protest, "don't we all become 'sons of God'?". Yes. But there is more to it.---

Within the Bible, forefathers are multiple. This tradition is a cultural difference from most modern day societies. 
Please let me explain...
Within the Bible, living faithful can have more than one father... both God and Christ (Isa.9:6).  Christ received his life from God first, before he can pass that incorruptible seed to those after him (1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11; John12:49; 6:63; James1:21).
"Grandfather" is not in the Bible's language. This is why Abraham, David, Jacob, etc., are considered "fathers" of many subsequent generations. 
All the generations of their descendants, have all of these as "fathers"
(Zech.1:2,4-6; Acts3:13; 7:19; John8:39; Ex.3:6; Luke1:32; Matt.1:1), regardless of how many generations may come and go in between.

Accordingly, we should not limit the spiritual lineage of those born of spirit, to either God or Christ as "father". Such ones are sons of both. You may have noticed that within the scriptures, our spiritual fathers are the ones whom we imitate (John8:39,44; Eph.5:1; 1Pet.1:16; Matt.5:44,45,48).  We can therefore, also be sons of Christ (1Pet.2:21) and of the sealed faithful (1Cor.11:1; 4:15,14,16,17; 1John2:13,14; Philemon 1:10; Luke1:17; Phil.2:22; 3:17; 1Thess.2:11; 1:6) (Mal.4:5-6). (LINK)

Hopefully, all these previous scriptures have helped to establish within your understanding, that whoever we imitate and do the will of, becomes our spiritual father (Eph.5:1; Matt.12:50; 7:21; 1John2:17; Rom.8:14) -- (Eph.2:2; John8:44). 
If you do grasp that imitating Christ (1Cor.11:1; 1Pet.2:21) can make us his son, it will then be easier to grasp who the "princes" are. 

First, lets look at Ps.45:16, which speaks of the dominion of Christ.

"In place of your fathers will be your sons;
You shall make them princes in all the earth."

In place of Christ's kingly forefathers (Luke1:32; Isa.9:7; Matt.12:42), will come his spiritual sons (Heb.2:1-9,14,13,16; Isa.8:18; John10:28,29; 6:37-39; 17:2; 1Pet.1:5; Matt.18:3; 19:14), with whom he shares his kingdom (Ps.132:12; 110:2; Rev.14:1; Jer.17:25; Eze.37:25; 34:24) (Heb.2:5,16; Rom.4:13; Gal.3:29; Gen.28:13,14; 13:14,15).
They become co-kings (2Tim.2:12; Rev.5:9,10; 20:6) and co-princes (Isa.10:8; 9:6; Acts3:15; 5:31; Isa.32:1,2).
As heirs of the earth, these will heal creation (Rom.8:19; Rev.22:1,2; 21:2-5; Jer.17:7,8; Matt.7:20; Eze.36:8), and also provide a "fatherly" example, that leads to life (1Cor.4:15-17; Phil.3:17; 4:9; 2Thess.3:9; 1Thess.1:6; 2Tim.3:14,15; Heb.13:7; 1Pet.5:3).
From the foregoing reply to the first question...
"Who are all the princes?";

I hope you now perceive, that all those redeemed from death by Christ (Rev.5:9,10; 1Cor.15:54-55; Acts20:28) which "church" is the chosen saints of God's household (1Tim.3:15; 1Cor.14:33; 1Pet.2:10,9), are given fatherly life by Christ's blood...
       (through the new mother covenant of promise/sealed Bride
           -Gal.4:26,24; Matt.26:28; Rom.9:8; Rev.12:2; Gal.4:19; Eph.4:13; 1Thess.2:7; 3John1:4
...These are his "sons", referred to as "princes" at Psalm 45:16.
As such, they become "heirs of the earth" 
(Rom.4:13; Gal.3:29; Heb.2:5,16; Matt.5:5; Psalm.37:11,22,29)
and are, 
"all the princes".

2. Who are the "chief princes" among all these princes?

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Isaiah Ch.2, verses 1-5

The following is an update to: 
"The Rise of Mount Zion"
I have added explanatory scriptures, which I hope all will read.....
-  -  -  -  -  -  -
This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem:
2 In the last days (2Tim.3:1,5,7-8; Matt.24:3; Rev.1:10)
the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established
    as the highest of the mountains;
it will be exalted above the hills,
    and all nations will stream to it.
3 Many peoples will come and say,

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord 
(Isa.56:7; 2Pet.1:18; Zech.8:2-3; Joel3:17; Rev.14:1),
    to the temple (1Pet.2:5; 1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:20-22,10) of the God of Jacob (Isa.10:20-21).
He will teach us his ways (Matt.28:20; Mal.2:7),
    so that we may walk in his paths.” 
(Isa.30:21; 40:3; 11:16; Mal.3:1; 4:5-6; Matt.17:11,3,2; Mal.4:1-3; Rev.1:16)
The law will go out from Zion (Ps.110:2; Rev.14:1,3; 1Cor.14:15; 4:1; Rev.5:9,10; Mal.2:7; Isa.48:20),
    the word of the Lord from Jerusalem (1Cor.4:1; 2Cor.5:19; Rev.21:2,3; 3:12).
4 He will judge between the nations
    and will settle disputes for many peoples.
(Luke12:51; 1Cor.11:18-19; 4:5; 13:10; Rev.1:1; John16:13,8; Ps.94:21; Rev.6:9,11; 13:15,7)
They will beat their swords into plowshares
    and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation (Rev.17:14; 16:13-16; Matt.24:7,21; Joel2:2,1; Rev.9:7,9,16; 2Cor.10:3-5; Dan.12:7; Rev.6:11; Rom.6:5),
    nor will they train for war anymore.
5 Come, descendants of Jacob (Acts2:39; Deut.6:6-8; 1Cor.4:15),  let us walk in the light of the Lord.

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