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Great Crowd serves "In the Temple"

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UPDATE TO: "Operation of Error"
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"You are also right about the "Great Crowd"...that they are anointed ones...they are the last of the anointed (The remnant/"remaining ones"/"rest" -Rev.12:17; 20:5). Their number are singled out, because they are the Elect from the period of the Great Tribulation (Rev.7:14), the result of Satan's release from the abyss (Rev.20:7,8; 16:14; 17:14). 
(Posts about the symbolic "Thousand Years")
We can see that they are also priests, because they minister in the Temple (2Chron.23:6) "day and night" (Rev.7:15; Heb.10:11; Joel1:13; Jer.33:20,21)
..."before God's Throne". Where is God's throne? (See Isa.66:1) 
The "Great Crowd" (Matt.5:19) serves in God's Temple; 
and we know that the Temple reality, is in Heaven 
(Heb.9:23; 8:5; Rev.15:5; 7:15; Heb.12:22,23,25). How does God, "warn us from heaven" (Heb.12:25)? First through Christ, and then through "eye witnesses" of heaven (Heb.12:25; 2:3; Luke1:2; 2Pet.1:16; Matt.16:28; 17:1,2; Rev.1:12,13,16,19; John14:21; 16:13,14; 2Cor.12:1,2; Num.12:6; Rev.22:6; Mal.3:1; 2:7; Rev.10:7; Amos3:7) (Rev.20:9; 11:5; Matt.10:20; Phil.3:20; 1Cor.15:48). 
"Heaven" is where the Temple priests within it, serve 
(Eph.2:6; Rev.5:10; Mark14:62; Jude1:14; Heb.12:1; Isa.43:10,21; 1Pet.2:9).

The "operation of error" (2Thess.2:11,9) is the presence of a collective "lawless one"/"man of lawlessness" (2Thess2:3,4), who operate as Temple priests (Mark13:14; 2Chron.13:9; Eze.44:6,8over God's genuine Temple priesthood (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16)...trampling them into submission (Rev.11:2; Dan.11:16 (Rev.13:4)...Dan.11:31,32,33 (Rev.13:10,7; Luke21:24)...Dan.11:34,35,36 (2Thess.2:4); Dan.8:10,13; Rev.13:7). ("Who are the 'gods'?"
This operation is accomplished on the basis of lies/"error"/"delusion"; which comes through the false prophet/fallen star (Rev.13:11,15; 19:20; 8:10,11; 9:1,2,3,10; 12:15; 16:13,14; 1Tim.4:1). This Gentile counterfeit priesthood ("disgusting thing"), is successful for a time, in subjugating ("trampling") the genuine Temple/Chosen Ones ("holy place" -1Cor.3:16; Deut.14:2) (Rev.11:2; 13:5,7; Dan.12:7).

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