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Who are the "gods"?

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"Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are “gods”’?  If he called them ‘gods,’ toward whom the word of God came (Jude1:3; Matt.25:14; 13:11; 11:25,27; 16:17; 1Cor.4:1,2; 2:10; 1Pet.1:12,25; Eph.3:10; Isa.53:1; Amos3:7; Gal.1:11,12; John3:11) —and Scripture cannot be set aside—  what about the one whom the Father set apart as his very own and sent into the world? (John1:14,9; 18:37; 7:16; 12:49) Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am God’s Son’?" (John 10:34-36
(See footnote at end of post)

There we learn that the Bible refers to those who receive the Word of God, as "gods".

Jesus spoke of them when he said,
"For I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me." (John17:8)

"Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life." (John5:24)

"The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life. This is the bread that came down from heaven. Your ancestors ate manna and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever." (John6:63,58)

"Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna." (Rev.2:17 A)

Yes, those to whom Christ gives hidden manna, take in the power of eternal life, through the spirit and it's seed placed within them (1Pet.1:23; Rom.8:9). It then dwells within them (Luke8:8,15). They have authority to give it to yet others who receive them. They become messengers (Greek: "angels") of heavenly bread (Mal.2:7; 1Cor.4:1) (John6:51,55; 1Cor.12:27; 10:17; John1:51) and of living water (John7:38; Rev.22:17,1,2; Jer.17:7,8; Ps.1:3; Prov.11:28; Isa.61:3; Eze.47:12; John15:16,8; 14:12,13; Gen.22:15,18; Gal.3:29) (John7:38; Luke6:45,44; Matt.7:20).
Possessing the power to impart eternal life...."gods", indeed!

The Bible tells us more about who these "gods" are, 
at Psalm 82:6...
"I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High."

So, these "gods" have taken in the incorruptible seed of Almighty God, becoming reborn as His Sons...

"For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God." (1Pet.1:23).

"He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created." (James1:18)

"And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit" (Eph.1:13)

"No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God." (1John3:9)
(Matt.5:48; Eph.5:1; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3)
Yes, "born of God"...God's Sons.
"So in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise." (Gal.3:26,27,29)

The sons of God ("gods") inherit the promises given to Abraham. What promises are these?
"I will make you very fruitful (John15:8) I will make nations of you (Rev.5:9,10), and kings will come from you (Rev.20:4; 1:5; 3:21; 19:16,15; 2:26,27)".
“Jacob had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. 
There above it stood the Lord, and he said: "I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying 
(Ps.37:29; Heb.2:5,16; Gal.3:29; Heb.11:8,9,10; 13:14; Rev.21:2; Heb.12:22,23; Luke10:20) (Gen.17:6). 
Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth, and you will spread out to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south. All peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring (Rev.22:2). I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go (Matt.28:20), and I will bring you back to this land (Rev.21:7). 
I will not leave you (John14:18) until I have done what I have promised you (John16:22). 
Jacob was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place (Heb.12:22,23,28)! This is none other than the house of God (1Cor.3:9,16; Isa.56:7; Eph.2:19,10); this is the gate of heaven (Rev.11:6; Matt.16:19; Rev.3:12; John10:9; 2Cor.5:20)." (Gen.28:12,13,14,15,17)

"Jesus added, “Very truly I tell you, you will see ‘heaven open (Luke24:32; Rev.2:17; Matt.13:11; Rev.4:1; 1:1
(John3:12; 1Cor.2:12,13; Col.3:2), and the angels of God ascending and descending (Heb.12:22; Eph.2:6; Rev.3:21) "on* (Greek--*"in service to") the Son of Man.” (John1:51)

The "angels" (Lit. Greek, "messengers" -- Isa.43:10,21; 1Pet.2:9; Mal.2:7; Acts1:8) referred to here, could not have served before the time of Christ (John3:13)
Jesus specifically said that they are in service on "the Son of Man" (1Cor.4:1). 
The "Son of Man" is Jesus in the flesh (John1:14). Therefore, these angels serve Christ, after his coming down from heaven.
To be a messenger of Christ ("ambassador") who harbors God's spirit of life within...
who has been made new (Rom.12:2; 8:11) as a part of God's new creation (2Cor.5:17) by means of incorruptible seed, the Word of God (1Pet.1:23; Luke8:11)...
who has been reborn as a Son of the Most High (John3:3,5; Rom.8:16,17,19,28,29,30)...
who has been made a immovable pillar in the eternal heavenly Temple of God (Rev.3:12; Prov.9:1; Jer.1:18)... a "god" (Ps.82:6; Rom.8:14; 1Cor.8:5).

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires." (2Pet.1:3,4)

"And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." (2Cor.3:18)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Knowing these things (about the identity of the "gods")
helps us to interpret prophecy accurately, such as 2Thess.2:4....

"He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called god or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God**."

Although we were taught while within the "Watchtower", that this "man of lawlessness" (2Thess.2:3,4) pertains to "Christendom";
We now see that this is an identity that actually comes to dominate the authentic anointed.... the genuine priests of "God's temple" (1Cor.3:16; Rev.5:10).
This is in harmony with so many scriptures that speak about the final condition of the anointed while being trampled by Gentiles ("man of lawlessness")
(Luke21:24; Rev.13:10,7; Isa.5:5; 63:18; Dan.8:13; Rev.11:2).

This interpretation is also in harmony with the following prophecies.....

"You said in your heart,
    “I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
    above the stars of God (Dan.12:3; Phil.2:15; Rev.1:20);
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly (Heb.12:22,23; Rev.14:1),
    on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. ("Baal-zephon")(Zech.4:7; Rev.8:8)
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds (Mark14:62; Matt.25:31; Jude1:14);
    I will make myself like the Most High**.” (Isa.14:13,14)

“The king will do as he pleases. He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place." (Dan.11:36)

"He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands (Rev.13:7) for a time, times and half a time." (Dan.7:25)

"It opened its mouth to blaspheme God**, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven." (Rev.13:6)

We are now enabled to discern the true condition of God's present people, despite the "Watchtower's" false claim of peace and security with God (1Thess.5:3).
- - - - - - - 
John10:35 reads;
"If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came", 
yet the "Watchtower" has translated this as saying;
"If he called 'gods' against whom the word of God came".
    Obviously, these two interpretations have opposite meanings.
I offer for your consideration, the Greek word "pros", which is translated and interpreted by myself as meaning a "delivering" of God's Word to the 'gods'.
The "Watchtower" Bible has translated the meaning as "against", as if these 'gods' stand condemned by God's Word. Yet the "Watchtower's" own Greek interlinear does not contain that in the Greek writing.

Here is what can be found at:
4314 prós (a preposition) – properly, motion towards to "interface with" (literally, moving toward a goal or destination).
4314 /prós ("towards, with") indicates "extension toward a goal, with implied interaction or reciprocity (L & N, 1, 84.18), with "presumed contact and reaction" (L & N, 1, 84.23). 4314 (prós) naturally suggests the cycle of initiation and response (L-N, 1,90.25, 90.33).
[4314 (prós) can mean "in view of," or "in light of, but never "against," 
except where the context specifically indicates an active exchange (interface) done in opposition.]
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fear of Men Lays a Snare

I apologize for my recent absence. I have been very sick. Any prayers said in behalf of my productivity, are treasured.
I am working on a few posts at once, and hope to finish and post them soon.
In the meantime, I have posted below, a section of my reply to a letter I received from one who professes to be a Called One. They wish to share their insights with me, even though they are shrinking back from confessing Christ openly. 
I thought that the scriptures this post contains, are good for us all.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Segment of my reply:

The "little flock" are the physical Jews from the first century, that repented and accepted Christ
(Matt.3:2; Acts2:5,14,22,23,36,37,38,39)
Since they were already Abraham's physical seed (and in covenant with God), they were accepted into Christ's kingdom as heirs.
The "other sheep" are the physical Gentiles, who later joined the Jews, and also became heirs (anointed). (and spiritual seed of Abraham --Gal.3:28,26,29)
These join to become, one anointed flock, with one shepherd, Christ.
The "Watchtower" has taught us that the little flock are anointed,
   and the "other sheep" are not anointed. This is a lie, and this lie has been proven from the Bible.
Please read all the scriptures...

There were anointed and not-anointed disciples of Christ in the first Century, just as there are today (1Cor.1:2).
But this is not the mixed "one flock" Jesus meant. The "one flock" are all anointed heirs (John10:16,11; Rev.5:9,10).
If you were a Jew in the first Century who accepted Christ, you became an heir, due to the existing covenant with Abraham.
There were not many Jews who accepted Jesus during his ministry. They were only a remnant... a "little flock" (Rom.9:27; Luke12:32; Isa.10:22; Luke19:41,42,43,44; Matt.23:37,38).
When Paul later turned to the Gentiles for anointed heirs, favor to the Jews expired 
(Heb.8:13; Matt.21:43; John10:16; Eph.3:6; Acts10:47).
Holy Spirit also taught Peter this truth (Acts10:34,35; Eph.3:6; Gal.3:28,29).

I have not written because I have been very sick for about two weeks.
I am in a lot of pain, so it is hard to write. There is much to say about what you have written.
I will tell you the most important part of what I need to tell you.....

Jesus said that those who are given "more" understanding,
are those who already have enough understanding to make them loyal to Christ (Luke8:18; Rev.3:8; 4:1). 
You must be faithful with this little understanding, BEFORE you are given "more" (Matt.25:14,19,20,21,29).
you need to understand that you cannot learn from an organization of not-anointed elders, and the wicked steward slave, instead of Jesus Christ (Jer.1:17; Ps.26:4; Eph.4:25).
If you are still afraid of the Organization Beast, and you still believe it's lies...
...If you still are a slave to the Beast's Laws (Rev.13:16; 14:9,10,11,12),
instead of God's Laws (Deut.6:6,8; Rev.7:3; 14:1; 22:4)
then you will not be given "more" from Christ
Only those who sacrifice their past life under the Beast (Rev.13:7; 11:7), 
are sealed (Rev.6:9,10,11; Rev.19:14,8; 20:4; Mark8:35)

The 5 virgins who are not allowed into the marriage feast of more understanding,
are those who "buy" from men. (Matt.25:10; Rev.13:17).
Jesus tells us to buy gold from him, refined by fire (Rev.3:18). That is the same gold in Matt.25:14. To buy "refined gold" from Jesus,
means that the lies (scummy dross Eze.22:20,21,22; 2Pet.3:7,12; 1Cor.3:13,14; Zech.13:8,9; Dan.11:35; Mal.3:1,2,3; Prov.25:4) have been burned out of our minds, by means of the cleansing fire of God's Word (Jer.23:29; John17:17; Eph.5:26).
You cannot eat from two of truth and one of lies (1Cor.10:21; 2Cor.6:17,18).
The lying teachings of the Organization, are from demons (1Tim.4:1; 2Tim.4:3,4; 2Thess.2:9,10; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15; Matt.24:4,5,24,25; 2Cor.11:13,14,15,12; Eph.5:11; 2Tim.3:13,9; 1John4:1; Rev.19:20; 13:15,7,8; Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27)

Only those who imitate Jesus, and are willing to be "killed" by the "Beast" because of proving their loyalty to Truth (Rev.13:15; 11:7; 6:9,11), are approved for more understanding, and for life (Rev.2:10) because they prove their loyalty, just as Jesus did (Heb.12:2; 13:13; Phil.3:10; 1Pet.4:12,13,14; Rom.8:17; 6:5; 1Pet.2:21; Rev.14:4,5).

Since you shrink back from confessing the truth (Matt.10:32,33,37,39), which tells us that it is wrong to admire, obey, and worship men (Rom.6:16; 1Cor.7:23; Col.3:24; 1John4:1; Matt.7:20; 2Cor.13:3)
and you are afraid of losing their approval (Gal.1:10; John12:42,43; Prov.29:25), and you continue to fear men by seeking to please the Idol of the Organization (Rev.13:7,8);
...why should I believe that Christ has graced you with accurate understanding?
Jesus himself tells us what he expects of us, before he gives us holy spirit and understanding.
You do not have what he requires (faith in the truth, faith in the power of God to save you, loyalty to God and not to men), in order to receive "more" (Rom.1:16,17; James1:6,7).
Jesus refuses to admit to the marriage feast, those who are unwilling to stand for truth (Rev.12:10,11; Mark8:35,36,37,38; Matt.22:8; 25:10).

So much of what you tell me, is based upon "Watchtower" doctrines of error, which I have already been cleansed from.
It is evident that you are not in union with Christ as head (Col.2:19; John15:4,5,6) nor teaching the truth he commands, which is; 
to be loyal to God only (Isa.42:8; Matt.4:10; Rev.7:10) 
(Rev.13:15,8,7,10; Col.2:8; Luke21:24; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:13; 12:7) (click on long verses to open).
You have accepted and are still under, the Harlot as your head (Rev.17:1,2; Hosea1:2; Isa.1:21; Jer.51:7; Rev.18:3,4; 1Cor.6:15; Rev.18:3).
You need to obey Jesus (Rev.3:17,18,1,2,3; Luke12:35,36,37; 21:36).
Only after you obey Jesus.... will I then consider your insights.
Right now, they are clearly dark, as is your fear of men.
I hope you wake up (Matt.10:24,25,26,27,28).

You are in my prayers,

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Let No One Take Your Crown


A comment I received:

"I sort of give up on humanity and Christianity, I’m beginning to think that man invented God, although I do believe in a creator. Distressing to see all the terrible things man does to man."
My Reply:
So sorry to hear that you are feeling disappointed in God. 

Now that I am working online with so many who are seeing through the hypocrisy of the WT,
I see that the majority coming out, have lost their faith. Like most, they connected God to the WT, and so, becoming disillusioned by the failings of men became interpreted as a failing of God's existence.
Although obscure, 
this is the very test Job was subjected to. Satan was permitted to cause him all manner of misery (Job 1:8,9,10,11,12,20,21). Yet Job refused to lose his faith in God's existence, or his trust in the goodness of God. 
We must not lose our faith in God, due to what others do in His Name.
I find it very sad that the reason God is being discredited, is because people do not understand the reason why God is allowing present circumstances...and that they too, are presently under test. Once prophecy is understood correctly, (putting the WT's erroneous doctrine aside), we can realize that God told us in the scriptures, that this is exactly what was prophesied to happen under the wicked steward. God's Word tells us how God feels about it all,  and what He is doing about it right now. 
Once prophecy is understood and we see it being fulfilled in detail;
our faith is restored. We then can also see clearly, what God will soon do (Rev.1:1; 22:6,7).
That understanding will not be gained, if we give up in our search for God and His righteousness 
(Matt.6:33; 7:7; Prov.2:5; James1:5; Matt.22:8,9,10; Rev.19:9; 21:6; 22:17; 1Cor.2:10; Eph.3:5; Rev.1:20; Dan.12:3,10; Phil.2:15; Rev.1:20).

All mankind is born under the death of Adam (Rom.5:12).
But we also know that Jesus was called the "last Adam" (1Cor.15:21,22,45,47,48,49) 
because he offers a new parentage to men (Isa.9:6; Isa.22:21,22; Rev.3:7; 4:1; Rom.5:17).
He can give life to whomever he chooses (John5:21; 6:63; Matt.7:24,25,26,27; John10:10). 

Although we now live in the hardest period to prove ourselves faithful Christians... 
(John8:31; Luke21:36; Matt.24:21,5,22,24,25; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15,16; 20:7,8; Matt.24:4,5; Rev.13:11,7); is still the favorable day for salvation. It is not too late (2Cor.6:2; Heb.3:7,8,12,13,14,15).
We should not harden our hearts due to the acts of wickedness we see practiced by those claiming to serve God (Isa.58:1,2; 29:13; Jer.7:10,11; Prov.30:12; Titus 1:16; 2Tim.3:5). That wicked world will soon pass away (1John2:17; 2Pet.3:7).
Soon, it will be too late (2Pet.3:9,10,11,12). 
Remember, Jesus said that when it was time for him to return for judgment, it would be like the days of Noah...
No one realized what lie just ahead (Luke 17:26,27,30). But we don't have to be taken by surprise (1Thess.5:4,6,9,11), if we are being taught from the right place (Matt.24:45,46; John21:15; Luke 22:32; Matt.5:14,16). 
Jesus warned us repeatedly about false prophets and wolf-like shepherds. We are in the midst of them now, and need Christ's guidance more than ever to cope successfully (Matt.7:24,25,26,27). 
Now is not the time to have our faith give out (Prov.24:10; Heb.12:3). Whatever we are enduring, it will seem "momentary and light" (2Cor.4:17,18), once this nightmare is behind us (Isa.65:17; James1:12).
If we do not give up, and we seek God's approval; 
we will not be disappointed (Gal.6:9; 1:10; Rom.2:29; Heb.6:18; 1Cor.2:9).
As we both know,
even those near and dear to us, may cause our heart bitter disappointment (Eze.28:24; 2Cor.12:7).
If this causes us to let go of our reward, the failing of others has conquered us (Rom.12:21; Phil.4:13).
Jesus told us, "Let no one take your crown!" (Rev.3:11; 2:10; James1:12; 1Cor.9:25).

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Keep Awake

A comment at a forum:
"The Elders have become gods...
They decide the fate of individuals in their congregations, they decide when someone has sinned, they decide when someone has repented and they decide when they are forgiven."
What follows is the comment I left. I thought the scriptures are a good reminder for us all.

The authority you describe is reserved for God's priests (Mal.2:7; 1Cor.6:2,3; John20:23; Rev.5:9,10; 1:5,6).
God, who tells the end from the beginning (Isa.46:10) and who also gives that information to Christ (John5:20; Rev.5:7), 
saw all this coming, 
and they are now "showing his slaves what must soon take place".(Rev.1:1; 9:3,7,10; 13:15,7,8)

The "locust-scorpions" of Revelation chapter 9 (Joel2:25; Eze.2:6), ARE the Gentiles (elders) that "trample the Holy Place"/"Temple" /"Holy Ones" (Rev.11:2; Dan.8:13; Luke21:24; Rev.13:10,7; 11:7) (LINK)...
They are also the collective "man of lawlessness" who becomes a god over God's Temple (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16)...
AND the "disgusting thing standing(/ruling) in the Holy Place" (Mark13:14; Eze.36:8)...
AND the "wild beast" collective (Rev.13:1,5,6; Rom.2:24; Jude1:10; 2Pet.2:12)...
and it's "image" as "spirit-directed", by means of the "breath"/spirit, the false prophet gives it (Rev.13:15) (John20:22)...
which IS the "Image" of the wild beast...and that false "image" of possessing divinity/spirit/breath, is an Idol 
(Rev.13:8; Isa.42:8; 48:11)..... abomination, which causes desolation to God's people (Matt.24:15; Dan.8:11; 9:27; 11:31; Jer.7:30)....
a Great Tribulation! (Matt.24:9,21,22,24,25; 1Pet.4:17,18; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:13,14,21,22,23; 25:11,12; Amos9:9,8,10; Eze.13:10; 1Thess.5:3). Only a "few", a "remnant" will be saved out of it 
(Amos9:8; Jer.30:11; Joel2:32; Isa.10:20,21,22; Luke17:26,20,27,30,31,32,33,34,35; Jer.23:3; Mark13:27).

That "image/Idol" of this counterfeit "spirit-directed" "priesthood" of Gentiles (blasphemous Wild Beast Organization), is created by the "false prophet" (Rev.19:20; Rev.13:11,15; Dan.8:24; Eze.44:6,8,9);
which "false prophet" is also the wicked steward (Luke 12:42,45,46; Hosea6:5)
AND the last harlot (Rev.17:1,6,15; 18:7,8,21,24; Matt.23:35,37; Mark9:42; Rev.18:21)
AND "Wormwood" (Rev.8:10,11)
AND the prominent "fallen star" (Rev.1:20; 8:10,11; 9:1; 2Pet.3:17; Rev.12:4; Dan.8:10)
AND "Jezebel" (Rev.2:20)
AND the "false apostles" (2Thess.2:1,2,3; Rev.2:2; 2Cor.11:13)

Are you awake yet?
Rev.3:3; Luke21:36; 1Thess.5:6; Luke12:36,37

More information about keeping awake: LINK
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Spirit of Truth / "Four Horns" / Spirit of Prophets

Many scriptures and clarifications have been added, as well as typing errors of scriptures, corrected.
- - - - - - - - - - -
This is in response to some questions I received...

My Reply

I am not aware of a scripture which indicates that the "sacred secrets come to an end at the end of the 6th Trumpet".
If you know of one, please send it. 
I associate the sixth trumpet as the "release" by prophetic declaration from domination, 
hindrance ("holding back"), and captivity to the Beast (Rev.13:10,7; 9:13,14; 2Thess.2:6,7,8), 
which is a prerequisite 
[even for all the prophets -"four angels"/four horns (kings) of the altar (death for truth) -***see below)] 
for being given understanding of the sacred secrets of trumpet 7.
Remember too, that not all "parts" of the Body of Christ, are prophets, so not all anointed receive prophetic understanding, but rather, rely on the prophets for that (1Cor.12:21; Rev.1:20)
(1Cor.12:28,29,18,5,6,7,8,9,10,11; Eph.4:11,12; Num.12:6; Amos 3:7; Rev.22:6).
(Discerning the Body / A God of Order)
(The Anointing Teaches Truth -- How?)
The symbolic "two witnesses" (Moses and Elijah -Matt.17:3; John8:17; Rev.11:3)
herald a command to arouse, be free, gather, and shine light (Matt.25:6,7; Rev.9:13,14).

If you read the links I gave you previously, (and especially the scriptures, which teach what I myself do not repeat by writing), then you know that "6" represents deception (
as does the "river Euphrates" ("Babylon's" protective and sustaining "waters"). (Rev.8:10,11; 17:1; 16:12; Isa.11:15; Isa.43:1,2,3; Rev.12:15,16)
("Earth Swallows Satan's River")
   It is not until after these things, 
when "the seventh angel is going about and consummating the blowing his trumpet" (see Greek), that the sacred secrets of God (their being a secret and their meaning as being "accomplished" and revealed), comes to a close (Rev.10:7). 
The seventh and the sixth are not the same, which is why God's Word does not make them the same.

The preparation for the seventh trumpet, does not carry the exact same symbolic meaning as the end of the sixth trumpet (which I don't believe is ever mentioned by God's Word). But the release (trumpet 6) is associated with enlightenment (Pre-7).

I think you may still be viewing Revelation in a physical way....seeing these things as a literal clock, rather than as the symbolism Christ intended (Mark 4:34; Matt.13:10,11; 11:25). 
Those symbols are not meant to be taken as a literal timetable, but as guidance and direction... telling the Body of Christ what is required of them in order to be blessed, found faithful, and how to respond to the greatest test, successfully (Matt.24:21,4,5,24,25; Luke 21:35,36; Dan.8:19; 10:14). 
This guidance is valid and true, regardless of when the "seven congregations" live (Rev.1:11,19,20; Matt.24:34; 28:20). A progressive understanding in spiritual light is for all faithful Chosen, no matter when they live, and no matter what the progressive stage their contemporaries have reached, as individuals. When physical interpretation for these things is sought out, that "wine skin" cannot hold the true wine.
  Yet the fulfillment of Revelation's scroll takes on greater significance as the end of the harvest draws to a close (Rev.14:16,17,19). This is due to Satan's release from the Abyss, and the resulting "Great Tribulation", and "Armageddon" (Dan.7:9,10; Joel 3:14,2; Rev.20:12; John12:48; Hab.2:3; Zeph.3:8; Rev.11:5; Jer.25:29; 2Pet.3:10,7; Jer.23:29; Isa.3:13; Eze.38:21,22; Rev.20:7,8,9; Isa.66:16; Zech.14:5; Rev.19:11,14; 17:14; Amos 7:4; Isa.27:1; Ps.74:13,14; Rev.21:1; Isa.57:20).

***The four angels of God (there are also four angel messengers of Satan) are symbolic of the 4 watches/watchmen, of the night (Matt.14:25 -See Greek-lit.- "fourth watch"), and these four, are watchmen/heralds. These are in a sense, "more than prophets" (Luke7:26; Rev.4:6,8
), because these are prophets that are assigned as "watchmen". Not all symbolic "seven" prophets/stewards, are so assigned. These are the "four horns" of the altar. The altar "Ariel" (Isa.29:2; 3:26; Rev.11:3; Joel 1:13) represents the need to sacrifice your life. The reason behind the sacrifice, is the truth (Rev.6:9; Mark 8:35). 

When the 4 watchmen each blow their trumpets, it is always under circumstances which require this sacrifice. The four watchmen do not work at the same time as each other. Each has their own assigned "watch", and each one appears when God's Nation is threatened, in a state of rebellion, under inspection by God, and about to be judged (with horrific consequences -Isa.10:22; Rev.14:20). 
( (Eze.3:17; Micah 3:8,9,10,11,12; 4:1,2,3)

Those who "live"/are "saved"/are spared spiritually in God's eyes (Mark8:35; Matt.10:28), will live by virtue of their sacrifice for truth (Rev.2:10; 6:9,11; 14:13; 20:4), in the face of the apostate abominations, plagues, and idolatry which surrounds them. 
Horns, represent kings (Dan.7:8,24; Rev.17:12). The "kings" in Revelation, represent those genuinely Chosen by God (Rev.1:5,6; 5:9,10).
The four "horns"/kings, of the altar (Rev.9:13), are those particular four kings who are also heralds/ four "watchmen" (Rev.9:13,14; 16:12; Isa.46:11,10; Rev.12:14). 
These heralds (during their own watch), cry out the need for repentance, 
and the need to sacrifice one's life for the sake of truth, during a time of abominable rebellion and idolatry being practiced by God's Nation while under apostate leadership (Rev.3:17; 2:20,22; 18:3,9; 1Cor.6:15; Rev.17:1,2; 2:20; 13:15,7,8; 19:20).

Yes, these four watchmen are the first to perceive the threat of destruction hovering over all God's people. That is why they are called "watchmen". They are the ones awake at their post (hopefully) keeping watch over God's "City". 
Just as literal watchmen, they are the first to "catch sight" of the threat (Matt.24:15; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.13:8) 
They are the first to perceive the attack, and the enemy. They are the first to sound the alarm, and to give direction, based upon what they see. 
The fourth herald comes at the last shift of the night (just before morning), to learn of the final circumstances, which are initially hidden in Revelation's parables, until the final herald/messenger angel (also the forth "horn"/king/living creature -Rev.4:7; Rev.12:14; Isa.40:31; Gal.6:9; Luke 18:1; Rev.3:8; 2:2), is sent forth 
   (Rev.1:1; 22:6; Joel 2:1; Eze.33:3)
   (Hosea 8:1,2,3,4; Isa.23:8; Rev.9:7,3,10) 
   (Zech.3:9; 4:10,9; Isa.48:16; 59:21; Isa.61:1 
    Zech.4:6,14; Rev.11:3 --symbol for 
    those who teach truth-John 8:17)
This also corresponds to the "trumpeting" of the seventh angel/prophet/steward.
Regarding your other question...."so if you know all the secrets then you are one of these prophets, so do you know all the secrets yet?

...You may think that a herald must "knows all the secrets" all at once, in order to begin his job.
Even regarding a literal watchman...
first he sees the charge of the army, though at first, he may not recognize which nation is attacking, where they are from, nor who is leading the attack, until they draw closer.
He may not at first discern how large the army will be. He may not see what their weapons are, until they are close. 
Even the speed at which they approach, (determining which animals they are riding), ascertaining when they will reach the City, will all take time to discern.
These things are in agreement with the scriptures, which tell us of two things that are required by watchmen, 
in order that their understanding and warning, to be accurate....

1. Cleansing from previous misconceived doctrine.
2. Gaining genuine and accurate understanding, knowledge, and interpretation from God, is gradual.

When the four angels are released from the river Euphrates (Wormwood waters), they first must be cleansed of those waters (Zech.3:1,2,3...(James1:21)... Zech.3:4,5,6,7,8 (John15:5); Rev.22:14; 7:14; 3:18; 6:11), by means of the "bath" of living water...the lye of laundrymen, and the refining by fire 
(Eph.5:26; John4:10; 6:63; Mal.3:1,2,3; Zech.13:9; Rev.3:18; Jer.23:29) (Job 11:13,14,15,16,17,18,19). 
This refining is preparation to receive truthful knowledge and increasing light (Mark 2:22). The Bible makes clear how that light of truth from Christ is received. It is certainly, not all at once (Prov.4:18; Job 17:9; 2Pet.1:19,20,21; Rev.2:28; Mal.4:2); just as dawn is gradual; And even after dawn, comes the "full light of mid-day" (Isa.60:1; 2Pet.1:19; Job 11:17; Prov.4:18).
Even the loss of light from an unfaithful one's lamp, is not sudden (Matt.25:8) as if from full light to full darkness. 
But if one persists in turning from God, their light will go out completely (Prov.13:9; Luke 8:18; 2Pet.2:17; Matt.25:30; Job 11:20; 18:5,6).

When Jesus also promises to give us the "hidden manna", or to eat from the "tree of life" (Rev.2:17,7; John 6:50,63)...Such filling up is gradual, just as a literal meal is (Rev.3:20). When Jesus speaks of the period of receiving full light, he describes it as being "guided into all truth".
Note John 16:12,13...
"I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. 13"But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come."
  To be guided to a destination of all truth, is to take a journey. It is not to immediately arrive at a destination.
Did not Christ's apostles have so much truth? (Luke 8:10) Yet if there were further things they "could not presently bear", they did not know everything yet (Acts 1:7; 1Cor.13:9-10,12; John 16:13; Rev.10:7).

When the spirit of truth is given to the prophets (Rev.22:6; 10:7; 1Cor.14:32; Amos 3:7), it is at the pace that God chooses to reveal his plan. Even when God reveals his plan to Jesus Christ, it is gradual (Mark 13:32; Acts 1:7; Rev.5:5,7; John 15:15; Rev.1:1,19; 2Pet.3:18; 1:8; Col.1:10; John5:19; 7:16; 14:10; 17:8) (Matt.24:36; John5:19)
Does not the scroll of Revelation have "seven seals" which are opened one at a time??? As Christ opens them, he shares them (see verses above). As they are received, they are written/declared/trumpeted (Rev.1:11; Matt.10:27; Rev.8:6; Isa.58:1). Just as John did not see all of Revelation's visions all at once (and write it all in a moment, nor declare it all in a moment), but he saw a progression of visions. Each vision contained it's own details and truths. Did he understand all of it at that time? (Rev.10:4) 
No... not so much as the "angel" who was showing him some of the meaning of what he saw (Rev.7:13,14 A; Rev.22:8,9; Dan.12:4; Amos 8:12; Matt.7:14).

Why is this the gradual method of learning by the meek (Matt.11:25,26), approved of by God? Because in God's justice, it must be earned by digging and "knocking" with persistence; as well as making use of what is received, in order to receive more (Luke 11:9; 12:35,36,37; 17:7,8; 2Thess.3:10; 1Tim.5:18; 1Pet.1:13). 
Our calling is a path we walk, a progressive work of God being accomplished by the work of the word of truth in our hearts (1Thess.2:11,12,13; Phil.1:6; 2:12,16; Eph.4:13; 2:10; Isa.45:11) (1Cor.3:9; 2Cor.7:1; Eph.4:22-24). We must bring those seeds of truth to mature completion regarding their individual purpose in us as Chosen Ones (Luke 8:11,15; James 1:21; Mark 4:28,29; John 12:24,25; 1Cor.15:36) or as other disciples of Christ (Matt.28:19-20).
Satan demands that full light not be given without any requirement, and God allows this requirement, because it is just (2Thess.3:10; 1Tim.5:18; Luke 12:37).

In addition to 1.- cleansing and 2.- gradual learning;
....3.- a continuing intimacy with spirit 
(John15:4,5,6; Eph.4:30; 1Thess.5:19,20) 
4.- and a continuing diligence 
(1Tim.4:16; Eze.3:19; 1Thess.5:14; 2Tim.4:2; Acts 20:27; Matt.5:14,16; Luke 12:35,36,37; Mark 4:25), 
are also required.
   But since you did not ask about these things, I will only offer a brief scriptural reference.

When you ask about my personal knowledge...
I hope to make this clear.
The answer is both yes and no, for the reasons to follow.
Like John and Paul, I have been shown visions. I believe those given me, 
to be a relevant key to unlocking the sacred secrets of God, as contained in the scroll of Revelation.
I believe that key of knowledge is contained within those visions. There was nothing within them, that I would say is new, in that all of it is already depicted within scripture. However, by being shown these things visibly, I was given greater understanding and detail of the scriptures that relate and apply to Revelation. Revelation was illuminated with clarity through the scriptures which already exist, by means of the things I was shown.
But not yet...
The comprehension of what I was shown, is progressive, just as the opening of the seven seals is. The unsealing of the visions given me, seem to be controlled by God's spirit. 
Just as the Bible depicts... (Isa.50:4,5; Ps.143:8; Matt.10:27) ...each morning, even while it is still dark and I am not yet up working, I am shown more. Thank God for this mercy, as I can not even keep up with this gradual pace! 
We are given what to speak, in the hour it is required (Matt.10:19,20).
- - - - - - - - - - - -
I am far behind in writing that which has already been received.
When I think about the visions...scriptures flood to me, telling me the meaning.
Yet after I see that these things await me, I take away a confidence, that when I am able to write more, the knowledge will be there to write. I do not, nor can I, probe everywhere; because I have not yet cared for present things. 
I do not want to direct what I learn and when. I can't. Some things that I seek, do not come presently. I am learning to be patient and in subjection to spirit. Some things sought in the past, are only presently opened. I understand this as God's choice, and His own timing of revelation. This proves to be more than enough.

What I am trying to say, is that I have been assured that the future has more work for me. 
Because I myself am required to remember my weakness and the True source of my power and knowledge;
that work will be according to my weakness, and according to the power of God. 
"According to my weakness" includes that the power of God expressed through me, will continue to be merciful (Amos 7:2; Zech.4:10,11,14; Rev.11:4) (2Cor.12:5,6,7,8,9,10; 1Cor.2:5).

There is much that I have already been shown, yet it is not complete. Often when I begin to write about what I have been partially given, the rest comes while I am writing. At other times, I finish writing and am given no more at that time, even though the writing is not done (John 3:8; Luke 12:12).
I expect that in addition to what I have already been given, I will be given more...if I continue faithful and do not give out. (Isa.62:6; Rev.3:8; 2:2,19,26; Ps.119:28; Gal.6:9; 1Cor.15:58; 2Cor.4:1; 2Thess.3:13; Heb.12:3; Acts 20:24; 1Cor.9:24,25,26; 2Tim.4:7,8).
Whatever my purpose within God's will conclusively proves to be, will depend upon God, and the witness of His Word.
My personal assurance about my continuing assignment is based upon what I was told by Christ...
"You are the last one to sing".
(In one of the visions shown to me, there was an expansive Chorus in heaven. There were four soloists, who each took their turn, and were accompanied by the rest, who would repeat what the soloist sang, with a great fullness of harmony. I was the fourth and last soloist. At first, I sang alone, and in time there were fewer that accompanied me, than had sung with the other soloists.)
According to the context of that vision I was in, I was the last herald ("soloist").
My singing was interrupted by the great "earthquake" of God's declaration (seven thunders). The explosive magnitude of that Voice, interrupted and ended the song of us all.
Everything was shaken and reduced to rubble, during His response. At that time I asked Christ what it all meant, and he told me, "You are the last one to sing."
I take this as meaning, the End.
(1Cor.14:15; Psalm40:1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17; 108:1,2,3,4,5,6; 98:1; 149:1; 
 Eph.5:19; Col.3:16; Rev.14:3,4,6; 15:3)

You also say,
"knowledge to the Prophets only, no one else would be aware, of these secrets,"

Please know that the job of a prophet is to declare what they are given.
As the prophets and heralds understand God's message and Will, they immediately do all they can to make others aware of it also (Hab.2:2; Matt.10:27; Eze.33:1,2,6; 1Cor.14:32).

The 5 virgins (Bride) who enter the feast of God, and are fed along with the Bridegroom, invite all to that same feast (Rev.19:9; 22:17; Matt.22:8,9,10). The seventh angel does not fail to blow his trumpet, after receiving the secrets of God.
(Rev.10:7; 11:15; 16:17)
  Despite the true knowledge becoming available (Dan.12:4,9,10), few will accept it (Amos 8:12; Matt.7:14).
That would harmonize with the wine-press vision, as well as the Chorus vision, and the few who "sang" with me (1Cor.14:15 B).

I hope I have responded satisfactorily to your questions. The answers are mostly in the cited scriptures.
I pray your need is met, either now, or soon.
Love in Christ,

(For making and reading comments in language other than English)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Is the "Wicked Steward", Real?

Many Additions

A Question I received...

Pearl, I have a question.  Ever since the GB stated that the "evil slave" parable is just a warning and not a prophetic fulfillment, I find this thought has taken hold with many, even disgruntled ones hanging on by a thread.  It has become a source of debate.  Obviously this is the GB's way to take off the heat; they are playing dodge ball with the masses!  Also, with their new stance of "focusing on the simple teachings", any previous prophetic application has been scratched, EXCEPT their "faithful and discreet slave" application!  
So...I ask, how do they not consider that a parable also, under their "new light"?  
But back to the parable vs. prophesy issue, I responded on a forum like this:

"A prophesy is a warning; yet in both prophesies and parables it is common to find reference to listening with our ears and seeing with our eyes, not in the physical sense, but in the symbolic and spiritual sense. Matt. 13:16; John 8:47; Rev. 2:29; Matt. 13:15; Isa. 35:5; Jer. 5:21; Ezek. 12:2; Luke 10:23. 
The illustrations Christ taught hold prophetic meaning in the time period we are presently living in. If we beg the Father for it's understanding, He will hear. John 16:13"

What else could be brought out? Perhaps I've steered things wrongly?  
I noticed it has come up again and I would love to respond even further.  
- - - - - - - - - - - - -


What does God consider a prophecy to be?
What is the work of a prophet, but to prophesy?
See Amos 3:7; Num.23:19; Rev.22:6

God tells us the end from the beginning (Isa.46:10,11), which is the definition of prophecy.
God does not tell of a theoretical end, or give empty threats and if He is not sure of the outcome, as if He lies, or as if He is impotent to predict or fulfill.

Note how often the WT uses terms such as "likely", "seems so", "must be", "evidently", "obviously", "might", "that would imply", etc. When supposedly speaking from God (John16:13,14; 14:26). But such vague assumptions and personal speculations do not characterize Christ (John16:14; 12:49), and need not be made when one's teaching is based solidly upon provided scriptures (Num.23:19; Matt.5:37).

  The WT knows that the parable of the ten virgins conflicts with this new doctrine of the "wicked steward"/slave, as being hypothetical....
and so the WT has also changed the meaning of the 10 virgin parable into a mere principle rather than a prophecy. 
Regarding the "10 virgin" parable, the following is a quote from the March 15, 2015 Watchtower...
  "Was Jesus saying that many of his anointed servants would prove unfaithful and need to be replaced? No. Remember, he has just warned his "faithful and discreet slave" never to turn into an evil slave. That did not mean that he expected such an outcome.
...the warning in Jesus' parable is given with loving confidence. Christ knows that each of his anointed servants can remain faithful and receive the thrilling reward!"

They now seem to teach that there will not be 5 foolish virgins. They teach that there can be in reality, only faithful ones.
Is Jesus confident? Or is (un)faithfulness an option, since they "can remain faithful"... not will remain faithful? 
Which is it? (James5:12)
(Dan.11:21,27,32,35,36; 8:23; Rev.13:11; Matt.24:4,5,24,25)
Jesus did not base his teachings and speech upon his personal "confidence".
He spoke the unwavering words of God (John12:49; 7:16; Rom.3:4). 
Apparently, Jesus is confident that the governing body will remain faithful to this theoretical parable, but this is only a "can" when speaking of others. 
(A quote from the same issue)...
"But think about the years before the Tribulation begins. What would happen to anointed ones who fail to remain watchful, who lost their integrity? They would lose their heavenly reward. Obviously, they would receive no final sealing prior to the start of the Tribulation. By that time, other faithful slaves would be anointed." these who fail, prove "Christ's confidence" to be in error. Did he put his faith in something untrue?
The 5 foolish are seemingly replaced with "other slaves would be anointed"?
If they are replaced, are we not back to 10 virgins?
This is in harmony with the statement that Jesus was confident that all 10 would be faithful. 
But how does this compare to Christ's words? (Matt.25:2,10,11,12) He clearly states that only 5 enter the marriage feast, and that those who later arrive, are refused entrance.
Remember too, the quote above?
"Was Jesus saying that many of his anointed servants would prove unfaithful and need to be replaced? No...the warning in Jesus' parable is given with loving confidence."

Well, a recent doctrine also claims the only Faithful Slave is the Governing Body. Is the WT saying that the Governing Body is not among the 10 virgins, nor subject to a choice to be unfaithful? 

(Phil.2:3,12; Rom.12:3; 1Cor.10:12)
I know of no scripture that demands that the "steward" can only be among the 5 faithful....(or is it among the 10 faithful?),
or that it is impossible for him to become the wicked steward. (Luke21:36; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13-16; Matt.24:24,25,22; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:14,15) (Eze.13:9,10; Jer.6:13-14; 14:13; 1Thess.5:3)

Even if both parables (wicked steward / 10 virgins) are "only warnings"; why would Jesus warn his disciples of something that was not a genuine danger?
If failure were not a realistic option for all the virgins, AND for the Steward.... why give the warning at all?

No.... Repeatedly, Christ warns of the need to "Keep Awake", that we not be found asleep or naked and exposed (Rev.16:15) which prophecy tells us will happen (Rev.3:17).
In fact, Jesus confides that despite the many seeking their heavenly reward...
only a few attain it (Luke13:23,24,25; Matt.25:11,12,13,11; 7:21,22,23; Matt.25:12). This is consistent with other related prophecies, which refer to the period of the Great Tribulation among God's own people (Rev.11:13; Isa.6:13; Zech.13:8; Rev.9:15,20; 6:9; 11:7; John16:2; Eze.5:2; Rev.8:12; 12:4; Dan.8:10 ("stars" -- Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3; Gen.26:4; Gal.3:29; Rev.1:20); Isa.10:22; Rev.14:19,20; Jer.25:29,30; Joel3:13; Isa.5:7; 3:14,15; 65:8; Jer.2:21; 12:11,10; Rev.11:2; 13:15,7; Dan.9:27; Matt.24:15,16).
ADDITION: We read at Matt.25:8, that some of the Chosen virgins are losing the light emanating from their own lamps. What does this symbolism mean? Jesus tells us. 
(Matt.6:22,23*; Isa.5:20; Luke11:34,35,36; 8:18; 19:26; Matt.13:11,12,13; Mark4:23,24,25). 
Those who are guided by God's Word, possess a spiritual branding as God's obedient slaves (Deut.6:6,8; Rev.7:3; 14:1; 22:4). Called Ones who select to be guided by false doctrines of men, are also marked (Rev.13:16), and must suffer the effect that this will have on their eye/"lamp" (spiritual perception/understanding) Rev.3:17.
*(Matt.6:22,23 eye "healthy", is accurate perception / understanding / Faith, which must be based 
upon the "healthful teaching" Prov.4:20,22; 3:8; See Greek: -2Tim.1:13; 4:3; 1Tim.6:3)
Within Jesus' illustration, the five foolish virgins are losing their grip on accurate spiritual perception (unless you subscribe to the teachings of the "Watchtower", which blasphemes Christ by insinuating that he is a liar when he teaches this as a genuine possibility). 
  Was Jesus actually foretelling that this falling away from Truth, would occur in the time of the end / "Bridegroom's arrival".....or not? 
What do indisputable prophecies indicate?
(Rev.1:1; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15; 3:17; 13:7; 1John2:18; 2Thess.2:1,2,3,4; Dan.8:11,24; 11:31,36; 2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16; 1Pet.2:5; Rev.11:2; 13:7; Matt.24:5,24,25; Rev.20:7,8; 16:14,13; 19:20; 13:15,7; Dan.8:24,25). 
When Jesus introduced the scroll of Revelation, he claimed that the content to follow, must soon take place (Rev.1:1). When we read that the holy ones are conquered by the dominion of the Beast (Rev.13:7)/ man of lawlessness (2Thess.2:4) (who impose lies Rev.19:20; 2Thess.2:9); we read that as subverted captives (Rev.13:10; Luke21:24) they are forced to be marked as obedient slaves of the laws of the Beast (Rev.13:16) rather than the Laws of God (Deut.6:6,8; 1John4:6),
and to subsist under that spiritual commerce (Rev.13:17; 6:6), rather than Holy Spirit (Rev.3:18; Isa.55:1,2). According to Rev.1:1; these scenarios are prophetic events, and cannot be nullified (Rev.22:18,19).
Jesus told us plainly, that the five foolish virgins resort to a spiritual commerce for their light (Matt.25:10 A). This decision proves unacceptable for admittance into the marriage feast (Matt.25:11,12; 13:11,12,13; Luke8:18), which feast is, "the true words of God" (Matt.4:4; Rev.19:9; 1:1; John16:13,25; Isa.11:1,2,3; Matt.22:2,8,9,10). The "ten" virgins were "invited", but "five" proved unworthy for admittance, because they derive their sustenance and direction, elsewhere (Luke6:25; Isa.65:13). Consequently, the "door" to the feast, is shut to them (Matt.25:10  B; Rev.3:7; Matt.13:11) 
(John16:1,4; Mark13:23,22,5,6,13; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,8). They will not share in the content behind the seven seals, which disclose the final revelations being opened by Christ, and given to God's slaves (Rev.5:1,2,5,7,9; 20:12; 1:1; Matt.13:12).

  The meaning behind the "fading light" within the symbolic lamps of the foolish virgins, was also spoken about by Christ in various parables. Remember, that the "lamps", "light", "oil", and "flame" of the ten virgin parable, are all symbols. If we understand what these things stand for, we can recognize Christ's other references to these same developments, and whether or not their meaning is expected to prove true as actually occurring during the final harvest.

When Jesus tells us that the "light" emanating from the foolish virgins lamp is "going out"; how else did Jesus describe this event?

Jesus told us that his faithful brothers are the light of the world

(Matt.5:14,16). Without their actively representing Christ, the world remains in darkness (2Cor.5:20; 13:3; Matt.10:20; John1:4,9; 9:5; 1Pet.2:9; Ps.119:130; 1Cor.2:12,13; Matt.5:14). There is no other genuine source of light in the world, other than through Christ and his chosen disciples (John8:31; 1Cor.2:13). "Christendom" cannot be the heavenly star/light of Rev.8:10,11 (Isa.14:12) as the "Watchtower" asserts (James3:1; 1Tim.1:7; 1Cor.12:1,27,29,18; 11:29). Their teaching that the stars of Rev.12:4 are demons, is also a lie (Dan.8:10,13; Isa.14:13; 2Thess.2:4).
Those chosen to provide light in the darkness, become heavenly ones [John8:23; 17:16; 2Cor.5:16,17; Eph.2:6; 1:3; Heb.12:22,23 (Luke10:20)] and are compared to heavenly "illuminaries"; 
such as the sun (Mal.4:2; Luke1:78; Matt.17:2; Rev.1:16; 22:16; 2:28; Isa.60:1; 2Pet.1:19), 
the moon (Rev.12:1; Gal.3:27; Rom.13:14; Eph.4:24; Job 29:14; Col.3:10; 1Cor.2:16), 
and the stars (Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3; Isa.40:26; Eph.2:10; Ps.147:2,3,4). 
The light from each, varies in purpose / intensity / splendor / glory (1Cor.15:41; Isa.30:26; Gen.1:16). 
When a "star" falls from heaven (2Pet.3:17; 1Cor.10:12; Isa.14:12; Rev.2:5)...even landing in and polluting the waters (Rev.8:10,11), what would happen to it's flame? 
Would it not lose it's light?(Matt.24:4; Luke11:35; Matt.6:23; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7,17; Matt.25:10) just as the lamps of the virgins are said to?
(Rev.13:16; Col.2:20; Eph.4:14,15,16; 5:11; John 16:8; Rev 22:6; 2Pet 3:10; 2Thess 2:8; Rev 2:26,27) 
The account of Rev.8:10,11 is a prophecy. It must be fulfilled.
Any who belong to "Wormwood" will have dimming lamps, just as Christ described the foolish virgins as having. IT IS PROPHECY, that the heavenly luminaries will become darkened (Luke21:25,26; Isa.5:30; Joel2:10,31; 3:15; Matt.24:29; Isa.13:10; Eze.32:7; Amos8:9; Zeph.1:15; Acts2:20; Rev.9:1,2; Joel2:30; Rev.6:12,13; 8:12; Eph.4:18,20; 2Cor.4:3,4; 2Thess.2:9,10; Rev.13:8).

It is a certainty that the Temple of God (1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:20,21,22) is trampled in the time of the end (Rev.11:2; Dan.12:4,1; Matt.24:9; 10:22; Rev.11:9,10,7; John16:2; Dan.11:33; Rev.13:10). Why does God allow this to happen?
Jesus tells us why God would subject His own Temple priests (1Pet.2:5,9) to endure this discipline (Mal.3:1,2,3; Zech.13:9; Luke21:22).

Matt.5:13 reads;
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."
God allows His Temple priests to be trampled, because they have lost their "saltiness" (Num.18:19; 2Chron.13:5; Lev.2:13).
These have abdicated their royal authority (Luke10:19) and have allowed the Beast to remove their continual sacrifice ("constant feature") (Luke10:19; Rev.17:13) as priests and kings, in favor of subjecting themselves to the Image / Idol, of the Wild Beast! (Rev.13:7,8; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.8:11,24,25; 11:31,36; 12:11) (2Cor.11:20; Col.2:8; Rev.13:10,7,8). For these offenses against their God, they must be disciplined and refined! They are disciplined, by means of the very gods they have subjected themselves to...
the Gentile Wild Beast (Rev.13:15,1,4) (locust-scorpion collective Rev.9:3,10), and the false prophet ("second wild beast") (Rev.13:11; 19:20) above it / them.
The following segment is an update in progress.
 At that time The heavens of that age will be discarded (Heb.1:10,11,12; Matt.24:35). A new heavens will replace them (2Pet.3:12,13,14) (Dan.2:21; Ps.75:7; Matt.23:12)

Rom.3:4; 2Cor.3:7,13; 4:3; Heb.8:13; 1:11; (Isa.51:6; Matt.24:35; Ps.102:26; Heb.8:13)Heb.12:25-27; (2Pet.3:10,13) 1Cor.15:24,25; Col.2:15; Nahum3:5,4; Eze.16:37; Rev.17:16; Hab.2:16; Jer.25:28; 13:13; Isa.28:18,19; Ps.75:8; Rev.14:10; Job21:20; Dan.7:27; 

Matt.21:43; 15:13; 7:19; John15:2,6; Isa.40:23,24; Ps.33:10; 

Door shut to virgins (opens no one can shut/door open in heaven-"I will show you"/ wide open/ opened our minds to understand/ lamp.)

"More given": Rev.2:7,17,26,28; 3:8
Luke16:10; 13:23-25; Matt.25:21


In speaking of the Jews in covenant with God, the scriptures above compare that relationship and union with him, to a vine and it's branches. Jer.25:29,30 and Rev.14:19,20 describe it as condemned.
Due to unfaithfulness, the Jews who rejected Christ were "lopped off" God's sustaining vine, to make room for anointed Gentiles (Rom.11:17,18,19,20,21; Matt.21:43).
Now here is a reality check....
Jesus himself said that among these anointed branches of the new covenant, which would be "one" with him;
if they failed to produce fine fruit...THEY WOULD BE LOPPED OFF! (See John15:5,1,2,4,6). Is it possible to lose union with the true vine Christ? Did it happen? As proven by scripture....YES! ---(Col.2:19; John15:4).
Revelation describes the reason for the fall of the holy ones, as a false prophet and the Beast it uses (Rev.13:7,10,11,15,8; 19:20).
These are prophecies, not warnings 
(Rev.1:1; Dan.8:13,24; 7:25; 11:36; 2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16).
Jesus knew what was coming (Luke18:8; John9:4; Rev.13:8,7)

I could add so many scriptures which indicate, that the outcome to God's Chosen Nation in the time of the end (Matt.24:13; Luke21:19) is overwhelming divine condemnation, but for a small remnant that keeps awake and endures (Luke13:24; Matt.7:13,14; Luke21:36; Matt.25:5; Rev.3:2).
Even those that do, must be cleansed (Mal.3:1,2,3) of the wicked influences within their company (Rev.2:20,13,9,5,16).
Clearly... the negative spiritual influences and tests to come upon God's people during the Great Tribulation, are not empty warnings or theoretical stories.
They foretell calamity, from which, few will escape (Luke21:34,35,36; Mark13:37,36; Matt.25:5) At Luke13:24 and Matt.7:13,14,21, Jesus was speaking to his own disciples. 

Remember.... it is the false prophet that sooths God's people to feel safe and secure (1Thess.5:2,3; Jer.14:13; Eze.13:10,16). The true prophets, prophesy in sackcloth (Rev.11:3; Joel1:13) and are killed for it (Rev.11:7; 6:9,11).

The false prophet and it's wild beast organization of spiritual Gentiles are able to overcome the holy ones 
(Rev.13:15,7,8,10; 11:2), due to their lying divination 
(Rev.19:20; 16:13,14,15,16; 1Tim.4:1) (2Thess.2:1,2,3,4,9,10; 1John4:1) (Matt.24:4,5,24,25; 1Tim.4:1).
Do these circumstances warrant an empty, and mere theoretical warning, due to a guaranteed peace and security with God? If such teachings have an effect like wine, and cause drowsy complacency... 
are they truly "the proper food" during the Great Tribulation and Armageddon? 
(Rev.3:1,2,16,17,19,18; 1Thess.5:9,6,7; Jer.51:7; 13:13; Rev.14:8)
Christ guaranteed that those who fell asleep, would not know at all, what day he arrived to inspect them 
(Rev.3:3; 1Thess.5:2; 2Pet.3:10,17; Rev.2:5; 16:15) All 10 virgins, do fall asleep (Matt.25:5).
At Luke 16, Jesus describes the wicked steward's failure... not as theoretical threat, not as an empty warning, but as a fact (Luke16:1,2,3,4,11,12).
Jesus said that if the final slaves of Christ do not repent, they are doomed (Rev.3:3; Luke12:39,40; Rev.2:5). Do all repent? 
No (Rev.9:20,21; 2:21).
Many are called, but few are actually chosen (Rev.17:14; Matt.7:14; Luke 18:26-27)... even to understand the marriage feast (Matt.22:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,14).
Does not the WT define the "invited" as anointed ones? They presently do.
While they may scramble to change that doctrine also, to do so will remove the underpinning of their supposed superiority, which they have asserted over their fellow anointed brethren...
terming these as suspended in the holding pen of being merely "invited" (or, as condemned to Gehenna by non-anointed elders for supposed apostasy Rev.11:7; 6:9,11; John16:2), while they refer to themselves, as already "chosen"..... 
and the only "faithful and discreet slave".
(Matt.7:1,2; Rom.14:4; 8:33; Rev.17:6; Isa.47:8,9,7; Rev.18:7; Zeph.2:15; Nahum3:19)

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