Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Beast "was, is not, and yet is"


Additions to "Fact #5", in Satan's Throne
as follows:

Fact #5. Satan is using all the nations under his worldly power, to "bruise" the woman's seed. 

How is Satan using his dominion over the Nations to harm the anointed today? 
History has shown Satan, that outright physical persecution has not thwarted the faith and faithfulness of God's faithful slaves. Remember, he needs a stealth deception to ensnare them. How else can he use the worldly powers under his control?
He is maneuvering current events and developments to fabricate a counterfeit fulfillment of prophecy. Why? So that the "Woman's seed" does not perceive the spiritual interpretation, which will equip them to contend with the real threats they now face.
Rev. 17:8 (CLICK on to read entire verse) tells us, that when this Beast of persecution re-emerges, it's new disguise causes it to go unrecognized. 
It seems to not exist anymore against the Chosen, Yet, it does.
Satan's deceptive power goes beyond the physical. This means he can do more than cause the physical distractions which deceive and kill. At Eph.6:12, it also called the woman's foes, "rulers of the darkness of this age". This is not a physical darkness, but a spiritual one. Yes...Satan also rules the spiritual climate of this world. He has spiritual power and influence. This too he uses against the woman's seed. He can bruise the seed with spiritual assault as well (Rev.12:15; 8:11). He rules the "darkness". Darkness is the opposite of the light. Light is truth. Darkness is deception. (John3:21; 14:6; 8:12; 1:5; Psalm43:3; 1John1:6) 
It is Satan's goal to cause irreversible spiritual damage to prospective members of the woman's seed.  Physical damage is of no use (Rom.14:8; Mark8:35; Matt.10:28). As long as the Chosen belong to God and hold fast to their testimony; they contribute to Satan's fall (Rev.12:10,11; Rev.2:25; 3:11; 12:17).
Satan can only succeed in subjecting the Chosen Seed to him, if he does it through religious deception, baited with a few truths (Jer.16:14,15,16,17,18; Hosea9:7,8; 5:1; Ps.124:7; 25:15; Ec.9:12; Matt.13:47; Eze.13:21; Jer.31:11,12; Isa.48:20; Rev.18:4). 

Satan is "the angel of light" (2Cor.11:14). Those who in the end, do prove themselves to be the "woman's seed", will have triumphed over Satan's deceptive darkness (although having been bruised/trampled/thrown down -Rev.12:4; Zech.13:9). Only God can redeem them from this Great Tribulation at Satan's hand (Matt.19:25,26; 24:22; Rev.7:10; Jer.31:11; Ps.18:17).
For each one Satan is able to deceive with his final stealth attack, he can throw down from their heavenly position, swallow, and destroy. For every Chosen One who falls, and fails to remain standing before the throne of God; Satan has bought time for his worldly dominion to continue.

The most significant and relevant location of Satan's throne, is where his power sits over Jehovah's anointed ones. This is not a political or geographical place, but a religious "city" 
(Rev.2:13; 17:18).
This is where Satan rules above the "kings of the earth", who should belong to Jesus 
Rev.17:18; 9:11
(Rev.1:5; 5:10).


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