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Accusation of "Causing Division"

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Below is an updated section from this previous post:
It pertains to the present accusation being brought against any that speak up for Truth in the Congregation.

which now has the following updates:

"Jesus wanted to divide truth from lies, so that the truth could be clearly discerned and followed. He never espoused unity with leadership, at the cost of Truth; but Truth over unity, and unity through truth.
For this (Matt.22:16; 23:13), Jesus suffered the condemnation of men, as an apostate (Matt.26:65). The Jewish leaders in covenant with God, looked to the Gentiles for support in dealing with Jesus (Matt.27:2; Isa.36:6; 31:1,3; Rev.11:8; Jer.17:5), just as the Ram/false prophet (Rev.13:11; Dan.8:4), relies on it's Gentile Beast. The first century Jewish leaders told Pilate that Jesus was perverting the nation from the true doctrine of Moses and the prophets (Luke23:2); by spreading among them new notions, and false principles of religion; whereby he was a trouble maker of God's Israel, as Ahab charged Elijah (1Kings18:17).
But in order to interest the Romans in executing Christ, they also accused him of "forbidding the giving of tribute to Caesar", which was a lie (Matt.22:21; 17:24,25,26,27). We too, are falsely slandered, shamed, and "killed" (Eze.22:8,9; Lev.19:16; Hosea6:9; Rev.11:7,8,9,10; 6:9,11)...accused of refusing to give due tribute to the Image of the Gentile beast Organization (Rev.13:15,8; 19:20). The false prophet ("two horned" wild beast) uses it's power ("key"/"realm"), to sanction the "ten-horned" wild beast to "kill" on it's behalf (Rev.13:15 A; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1; Isa.28:15).
The authority and power of the false prophet/"two-horned beast", is symbolized as "fire from heaven" -Rev.13:13 (divine judgment)
("Fire from Heaven").
The two-horned false prophet empowers the Gentile Wild Beast with "breath" ("spirit-directed" Image) to be it's own instrument of judgment  and capital punishment [just as Jesus and GOd, genuinely do (John20:22,23; Rev.11:11; Matt.10:20)].
(Rev.13:15 A; Dan.11:31; 8:11,12,24; Rev.13:7).
By imbuing the image of the Beast with "spirit", it appears to be "spirit-directed" by God's Holy Spirit, but it is not. It is directed by the spirit/breath of the false prophet, which is demonic (Rev.16:13,14).

Only Jesus Christ can breathe genuine Holy Spirit into his faithful chosen followers (John20:22,23; 14:17; 1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:20,21,22), giving them the power to judge (Rev.20:4; Matt.16:19; John20:23; 1Cor.6:2,3).

The faithful anointed are expected to follow in Christ's footsteps, including his shameful condemnation by the religious leaders of God's people (John16:1,2,3,4; Heb.13:13; Rom.6:5; Phil.3:10; 1Cor.4:13; 2Cor.6:8 C; Rev.6:9,10,11; 11:8,9,10) and "execution" at the hands of Gentiles (Rev.11:7,10; 20:4).
("What is 'Jew'?. What is 'Gentile'?")
Do not expect Satan to let any faithful disciple (anointed or non-anointed), to slip by without being persecuted (2Tim.3:12; Luke22:31). As with Job (Job1:9,11,12), God allows this testing/sifting/cleansing/discipline (Amos9:9; Haggai2:7; 1Cor.3:13; Mal.3:1,2,3; Rev.3:18,19; Matt.3:11; 1Pet.4:1; Heb.5:8), to a responsive, symbolic "one-third" (Rev.2:9,10; Zech.13:9; Rev.9:15,20).

You are correct. Although it seems we face Satan's wrath alone (as Jesus felt while he was dying -Matt.27:46; 26:31); in truth, we are proving who we are, without any support or cheating (Matt.4:1; John14:30; 16:33; 17:15). God's spirit does help us where needed, but the test is for us, and the reward is for our own faithfulness under test (1Cor.3:13; James1:14; 1Cor.10:13; Rev.3:12,21). God can not do this for us. In choosing to take a righteous stand in our own heart and actions, for the God of Truth;
we prove whom and what we love, and which Master we choose to belong to, despite the adversity this brings. Nothing less is expected, of those who will be found faithful by Christ."
Another helpful link pertaining to current false charges:

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