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Wicked Steward / Shunning / Idolatry / Witnessing / Provisions/Refuge

First I would like to say that I am currently working on the "Survival" post,
and a commentary based upon the questions about Rom.8:29,30; and Eph.1:5,11.
But before I post them,
I wanted to post a correspondence I am having with someone,
her questions,
and the scriptural replies. There is good information in them.
I hope all are being built up to be valiant and strong for the sake of truth!
Love in Christ,


Letter I received:

Hi Pearl,
Firstly thank you for all the wonderful information, I am only
part way through but it's like someone switching on a light! Apologies in
advance if you've already answered all or part of my question elsewhere
-directions or links will be ample in that case.

I was disfellowshipped some 15 years ago from wtbts, for staying away from
meetings and smoking. Truth be told, I'd had a 'what if I'm wrong' moment
and spent a good few years back in the thick of the world getting up to no
good. Having finally come back to my senses and fully addressed my doubts,
over the past few years have been attending meetings on and off, with
little prospect of reinstatement as I still smoke. I was willing to put up
with the isolation if that is what God wants me to do, but I find the
atmosphere amiss. Just a couple of weeks ago I finally read Ray Franz'
books and I am no longer sure attempting reinstatement is such a good
idea. I emailed the local elder dealing with me, just asking one question
(why are we still commemorating the memorial if Jesus is present), he's
just replied now, he consulted the other elders at last night's meeting and
they say my questions can't be answered directly, I must attend meetings
and eventually my question might be answered. I suppose my question to you
is, as I am not of the annointed, should I simply tell them I have changed
my mind about reinstatement? Should non annointed be attempting
to 'witness' or is that just down to the annointed? Is studying the Bible
and your information sufficient?
Hope this message finds you in good spirits, despite all the lunacy that
best wishes and thank you once more,

My Reply

Hello Xxxx, Emoji
Very happy to hear from you.
It's good to hear that you are appreciating the scriptures you are considering in the context of my posts and articles.
As many years as I "studied" the Bible and attended meetings at the Kingdom Hall,
I never could see the meaning in them as I do now. 
Jesus promised that to him who has, more will be given.
Problem was...I didn't realize that while you are idolizing an organization, you don't "have" the truth,
so you're not going to get any more than what you've chosen.

getting baptized as one of "Jehovah's Christian Witnesses" is a total commitment.
Those seeking to fully dedicate their life to God, don't mind this,
because they believe that the dedication IS to God.
So it reflects wisdom when you thought twice about an unreserved commitment within "JW's".
To be fully dedicated to something that turns out to be wrong is tragic, as so many including myself, can attest to.

You said that after the "school of hard knocks", you fully addressed your doubts. I'm not sure what you mean there,
but I'm guessing that you decided to return to meetings and contact with the "Congregation", in order to examine things further, trying to get answers to your doubts.
Yet because of your smoking, you wonder if God wants you isolated and rejected as discipline.
Well I would like to comment on that.
I am sure that God does not want you to feel rejected. There are so many scriptures which tell us how important other Christians are... for our comfort, courage, wisdom, and strength. Remember that Jesus spent his time, mostly with "sinners". 
He said that "healthy people don't need a physician, but the ailing do" (Mark2:16,17). long as we desire to be cured of what ails us, we belong not only with others who are becoming disciples, 
but even under the personal care of Christ.
What about those who claim to be Christians?... How should they respond to those who are spiritually sick?
Jesus made that clear, in a parable. It is found at Luke 10:25-37. It is known as "the good Samaritan". Like "Jehovah's Witnesses", the Jews of the first Century believed that sinners were to be avoided (Mark 2:16). In an attempt to cause Jesus to incriminate himself, the Jewish leader asked Jesus, "Who is my neighbor?". He was in essence asking, "Who is worthy to receive our love?" But in that parable, Jesus taught that it is not about who is worthy to receive love, but rather; who is truly capable of giving it. We are to imitate God, who loves the good and the wicked (Matt.5:45).

"JW's" talk a lot about "the mark of true Christianity, as being love" (John13:34-35; Matt.5:43-44); 

but how little love they have for anyone who does not worship, obey, and slave for, their organizational god! Overly self-righteous, they avoid those whom they deem as spiritually defective (Ec.7:16; Rom.12:3; 3:23; James 4:6; Luke6:42; Matt.7:1-2; Prov.16:2). It is taught that by treating sinners with coldness, we are supposedly, helping them (Rom.3:8).
If we see someone in need, even if we view them as a spiritual enemy, we are to show compassion (Rom.12:20; Matt.25:35-40; 7:12) (John3:17; 8:15), because we don't really know their heart, as it appears before God (Heb.13:2; Matt.18:10)... as He views them (1Sam.16:7; Prov.17:15). Even God's faithful remnant, will be seen as wicked enemies (John16:2; Rev.11:3,7-9; Matt.25:42-46). The self-righteous, are judged by Christ, as "goats" (2Cor.11:15).

No, God does not want you to be ostracized, disdained, and treated like dirt. 
(James1:5; 1Thess.5:14; Rom.14:1; 15:1; 1Cor.13:4; Matt.12:20,21; 11:28; 9:13; Ps.51:17; 147:3; Luke15:4,5,6,31,32; 2Cor.2:7,8,9,10,11; 1John1:8; Rom.3:23; Micah6:8; Eph.4:32; 2Tim.2:24; Matt.5:44,45,46,47,48) 
(Gal.6:1,2; Rom.8:14; Mal.2:7; 1Pet.2:9; 1Cor.6:2)
Those who view and treat others without kindness,
do not see themselves accurately (James1:23,24,25) and are mistaken about their supposed basis for condemnation (John7:45,46,47,48,49) (Link: "Love your enemies")

I would not say that doing anything to intentionally hurt your gift of life and body, is okay with God;
only because the scriptures indicate that we need to cleanse ourselves of defilement/poisons/weaknesses;
physically, mentally and especially spiritually (2Cor.7:1; 1Pet.1:15; 1John3:3). 
"JW's" don't realize that it is far worse to teach lies about God, than it is to smoke 
(Matt.15:11; Isa.9:16; Mark7:15). 
Like the Scribes and Pharisees, they "strain out a gnat and gulp down a camel" (Matt.23:24; 15:14; 5:20).

Yet we all start out with those weaknesses and defilement, and it's a journey to become clean.
While on that journey, we can all use a little love, support, and encouragement.
"Witness" "elders" have taken it upon themselves to judge others. They have dared to replace God's chosen Temple priests.
You are treated shamefully....not because Christ expects it, but because you are "unsubmissive" to the "arrangement". 
To be approved of for baptism, is really to pass the test of subjection to the "elders" and their advice, 
and the doctrines of those who govern. 
It doesn't matter if they "seem unsound" 
     [yes, that's a quote from the WT -
      (w13 11/15 p.20) -Deut.18:20; Rev.19:20] 
are right, wrong, or back and forth...
as long as you are "unreservedly dedicated" to obey unconditionally, whatever is expected by these counterfeit "priests" and "princes" (Rev.9:3,7; 17:3; 13:5,6,7; 2Thess.2:4).

The meaning of God's Word of truth, does not change. So what are the minds of "JW's" slaves to?
Not to truth (Deut.11:18; Rev.22:4), but to men and their doctrines (Rev.13:16; Matt.15:9). That's called idolatry (Isa.40:25; Rev.13:4,17,8).
Bible prophecy has foretold that all this would take place as a test before the end (Matt.24:9,10,11,12,13,22,24,25; 7:14).
It sounds like you may be one of the few to escape this final trap. 
I hope so. (Matt.24:22; Luke18:26,27)

As far as reinstatement goes, 
continue to learn about the meaning of Revelation chapters 9 and 13.
For many reasons, both scriptural and spiritual, I am convinced that those prophecies apply lastly and today, to the WT. They are the only Gentile organization that exists worldwide, which has succeeded in subverting, dominating, and persecuting the entire remnant of Chosen ones, just as prophesied in every detail.

As you study the Bible's interpretation of those chapters, you may become convinced yourself.
If you do, you will be relieved that you did not go back to the WT, so close to it's fall 
(Luke21:21,22; Rev.18:4).
It has already begun to receive God's judgment. The atmosphere will continue to grow "amiss".
Remember too, that "reinstatement" and inclusion within the Organization, manifests an approval of men,
not an approval from God himself 
(Acts.3:19; Isa.44:22; Prov.29:25; Matt.10:28; Col.1:13,14; Gal.1:10; Rom.2:29 B; Rom.14:12).
Remember that your standing with an organization or with men (elders) means NOTHING! 
All that matters in the end, is your standing with your heavenly Father and Jesus Christ 
(Rom.14:12; 2Cor.5:10; Matt.16:27; Eph.6:8). 
Don't be fooled into thinking that approval with men means anything to God 
(Rom.1:25; Matt.6:18,19,20; Prov.29:25; Gal.6:4; Eph.6:7,8; 1Cor.7:23; Gal.1:10; 2Cor.5:20; 10:12).

Take note that your reasonable question about the Memorial and Christ's supposed return in 1914 (1Cor.11:26),
was not cared for promptly and by means of scripture by the "elders". 
While Catholic, I received a similar answer from the priest, when I asked why he was called "Father" (Matt.23:9).
Christ's true shepherds actually care for the sheep, and feed them the spiritual food they require, by means of scripture.

Now I have reached the part of your letter where you ask questions. I will copy them here:

"I suppose my question to you is, as I am not of the anointed, should I simply tell them I have changed my mind about reinstatement? Should non anointed be attempting to 'witness' or is that just down to the anointed? Is studying the Bible and your information sufficient?

Please know, that many of the anointed have also "changed their mind".
There are many like myself who have woken up to the error of being slaves to men 
(Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10; 1Cor.7:23).
We cannot slave for two masters (Matt.6:24).
All faithful anointed depicted in the Bible, are slaves of God alone (Matt.4:10; Rev.7:3; 14:1; 22:3,4).

Many have lost decades of our lives while mislead. Most have lost mates, children, and parents, through disfellowshipping;  
for no other reason than loyalty to God as ruler rather than men. (Acts5:29; John16:2; Matt.10:36)
The Bible foretold this would happen under the wicked steward, at Matt.24:49.
These governing ones do not love their anointed brothers in Christ (1John4:20).

The primary responsibility to witness about God, falls upon those who are actual witnesses of God's spirit.
Isa.43:10 is speaking about those "chosen" and invited into the body of Christ. Those consecrated to "declare God's praises", are God's priests (Isa.43:21; 1Pet.2:9,5; Eph.2:10,20-22; 1Cor.3:16).
However, in the time of the end, hearing the final truths mean a life and death judgment for so many 
(Rev.20:12,15; John12:48,49; 16:12,13,14; Matt.10:40,41; Rev.1:1; 11:3). 
If we believe we have discovered the saving truth from a faithful slave of Christ (Mal.2:7; 1Cor.4:1), we may want to support their efforts (Matt.25:40; Rev.22:17). Life saving knowledge carries responsibility (Eze.3:18,21; Eph.4:25). Yet others are not God's chosen witnesses, but are those who support them (Heb.6:10; Zech.8:23; Rom.12:13).
If we stand up for truth, Jesus said he will stand up for us (Matt.10:32,33).

About your question on how much study is sufficient...
I know my place in the body of Christ, and my place in the timing of the End.
I know that I will keep on working to care for Christ's sheep until I can no longer do it.
I also know, that it is not what I say that is important, but what the Bible says.
So, I only write to help explain what the Bible says, and hope that readers will read the scriptures for themselves,
to get the truth from God.
Jesus said to examine the source of what you are offered. There are bad "trees" offering bad "fruit";
and there are good "trees"/prophets, offering wholesome spiritual food (Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20).

If you find a good tree (according to the guidance of Jesus), go ahead and see what scriptures they offer you.
See if all is in harmony with scripture, and pray for guidance (John7:17,18; 8:31,47).

All genuine vessels of truth can help you gain life (John7:38,39; Rev.22:17).
That aid will always be through scriptural interpretation,
  no matter how clever someones powers of deduction or observation may appear.
We don't need human intelligence to understand and obey God (1Cor.1:27,28).
We need His Word and Holy Spirit (John4:24; Gen.40:8).
Yet truthfully,
can we ever learn about God or His Word, too much?
We each do what we can.
I imagine that if I need to work at this every day, and I 
sometimes need to edit my posts in sections and over time...
I expect that readers may need to read them the same way.
It does take commitment to keep up with all Holy Spirit is now releasing 
(Dan.12:4,9,10; 2Thess.2:8; Rev.8:6; 10:7,8,11).

It is always good to find ways to read the Bible.
If you go to this link,
you can even listen to it on your PC, while you do other things.

Only you can choose where and who you will learn from,
and how much time you will give to learning.
That is an expression of your free will and choice.
No one can or should dictate it, 
anymore than someone should dictate to us when, what, and how much to eat.
We form a longing in our own heart for truth (1Pet.2:2,3; John17:3,17; Ps.119:105).

If you do currently choose to limit your learning to what I am writing,
I believe you will have enough to be forewarned as to the present dangers.
Even what I have already written is enough in that sense.
And if any questions should arise,
I am here as a resource for you.
I pray for your progress in the wisdom of God, 
and the strength to apply and practice what you learn.
If you are interested in more information on coping with weaknesses,
here is a link that contains scriptures 
which has helped me and others:

Thank you so much for writing to me Emoji
Love in Christ,

PS... Is it alright if I post this reply?


Her response:

Dear Pearl

Thank you so much for your reply, it is indeed a relief to get much practical advice.  Feel free to make use of it on your site.

For the next couple of days I think I will continue to familiarise myself with all the rest of the information and scriptures through your site, I have much to learn.  To be frank, the biggest fear leaving the wtbts behind is 'ok what next?'. Sticking one's head over the parapet to see what's out there reveals a dazzling array of competing theorists, and sifting and examining them can seem quite daunting - thankfully praying hard and looking up scriptures if cited proves the best lamp.  I was more than prepared to go it alone if necessary but to find a like mind is good!

I am recovering from long term illness so not currently working, so I have plenty of time to devote to study :D   With no framework like the JWs, how do I share good news?  I'd be grateful as to any suggestions of where to start/how to go about this?

Finally (for the moment at least), as the brother from the local congregation is possibly the last JW I shall be able to speak to before being suspected of apostasy, I should like to make sure that I make the most of that last message, any advice welcomed!

Once more, thank you,

Love in Christ,

Xxxx :)

My Reply:

Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your permission, and for your quick response.
"Babylon the Great"....the name "Babylon" means "confusion".
So when we read the warning at Rev.18:4..."Get out of her my people",
we are actually being commanded to leave the "confusion" and go instead to the unchangeable, 
consistent Word of God and the hope it offers us (Heb.6:17,18; Mal.3:6; James1:17).
There is so much confusion out there now, thanks to Satan 
(John8:44; 2Cor.11:13,14,15; 4:3,4; Rev.12:9,15; 16:13).
Sincere and whole-souled prayer to God for His light of truth, is the only way to find it.
He will answer such a prayer (Luke11:3,9,10,13; Mal.3:10). 
But that love of truth will need to be proven through tests (2Thess.2:9,10,11,12,15), 
as we are all exposed to the many lies. 
Many accept them, because of what they desire (2Tim.4:3,4; John3:19,20,21).

I understand your fear of being on your own without the WT organization.
Imagine how those leaving Jerusalem felt, when they obeyed Jesus' warning to flee into the wilderness of Judea (Matt.24:15,16)
He told them, that when they saw the Gentiles posed to attack the City, that they should flee (Luke21:20,21,22,24; Rev.11:2; 13:7).
That warning is also for today (Matt.24:3,13; Rev.20:9; 11:2; 13:7).


Jesus also tells us, that there is a place to gather (Matt.24:28). 
When Luke recorded Jesus' words about this,
he gave us more information (Luke17:26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37). In that account, 
we see how urgent it is that we flee from the "City" of the unfaithful. 
(Isa.1:21; Rev.17:18; 11:3,7,8; 18:4),
Yet we also see that there is a place to flee to, a place to "gather".
It is at the "carcass"/"slain", which symbolizes those faithfully martyred for truth (Rev.6:9-11). 
That place is also to the "mountains of Judea" (Luke21:21; Matt.24:16). These are the faithful anointed (Eze.36:8; Isa.16:1; Dan.12:3; Rev.1:20; Phil.2:15; Matt.5:14,15,16)....
Just as mountains can depict unfaithful called ones (Rev.17:9,10,5) who are harlotS/"hills"/"mountains" under their "mother"/"woman" covenant, "Babylon the Great" (Gal.4:24; Isa.28:15).
The faithful "mountains"/"slain", will provide the spiritual food required (Rev.12:14,6; 11:3,7) during the exodus, despite how much they are persecuted 
(Rev.11:8,9; Matt.10:22; 24:9; Isa.66:5; Matt.12:14; Mark11:18; 12:12; John5:18; 15:18,24,25; Acts5:27,28; John15:20; Matt.10:25; 12:24). ***Please take note within the foregoing scriptures, the identity of Christ's persecutors. They are those religious leaders who are in covenant with God....not secular authorities. 
Jesus said, "If THEY have persecuted me, THEY will persecute you also.".
Who are "THEY" who persecute Christ's brothers? "They" are still the same ones who persecuted Christ...the religious leaders of God's people in covenant.
It was not foreign "false religions" that persecuted and killed Christ (Matt.15:24; John1:11; Luke24:20; Acts2:36) for his bearing witness to truth (John8:40). Christ's brothers are "killed" by the same identity, and for the same reason (John16:2; Rev.6:9; Matt.23:37,35; Rev.18:20,24). Secular authorities have no interest, nor are they involved in this spiritual warfare (John19:6; 18:37,38) (1John4:1,4,5,6,20).

I welcome you to join the forum, whose members also appreciate scriptural truth,
and are obeying Christ's command to "flee" (Matt.24:16; Rev.18:4).
Through it, we gain some fellowship. You will have to submit a request to join, because the forum's sponsor "YUKU", requires it.
If you decide to but have any trouble doing so, let me know.

About "sharing the good news"...
We have two realms to reach...
those still captive inside the Beast Organization,
and those outside who have fled for various reasons (not always due to a love of truth)
who are searching as you have searched.
About those still inside, you know how protected they are from "apostates".
As soon as you are not enslaved to the "Beast", you are marked, and people shut their ears to you.
Despite this, God prompts us to tell them anyway (Eze.2:5,7; 3:7).
If you would like to read about a method by which many have given a witness to members of their own congregations, here is a link:

There may also be a way to reach those we do not know personally.
I will write more about this soon.

Regarding those who are outside,
it is possible to join many forums. Many who visit them, ask questions and seem to want answers.
We can reply to them, offering the scriptures which have taught us the answers.
Some who read my work, have also offered links to articles.
There are vigilant moderators that discourage this, and they often throw out, those who do this.
I am an enemy of many forums, but we are not perplexed as to why this happens.
So, caution and discretion is needed to avoid being thrown off a forum.
If you do witness in this way, develop a tough skin, because the spirit out there 
is cruel and vicious against the truth.
The best witness is a scriptural reply, actually quoting the scriptures. This is why it is important to read all the scriptures in my posts, so that the reason for your faith and hope, are solidly based upon them, and it is from them that you post a forum reply 
(1Pet.3:15; Rom.15:4; 2Tim.3:16,17; John17:17; 2Tim.2:15; 1Tim.4:16).

I have joy in your salvation.
It helps to ease my grief at the condemnation of so many,
including my own children.
May God continue to bless you!
As far as where your study should begin,
may I suggest reading our personal letters here, 
and the scriptures and links my replies contain.
They are tailored to your personal expressions and need.

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