Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Gnashing of Teeth"


How will the unfaithful called ones (weeds) gnash their teeth?

Those who are faithful wheat, have been transferred into
"The kingdom of the son of his love". (Col.1:13; Matt.3:12)
To be in Christ's kingdom, requires we be under his law of love. (John13:34,35; 1John2:3,4,5,6)
I have found scriptures which describe the gnashing of teeth because of anger at someone.
Psalm 112:10 reads:
"The wicked man sees it and is angry; he gnashes his teeth and melts away; the desire of the wicked will perish!"
These ones also gnash their teeth because they hate their brothers and want them dead,
just like the members of the Sanhedrin gnashed their teeth at Stephen when they wanted to stone him to death
"When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him." (Acts7:54)

The weeds in power are already gnashing their teeth at the "apostates" who are gaining attention.
(see also Psalm35:16; 37:12; Luke 13:28)

Because of their hatred toward their spiritual brothers in Christ,
they simply remain in death (1John3:10,14,15; 4:20; 2:9,11; Matt.24:48,49,51; Hosea6:5; Jer.23:29; Rev.11:5).
Of course, this means that they are still enslaved to Satan's authority, corruption, and death (Heb.2:14).
Without salvation, we are all dying and will pass away (1John2:17).
Those who gnash their teeth at their brothers, remain in death, retain Satan as their king (Rev.9:11; Eph.2:2)
and receive death as their recompense, because it is the only reward their chosen father will give them (John8:44; John10:10; Heb.2:1,2,3; 12:25; Matt.23:32,33,34,35,36; Luke21:32,33,31; 1John3:15; Rev.18:24,21; Mark9:42).

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