Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brother Sas

Our brother Sas Gavril is in need of financial support.
This will likely be a circumstance that will continue. Sas has shown himself faithful in caring for the needs of Christ's sheep (
He was working online, exposing the Beasts, before I ever woke up.
For those who feel they can assist in meeting this need,
you can go to that link to find the address and phone number of Sas (He speaks Romanian).
I am preparing to send a donation. I use Western Union, but there is a fee of $11.00.
If all of us send separately, the fee money adds up, and could have been used to send more to Sas.
For those who are comfortable with this arrangement, money can be sent to my Paypal account, and I will forward all donations to Sas along with my own donation, for the one transaction fee.
My Paypal email address, is
I hope that many will help, because even if the individual amounts are small,
they can add up to meet the need without being a burden upon one or two people to fulfill alone.
If you have any questions about this, please contact me by means of the form to the right.
Love in Christ,

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