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The Anointing Teaches Truth--How? / The "Refining Pot" / Who should partake, and when? / "Tribulation"


Below is a correspondence between myself and a newly awoken Chosen One. I post it with her permission, for the teaching benefit it contains, regarding present reality inside the "Beast", and the present fulfillment of God's prophetic Word.
Dear Sister Pearl,
Thank you! thank you! thank you! for all the time & effort you have put into sharing your insight & knowledge, it means so much to me.
I have been broken-hearted for so long over the unabashed worship of the G.B., bethelites & elders.
I have been aware for a long time that the G.B. is not getting any insight from Yhwh due to some things Yhwh allowed me to understand years ago (like the “man of lawlessness", & the "apostasy” as being among his true people, & Jerusalem always represents his true org., not Christendom, etc.).

 I expected that the org would come more into line with Yhwh as the end got closer; but instead its getting much worse very rapidly. Things have become so bad in our area that elders are openly defrauding & stealing from the flock. Even if you have 2 or more witnesses, the other elders close ranks & tell the innocent parties “let yourselves be wronged” (1Cor.6:7).
In saying this, they are admitting that they know the accused elders are in the wrong (1Cor.5:12,13; Eph.5:5,6,7). I know of 3 such separate instances. I was so appreciative of the Org. for teaching me about God that it took these several big shocks to finally overcome my fear of “apostates” on the internet & search for ones like yourself who do have Jehovah’s approval & spirit. I realized if Yhwh has given me more insight than the G.B.; then there must be others as well.

 I’m so excited by all things I have found (Paradise Cafe etc.) & learned in the last couple of weeks but your interpretations seem to resonate the most with me. I still haven’t finished all your articles yet because my time is limited due to working full time, so I want to ask you directly, about being anointed.

When I was young I stopped believing in God because I couldn't believe a loving God would allow the world to be like this. I decided that if I found out God was real & had a reason for temporarily allowing suffering; it would mean more to me than any riches I could ever hope for.
Yhwh reached out to me with dreams of the new system (while I was still an unbeliever) that were so real. In them there was no death or sickness & every living person was a good person. I had not even heard of the "new system" yet, so this was very puzzling to me.

Then when I was 22 I just silently prayed & asked God in all seriousness “Are you there? Are you real?”
He answered me immediately, but not in words. It was like a great light & feeling of love opening up in my heart & mind. It was like he was saying "Yes, I’m here & yes, I want you."
After a little while I started praying to ask, “How do I serve you? Do you have a people I need to join?”
Before long I was offered a bible study by a JW, & quickly recognized it was the truth. When I told the woman I studied with about my experiences; she said it didn't happen, because Yhwh doesn't work that way. Because of her reaction, I realized that it is best to keep these things to myself, because it became obvious; most witnesses don’t experience them.
I had such a strong desire to be with God in heaven & wondered if my experiences meant I was anointed. I had to just keep repeating to myself that this could not be true, because the number of heavenly ones is full. Within the dreams I was given, I was on Earth. I could feel the warm ocean on my legs & the breeze on my skin. Like other JW's; I believed once the anointed left the earth, they were never able to come back. This made me believe that I could not really be anointed.

I've read your article about this false teaching, and how the scriptures show that the 144000 will be on earth as well as heaven (Gen.28:12,13,14; Rev.21:2; John1:51; Heb.1:6)
That makes a lot more sense. I've still got a lot of research to do on this subject, but I’m hoping you could help me to understand more clearly if I have the heavenly calling.
My questions are,
Dare I hope that Yhwh may have extended the invitation to be in heaven to me all those years (29years) ago?
If so, have I now missed the heavenly opportunity because I allowed myself to be convinced the number was full?
Should I & my husband be taking the emblems regardless of what our hope is (as some blogs & forums are saying) because Jesus said "keep doing this in remembrance of me" without any qualifier of if you’re going to heaven?
It has been said in a blog that 1Cor. 11:20,21 may indicate that the early Christians may have celebrated the Lords Evening Meal as often as they met together for a meal, but that the yearly anniversary of Jesus death being the most important one, of course. What are your thoughts on this?

Much love & appreciation,

What follows is my first reply.

Hello Anon,
Thank you for writing me and sharing your experiences.
I am saddened to hear about the abuse of the elders in your area. I know that according to God's Word, this is a common problem and it will intensify, even if there is still an elder here and there who is sincere (Eze.34:2,8,10; 22:25; Jer.10:21; 12:10; 23:1; Micah3:11).
I have elders write to me who are sincere, but who feel it necessary to "step down" in order to keep a clear conscience.
I know the GB is aware of me, having mentioned me at an annual meeting a couple of years back.
I say this because I suspect that with all the available truth now being published by myself and other anointed writers on line;
the WT articles are responding to that good scriptural reasoning, by trying to control the damage the scriptures are doing to their interests.
While many WT articles and assembly talks are basically motivated by this damage control;
their reasoning strays more and more from what is logical, sensible, or scriptural.
This only helps our efforts at exposing them, so that, hopefully more honest-hearted ones as yourself can wake up before it is too late.
They are like a child who is caught in a lie. The more they try to reason their way out of it with more lies, the more ridiculous they sound.

There is so much that I have learned in the short 3 1/2 years since my awakening. I am continuing to learn so much...far beyond what I have been able to as yet, write. We all have so much to learn after coming out of the Org., because Satan's deceptions have greatly mislead us, in his final attempt to prevent the last chosen ones from being sealed.
Yet just as promised by our God, His Will is going to be fulfilled concerning us. With men, this salvation from Satan's grip, is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.
You and I (and many others whose numbers are growing) are proof of that.
Praise to our heavenly Father for His mercy! Just as the good news to be declared in all the earth proclaims (Matt.24:14), "God has redeemed Jacob"! (Isa.48:20,21; Rev.22:1; Ps.36:8; 23:2; 46:4; Prov.13:14; John7:38; Isa.44:23; 49:5,9; Rev.13:10; 18:4; 2Cor.6:17; Isa.61:1; 43:1,2; Ps.66:12; Isa.43:10,21; 27:6; John15:8; Rev.22:2; Jer.31:10,11; Ps.142:6; Isa.51:11).

There are many "inspired utterances" from present "prophets" (1John4:1). The greatest care must be applied before accepting all you find, because of the time of test we are within (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:14). Even though the faithful are promised insight (Dan.12:4,10), they must be refined and "whitened" (Dan.12:10; Mal.3:2,3; 1Pet.1:7; Rev.6:11; 19:8; Rev.3:4; Zech.3:3,4,5,6,7,8,9; Rev.5:6,9) from the stains of WT false doctrine (Rev.3:17,18).
Although the truth will be available in the time of the end, many will not accept or practice it, despite their search for it (Dan.12:4; Amos8:12; 2Tim.3:7; Hab.1:5; Luke13:24; Matt.7:14,21,26).

I say this, because fully learning the Truth the anointing provides (1John2:20,27) is progressive and cooperative. That learning also requires that each one accept God's overall arrangement of the collective anointing (1Cor.12:20,21; Eph.4:11,12). That arrangement gives truth through the working of spirit according to each assignment. All parts of Christ's body will only have truth the anointing provides, if they accept their place within the body (1Cor.11:29,28,31; 12:18). The unified body under Christ, supplies all that is needed to each part. There are different workings of the same spirit through each part (1Cor.12:11,7). The same spirit provides various gifts (1Cor.12:4). We share in the gifts given to each part (1Cor.10:17).
Not all prophesy (1Cor.12:28,29). If one is assigned a spiritual healer, they are not given the spirit of prophecy. The healer learns the truth of prophecy, from one chosen and anointed to be a prophet. The prophet learns the truth of healing, from one chosen and anointed to be a healer.
If one is chosen to be a comforter, that comforter learns prophecy from a prophet, and a prophet is comforted by one chosen to comfort. Each has their own gift by spirit. Yet all learn the truth through the collective anointing of the various parts, according to each of their own assignments.
(1Cor.12:24; 1:29,28,31)

Many today do not accept the scriptural direction concerning how each part can know the truth through the general anointing of the entire body of Christ. Despite the Bible's clarity about these details, most self-assumingly believe themselves to be prophets and teachers (James3:1; 1:19) which appointment comes from God (1Tim.1:7; 2:7; 2Tim.1:11; Eph.4:11; Num12:6; Amos3:7; Rev.22:6). Many are practicing a rejection of God's arrangement, and do not discern the body and it's anointing, as a whole. (1Cor.11:29)
Some even feel that they do not need the other parts (1Cor.12:21) in order to know the truth.
They feel that for an anointed one to direct them to accept the anointed position of another, is to be pressured into being mislead, as 1John2:26 reads. Yet this is not speaking of being mislead by other faithful members of the body of Christ. The identity "trying to mislead" the anointed, is found at 1John2:18,19,22,23,26; 2John1:7)

I have found that most anointed today, do not grasp the following...
The anointing teaches all, through the anointing of ALL parts.
The anointing does not teach each one everything, by each one's own anointing.
If you have been chosen as a healer, you will not have the truth of prophecy by your own anointing. Each part must discern and respect God's arrangement of the Body of Christ (1Cor.12:18,14), as well as their own place within that Body (Rom.12:3,4,5,6,7,8). They must respect the anointing of the other parts for what they provide, and for what they require from the others.
(1Cor.12:4-31 <(click on to read); Eph.4:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13; 1:22,23; 2:19,20,21,22; 3:4,5,17,18,20; 5:15,16,17,21,23,26,27,30,32)
Most anointed today seem to be blind to the arrangement so clearly described within scripture.
Those who remain rebellious, will continue to walk in darkness (John12:35; Jer.13:16; 23:12; Isa.59:10), and fulfill the comment and cited scriptures written above...
["Although the truth will be available in the time of the end, many will not accept or practice it, despite their search for it (Dan.12:4; Amos8:12; 2Tim.3:7; Hab.1:5; Luke13:24; Matt.7:14,21,26)."]

Those dissatisfied with God's placement of them within the body, proudly reject their own assignment to covet another's place (Luke14:8,9,10,11; 1Cor.12:24). It is foolish to compare ourselves to another (Gal.6:4; 2Cor.13:5). God has shown wisdom and mercy in assigning each one's unique contribution to the Body.
Each part must respect His placement...for, God is the Master, not us (1Cor.12:18; Rom.9:20,21; Isa.29:16; 45:9).

The "body of Christ", made up of Christ's chosen brothers,
is to care for each of it's members in love and unity.
(1Cor.12:4,5,11,12,25,27,7; Eph.4:12; 2Cor.5:10;
Rom.12:5,6,7,8,10,13; Col.1:24; Eph.1:22,23)
Each "part" provides something that is needed by the other parts
(Rom.12:5,4; Eph.4:11,12,13; Col.1:28).
Note that the prophets and teachers are for the body of Christ to be built up.
When this arrangement of God is followed,
the body grows toward unity, peace, spiritual maturity, and full knowledge.

If members of Christ's body continue in their assumption,
(that the anointing of each part is sufficient to receive all that is needed by that part),
they will not receive what they need from the other parts. (1Cor.11:29; Rom.13:2; 1Cor.12:18,28)
The anointing of 1John2:20,27 is collective in filling all the needs of all parts.
The body does not need those from outside the body to teach it
(Non-anointed elders/false priests/false prophets/wicked slaves -1John2:26,19,22).
But the body does depend upon it's own genuine apostles, prophets, and teachers,
to be enabled to learn the whole truth. -Eph.4:11,12; 1Cor.12:21,25
and for all parts to be supplied all that is needed
(Eph.4:16; Rom.12:4; Col.2:2,3; 1Pet.4:10,11).


When you read my writings, please be mindful of the gradual spiritual growth (and refinement) of prophetic Truth, as the "eye salve" of Christ does it's work to remove ingrained "wormwood" (Rev.3:18; 2Pet.3:18; Col.1:10; 2Cor.10:5; 7:1; Eph.5:25,26,27). The more recent the work, the more clear and cleansed the truth contained. The WT has made a mockery of "new light", even though the concept is real (Prov.4:18)...
 especially in the time of the end (Isa.60:1; Rev.2:28; Mal.4:2; 3:2,3; Rev.3:17,18; 2Pet.1:19).

When you say you haven't finished all my articles yet,
I just want to be sure that you know where all the blogs are located.
They are listed in my profile, located at
One of the blogs is the Main Page, where an additional ~700 posts are. These can be found in the "Blog Archive", which is found near the bottom of the right side of that Main Page. The Search Box can be used (right side column) for a particular subject.

If while reading, a question arises, or you find an inconsistency in what I say (that later was cleansed), I would appreciate you letting me know so that I can update it. This will help better prepare the "meal" for those who are yet to come. "Dross" must continue to be skimmed off as our hearts and lips are refined by the fire of God's Word (Prov.17:3; Dan.11:35; Jer.23:29)

Regarding your own experiences with what seems to be Holy Spirit...
I tend to believe that you have been chosen, but who am I?
Your own spirit will know this best, as well as specific prayer to God for clarification.
(Rom.8:16; James1:5)

Your experiences seem similar to mine regarding the time you took to "wake up" and the question as to whether or not this deviation from your calling while in the WT, disqualifies you. If you would like to read about how I handled that question of mine, here is a post about it...

More info. on being anointed, can be found in these links:

Information about the symbolic "Great Crowd" (Matt.5:19 B) is also helpful, because the things written in the Bible about this symbolic identity, is about us... the last of the chosen priests who faithfully come through the "Great Tribulation" of the end (Rev.7:9,10,13,14,15,16,17).

Regarding who should partake,
perhaps the thoughts and scriptures contained within these three links will help clarify for you:
It may help to remember that those to whom Jesus said, "keep doing this in remembrance of me",
were not all his many disciples (John11:45,47,48; Luke10:1,2)... but only the apostles whom he "chose" (John6:70; 13:18; 15:16,19; 17:11,12). He said, Luke22:19,20. Compare Eph.5:25-27 and Rev.21:9-10. Those verses should clarify who the emblems are for.

Regarding how often,
Note Luke22:8,11,13,15,20. There Jesus speaks of a "New Covenant". The apostles were Jews, who knew that the Passover was a symbol of the Law Covenant. They would have understood that this Passover would now represent something new. The symbols of Christ's sacrificial death, were still associated with the Passover (1Cor.5:7; 2Chron.35:11; John1:29).
Paul said, "As often as you come together to eat this bread and drink this cup" (1Cor.11:23,24,25,26).
How often did the Jews come together to eat this unleavened bread? That particular ceremonial bread and cup were known to be, for the week-long Passover only, which began on the Day of Preparation, the first Day of Unfermented Bread (Mark14:12), which was the day before the Passover Sabbath.

Christ fulfilled the promises prophesied by the Passover symbols. By that fulfillment, he replaced it with a new meaning....He became the Passover Lamb for the forgiveness of sins (for the first resurrection of firstfruits...those chosen and faithful -Rev.20:6), and the unleavened bread.
I hope this explanation is clear by means of the scriptures it contains.
If any need remains, please write back about it.

I have learned from my own experience with Holy Spirit, that Satan has demanded to test all those elected by God (Luke22:31; 1Pet.4:12,13). As was the case with Job, God allows this (Job1:8,9,12,22), that we might prove worthy of the calling (Luke16:10; Matt.25:14,19,23,29,30; 8:12) in the face of Satan's accusations (Job1:11; 2:5; Zech.3:1; Rev.12:10).
I was clearly shown in vision, that our time in the WT is a test....
a great tribulation. The Greek word there, refers to the beating, threshing, crushing, and sifting of wheat by constraint, restraint, and opposition. This time is also referred to as a period of "labor pains", or "pangs of distress".
2347 thlípsis – properly, pressure (what constricts or rubs together), used of a narrow place that "hems someone in"; tribulation, especially internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined (restricted, "without options") and carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of a tribulation, especially when feeling there is "no way of escape" ("hemmed in"). (Rev.13:10; Eze.22:29,28; Isa.5:7; Rev.14:19)

[By contrast, 4730 (stenoxōría) focuses on the external pressure exerted by external circumstances.]

Therefore, we are not without explanation as to why we were drawn into the WT. Satan has baited our test with the only thing that draws the chosen.....Bible Truth (Ps.119:103,72; 19:9,10).
The best way to get someone to swallow 1/3 poison, is to put it inside something attractive (Rev.8:10,11; Jer.23:15).
The decades we spent inside the abyss of the WT was not without purpose (Isa.59:10,19,20,21; Eze.14:21,22,23; Rev.6:8; Prov.17:3). When our loyalty (exclusive devotion) to the God of Truth is finally fully tested;
like yourself, we "wake up" and realize something is wrong, and we must act.
Despite the anticipated losses, those of faithful heart loyally cling to the God of Truth. Like Christ their exemplar, truth is more precious than our own lives (Mark8:35). Like Christ, truth is more precious than conformity to those who rule over God's Chosen Nation under test (Matt.23:13).
(Luke19:41,42,43,44,45,46; Rev.13:17,7)

Only those who make it all the way through the gamut/refining pot/crucible, are sealed as sons/heirs of God's Kingdom (Acts14:22; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:14; 24:13).
Your awakening is precious to me, and I welcome you to the realm of the sober ones in the wilderness. This is also a place of test, but that progressive testing takes on a new stage. We must now ride with Christ for truth, making his way straight (Mal.3:1; Rev.17:14; 19:11,14).
Christ's inspection is now. The Great Tribulation is now. Armageddon is now.
I hope you soon come to these clear realizations by means of the scriptures contained within posts which cover these subjects.
Please continue to read and learn by means of those scriptures.

The 1935 doctrine of the 144000 already being full, was a wormwood lie aimed at suppressing the true remnant. There are many such suppressing false doctrines. You will recognize many as you progress. If any questions or needs arise, please don't hesitate to let me serve you, as our Father sees fit to enable me to do.

Lastly I will say that I rejoice in you, and pray that more will awaken and join us at the marriage feast.
Love in Christ,


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