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"Lot's Wife" / Manifestation of Christ's Presence

Dear Pearl,
Thank you so much for your letter. It means so much to me. Your account of your thoughts & feelings when you "woke up" are so much like I felt after deciding I would never go back to the Kingdom Hall (except for Memorial Nights)  a couple of years ago. We still get a phone hook up which I qualify for because I have health issues, but I would still be going to the hall if things were as they should be.

I feel that Jehovah has forgiven me because like you, I ripped my heart apart for a long period of time & begged for forgiveness. I asked God to remember the person I was when I first learned of him & show me how to get back to having a proper relationship with him again.
In response he gave me much more insight on the scriptures (though nothing like what you have) & he directed me to ones like you, which is an even greater blessing.
I truly do feel like I'm being spiritually fed properly now. I'm still not sure if my invitation to heaven still stands but I feel a need to take in more knowledge before I ask for a clear sign.
I also need to make some more decisions after learning more, like should I even give up getting the hook-up to the hall to fulfill the command to flee Jerusalem properly. Perhaps I will get more holy spirit then & that will answer my question about my calling.

I feel only agitation when I listen to the meetings because of the outright flattery to the elders & the giving praise to the G.B. for things Jehovah wrote in the bible!
Thank you for the info. on partaking. That really clarified things for both of us, & I have 2 months till the memorial to work out where I fit in.
I would feel honored if you use any of our communications for the benefit of others.
You are so right about recent WT's being damage control.
Last Sunday's study article was particularly obvious. I think you said something in one of your posts about the revealing of the man of lawlessness by the breath of Jesus, and that this happens through the articles being published by the true anointed. It was something about the revealing of Jesus through the revealing of the sons of God (sorry if I'm getting things wrong, it's all so new, I need to reread so many articles but there's also so many I haven't read that I can't wait to get to). Could all this have something to do with the sign of Jesus coming in/with/on the clouds of Heb 12:1 the great cloud of witnesses?
I've been obsessed with those scriptures for years because I so long for that day to arrive.

One more thing, could I please ask that you pray for me & my husband. I am in need of courage. I'm a bit apprehensive about what the future might bring (not over Jehovah's judgments, only over more ostracism). I had no idea until a couple of weeks ago that you could get disfellowshiped for disagreeing with doctrine on a couple of issues, even if you still believe in Jehovah & the Bible.

During my first 2 years in the Org., I was on the most incredible high because at last I could believe in God. But depression gradually crept in as I started realizing things weren't right. Most JW's in our area are multi-generational. They are the worst idolaters & don't accept people who don't conform to the details of all the "arrangements". I always refused to do some things, like learn the names of the G.B. members. As a result, my time in the Org. has been one of extreme!!! trial.
As a result I'm still feeling quite fragile even though I've been strengthened a lot by the new things I've learned. It's so exciting to me that you say we are in the great tribulation & Armageddon (I read your article & agree with your reasoning). I wondered about and expressed this to friends a couple of years ago, because anyone who is half decent spiritually, is getting so much persecution & ostracism from those within the Org., especially from those from the old families.
Thanks again, & with much love & appreciation,

Dear Anon,
I am encouraged by your correspondence. I am grateful for your good company. Although we are willing to obey God even if we are all alone, we are comforted by those of like faith and integrity.
I hoped to share some thoughts with you about what you said;
"after deciding I would never go back to the Kingdom Hall (except for Memorial Nights)".

I do realize that you are eager to learn and make up for lost time, and that you are learning.
I hope I am gentle enough in what and when I offer you what I have been given. But what I have to share with you about this comment of yours, is so very important, that I feel it cannot wait.

First off, please do not conclude that I am feeling superior, or thinking any less of you by the scriptural thoughts I am about to share. I tell you, that I myself, as well as all other chosen ones I know, have made the very same mistake. Prophecy reveals that all the members of the remnant need this discipline. I have no sense of superiority in this matter. What sense I do have, is urgency for your spiritual welfare, especially now, as the Memorial approaches.

Due to the propaganda of the "WT", we came to believe that the Organization's arrangement of the Memorial was the only way we could partake properly. Their arrangement was contrasted to rituals like the Catholic Mass, in which "holy communion" is offered many times daily, and includes the false doctrine of the "trans-substantiation" (a supposed transmutation of the bread and wine, into the literal body and blood of Christ). Comparisons between the scriptures and such obvious falsehoods, make the arrangement of the Org. seem fully appropriate in God's estimation. Yet in reality, the "WT" arrangement of partaking, is still against the direction of the scriptures, but for other, less discernible reasons. How so?

We are commanded, as partakers, to gather together (1Cor.11:33; Matt.18:20; 24:28). The reality of the Memorial at the kingdom hall, is that the partakers (spiritual "Jews") are kept isolated from one another, within a crowd of those not partaking (spiritual "Gentiles").
Satan has deceived us into the illusion of thinking we are gathering, due to the counterfeit gathering of spiritual "Gentiles", which gathering we see with our physical eyes. To think this is the arrangement approved of by God and Christ, is to be deceived. This is obviously not a gathering of the "members" of the Body of Christ. The overwhelming majority of partakers within Kingdom Halls, partake in isolation from other partakers.
Satan is well aware of the power of Holy Spirit, which Christ grants to a gathering of chosen ones, and the result this gathering will have (Matt.18:20; Eph.4:13,14,15,16; 1:9,10). Small wonder Satan has designed this arrangement, and caused it to be implemented through the wicked steward. Those who yield and submit to this false direction, have lost God's approval and must repent (2Cor.11:3,4,13,14,15,19,20; 2Thess.2:1,2,3,8; Rev.2:2,20,22; 17:2).

What do we do when we perceive that what we have practiced is not correct,
directed, nor approved of, by God?
Although the principle offered below is derived from a different subject, we can extract a truth and proper response for application to the Memorial arrangement of the Org...

When Jesus spoke to us about "catching sight" of the "disgusting thing"...
he clearly directed us to "flee" (Matt.24:15,16).
At Luke 17:31,32,33; we are given additional direction about how we should view our "fleeing"...

"31 “In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise the one who is in the field, let him not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it."

Jesus is not talking about taking along with us, literal physical goods. He is speaking of beliefs, doctrines, identification, and un-scriptural arrangements. We must leave these "old" things behind, in order to be directed by God's Word, instead. Otherwise we will be incapable of accepting the unsealing of God's sacred secrets, due to be revealed in the time of the end (Mark2:21,22; Dan.12:4; Rev.5:2,7; 1:1; John17:8; 15:15; Amos3:7; Rev.11:3).
As Jesus said, new wine must be put in new wineskins...
new information within new understanding (Matt.9:17),
even though it is human nature to resist such a change (Luke5:39).

This standard and principle also applies to the Memorial arrangement. When new understanding guides us to cleanse our actions, we must conform our decisions and deeds to the way the scriptures direct (not the Organization).

These two links contain related thoughts...

Jesus knew that apostasy would be rife in the time of the end (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13; Matt.7:15; 24:24,25). He knew we would need to cleanse ourselves of those false doctrines (Mal.3:3; Rev.3:18,19); and if we were to be (or accept) the final "two witnesses" of truth (Rev.14:5; 11:3,4) we would have to leave those demonic expressions behind (1Cor.10:21; 2Cor.6:17; 10:5,4) (1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15). We can not take them along to the gathering of the eagles (Luke17:30,31,32,37; Matt.25:10; 22:8).
The Chosen who have already left the WT have been partaking outside for a few years now.
Yet we do this in "the straits of the times" (Dan.9:24,25,26,27), meaning that the protective "wall" of Truth is being rebuilt during Armageddon....which is the final battle between truth and lies (Rev.16:13,14,15,16; 17:14; 12:10,11; 11:7; 6:9,10,11; 19:11,14; 12:7; 2Cor.10:3,4,5).
The way in which this spiritual war is discernable (Luke17:20), is through the disagreements occurring between those genuinely invited (1Cor.11:18,19; Mal.3:18).
This is the sifting "tribulation", which separates the "wheat" from the "weeds"...those guided by scripture, and those not (John8:47; 7:16,17,18; 12:48).

We are now in that final harvesting by means of Christ's messenger "angels", who present God's Word of Truth (Matt.13:37,38,39,40,41,42,43; John4:36; Luke10:2; Heb.2:16; Rev.11:5; Jer.5:14; 23:29; Hosea6:5; Mal.4:2; Isa.58:8; Rev.11:11; Hosea6:2,3; Job29:23; Heb.12:22; Rev.5:11; Deut.33:2; Ps.50:2; Dan.7:10).
Each invited one decides within their heart, how they react to the scriptures presented by God's prophets/messengers/angels, who are heralds to the anointed congregations (Rev.1:20; 1Cor.14:33; Ps.89:5; 149:1; Rev.5:9; Acts7:53). That sword of God's word within the mouths of His chosen prophets (Heb.4:12; Rev.13:10; 19:15; Isa.51:16; Isa.49:2; 1:9; Matt.10:20; Eph.6:17; Jer.25:29,30,31; 1Cor.14:32,33) will discern their heart, and make manifest the quality of their own work/teaching/faith (1Cor.3:13; 1Pet.1:7; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Rev.11:5; Prov.17:3) and whether or not it is in harmony with God's work (1Cor.12:18; Phil.2:13; Job.33:28,29,30; Eph.1:11,10).

Our heart is the source of what we teach and do (Matt.12:33-37). This is the basis for the final judgment at Armageddon (Dan.7:9,10,13,14,18,22; Rev.20:12; Luke17:20).
We have been taught many lies concerning these subjects.

Just as you have asked...
The "manifestation of Christ's presence" (2Thess.2:8) will bring forth the breath/spirit of Christ's mouth to destroy the man of lawlessness/anti-Christ. God's chosen vessels of spirit (1Cor.3:16; Rom.8:9; 2Cor.4:7; 5:20) have received of Christ's breath (John20:22,21). These battle together with Christ (Rev.19:11,14; 17:14) and are the "clouds of heaven" upon which, Christ arrives (Heb.12:1; Jude1:14; 2Thess.1:7,10; Matt.24:30,31; 25:31; Rev.3:21; Matt.24:27,28; Luke17:24; Job37:3,4,2,11; Heb.12:25,26,27,28,29; Ex.19:16,17; Heb.12:18,19,22,23; Rev.4:5; 5:6; 4:5,6; Eze.1:13; Zech.4:2,10; Rev.8:5; 10:3; 11:19; 16:18; 10:7,8,11).
I know that the meaning of these scriptures and their applications today are deep, and I hope to be able to explain them in more simple terms, soon.

What I am trying to say for now, is this...
how you decide to partake this year is a crucial decision.
Will your actions be directed by the scriptures, or by misleading demonic expressions?
(1Tim.4:1; 1John4:1; Rev.16:13,16)
Please consider completely leaving behind the table of demons (1Cor.10:21; 6:15,16,17).

I send out a Memorial invitation each year.
Each year there are different ones who participate, depending upon who desires to partake with me. This group changes from year to year as the separation between the two camps clarifies and widens. It is quite distressing to watch some of those invited...leave the Org. only to later leave the scriptures due to pride in their own thinking, or a continued clinging to what they left behind.
(Dan.11:33,35; Luke17:31,32)
I want you to know that you are most warmly welcomed to partake with me this year (if prayer and your conscience leads you to do this). I do not know how many there will be as yet.
We have previously done this gathering over the internet or phone conference.
If I find that some participating this year are close geographically, I may attempt a physical gathering for the first time.
Do you mind telling me your general location (assuming you are considering partaking with those who have already been "killed" in this war, due to their loyalty to truth Rev.6:9,10,11)?
I realize I have only replied to the beginning of your last letter.
You have said so many valuable things.
I will continue to respond to them soon.

Love in Christ,


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  1. The Angel who told Lots family to not look back was not just about ,"dont use your eyes to look back". It was about what was in your heart that would determine where your eyes were directed. The city they were fleeing was morally debased on every level. Lots family saw how their neighbours tried to assault their angel visitors. The place was full of moral filth. It was because of this that Jah was going to destroy the city. So the Angel was trying to show them by his words:"there is nothing here for righteous people"...which is why the Angel was sent. To save righteous Lot and his family. Once we realise there is NOTHING of any moral value within the Org any more,can we long for what is there? Its a hard thing to come to grips with,because while there we learned about Jah and met so many wonderful people. But satan has corrupted the GB. People there are effected by that. "the love of the greater number will cool of". Jah is saying flee a place where apostate anointed have corrupted Jah's sheep. As Lots Wife DID NOT LEARN,there is nothing there anymore that should keep us there. Its full of moral abuses coming from those in the GB who are morally corrupted in every way and unfaithful to their sacred calling. The GB is called a Harlot for good reason !

    Lots wife looked back because on some level,she wanted to be there. There were things she still loved about that place,even though they were all nearly mollested if the Angels didnt step in. We are in danger of being morally mollested by the Lies and attitude of the "WHORE of Babylon" who runs the Org. Once we realise there is nothing there anymore for righteous people,we know we cant look back. We have to educate ourselves to see this,and once we do,we know there is no way we can look back and that we have to flee with Jah angels(messengers/anointed) who are taking us by the hand(with spiritual warnings) to flee in a hurry from a city that will be destroyed because the Apostate Anointed "Governing" the Org are fully and morally corrupted,which is effecting the people there. Our heart can longer see any spiritual thing there that can keep us close to Jah. The lies taught are keeping Anointed there asleep..and those waking up are "killed". So like the city Lot fled,it will be destroyed. Once we know WHY,then our hearts tell us,there IS NOTHING there or righteous people...and we must leave without even a thought to looking back. Thats because there is truly nothing of spiritual worth there any more...and if we stay,we are in serious spiritual and moral danger. Even the sacred memorial is tainted by the "whore's" influence. There really is nothing there for our hearts to long for !


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