Sunday, January 5, 2014

How many religions can fulfill Revelation's prophecies today?

TWO UPDATES/ADDITIONS to "Disgusting Thing Rationalized"
as follows:

In the parable about the wicked steward, Jesus makes clear that this unfaithful slave, is one of his genuine chosen ones, ruling over Christ's own household of chosen slaves (Luke12:42,43,45,46,47,48). The wicked steward of Christ's illustration is over the household of God, and is genuinely anointed. 
(I don't know of any other religious organization, that is directed by those claiming to be Chosen Ones, nor other religious organizations even understanding this divine assignment and designation). 
  Fulfilling these traits (of being a ruling chosen one, "star", "lamb", false "Elijah", "Harlot", "Steward" appointed and anointed by Christ -Luke12:42), is a requirementin order for a religion to fulfill Revelation's prophecies. -Rev.8:10; 9:1; 1:20; 13:11,15,13; (2Kings1:10; Matt.17:3; Rev.11:2); Rev.17:1; Deut.31:16; Isa.1:21; Jer.3:1,3 -lit."forehead"; Rev.17:5; Eze.16:17; Rev.13:14; Eze.20:30; 23:30; Hosea6:10; 9:1)
The possibility of an appointed steward's unfaithfulness (as described by Jesus) must be considered, before assuming that a "Steward" should be supplied an army of "Gentile" helpers, if these are being used to beat a steward's fellow slaves. Today's "helpers" are exclusively supporting the Steward, and are being used to suppress his brothers in Christ. Such an arrangement is not of God. Such an arrangement is not scriptural, other than it's fulfilling the foretold traits of the wicked slave, "Harlot", "false prophet", and "fallen star".


The reality today, is that Non-anointed elders (spiritual Gentiles) do not assist the "least" brothers of Christ.
Many of these least ones are being judged and expelled (by these spiritual Gentiles) for loyalty and subjection to truth, rather than to the false doctrines of the current steward. These loyal brothers of Christ are being "beaten" for this faithfulness (Luke12:45,46; Hosea6:5), through the Gentile so-called "helpers";
   ...just as the last Harlot persecutes God's witnesses (Rev.17:3,6)
through the Gentile Wild Beast she rides (Rev.17:3; 11:7)
  (...and as the "false prophet" persecutes through the Gentile Wild Beast --Rev.13:11,15,17,7; 16:13) 
  (and as the "fallen star", "Wormwood", persecutes those not yet sealed, through the "locust-scorpions -Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,3,4,10)
  All these illustrations depict the very same identities...
each illustration providing additional details about each of them.


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