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A Second System to End

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A comment which was left:

The correct translation of Matt.24:15 is 'when you see the abomination of destruction standing on holy ground ---'

The 'abomination of destruction' is the Roman army surrounding Jerusalem in the year 67. Then the army was standing on 'holy ground,' ready to attack the city.

But this attack did not materialize, and the Roman army withdrew staying away exactly for as many days as Jesus had predicted. But when it returned three years later, in the year 70, not only were all of Jerusalem destroyed. More than one million Jews were slaughtered in Jerusalem alone and one hundred and ten thousand were taken to Rome as slaves. Also some of the towns that Jesus had condemned, were destroyed by the Roman army at that time. But those few who had heard Jesus' warning and heeded them, fled to the mountains. And therefore all of Jesus apostles saved their lives.

Do not mix this incident with Jerusalem being trampled by those of the peoples 'until the day, period, of the peoples are over.' This did not happen until the six-day war in 1967. Only then did Jerusalem come under Jewish rule.

I hope this was clarifying.

With best regards from
Arne Jordly

My reply:

You are viewing things physically (1 Corinthians 2:10,13,14). Literal, physical, geographical Jerusalem today, is insignificant (Acts13:46; Rom.9:25; Matthew.21:43; 23:37,38; Romans 11:7,8,10,17,19,20,21,22; John4:20,21,23).
The "Gentile/nations times" are still with us, dominating the "Israel of God" New Creation (Romans 9:6; Romans 2:28,29; Gal.6:15,16; Dan.8:10,13). The "Lord's people" are equated with "the starry host of the heavens". The Israel of God are the "stars of heaven" being trampled and thrown down....the ones mentioned at Dan.8:10 (Dan.12:3; Phil.2:15; Dan.8:12; Rev.12:4; 11:2; Matt.5:13). Revelation was written AFTER the fall of Jerusalem. This fact clarifies the reality of a further fulfillment. These "stars" being thrown down and trampled then, are not the Jewish citizens of literal physical Israel (Gal.4:24,25), but are the SPIRITUAL descendants of Abraham (Gen.26:4; Gal.3:28,29; Rom.2:28,29; Gal.4:26,28).
The "holy ground" is the Temple; and is made up of the Chosen priesthood (1Cor.3:16; 6:19,20; Rev.5:9,10; 1Pet.2:5,9; 1:15,16) under the New Covenant.

If you are able to see Christ's warning as extending to the conclusion of the New Covenant (rather than only applying to the conclusion of the Old -Matt.24:3),
and that the removal of the physical temple of apostasy (John2:19; Matt.24:1,2), was only a shadow of the removal of a spiritual temple of apostasy (1Pet.2:5; Luke17:1; 1Cor.11:19; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13; Matt.18:6; Rev.8:8) at the conclusion of the New Covenant (Matt.13:39,40,41,42,43; Dan.12:3; Isa.60:1; Dan.7:18; 2:44);
then you will perceive it's present prophetic application to the final harvest of members of Jerusalem "above" (Gal.4:26) and her symbolic son (Rev.12:2,5; 2:26,27).

Just as the first show of dominating THREAT by the Roman Gentiles did not end in death, so too the prophetic fulfillment (Rev.9:5,6,10; 13:7). Just as the return of the Roman Beast did result in death, so too it's prophetic symbolic fulfillment (Rev.11:7; 13:15; 6:9,10,11; 20:4).
Yet this final death is required, and is in obedience to Christ's warning directive (Mark8:35; Hebrews.13:13; Romans6:3)
It took 3 1/2 years for the original return.
The prophetic one takes "3 1/2 times" (Dan.12:7; Rev. 12:14).
The book of Revelation was written after the fall of literal Jerusalem.
(This gives Rev.11:2; 12:14  fulfillment beyond the fall of Jerusalem's temple in 70CE)
If you look at 2Thessalonians2:4 you will see that the Man of Lawlessness fulfills your description of "the abomination of destruction standing on holy ground". Yet this Gentile power "standing" "where is does not belong" (Mark 13:14), is not done away with (Gentile times ending) until Jesus returns (2Thess.2:8).


A note to readers;
I have received distressing news about my medical condition. I am not sure yet, how I will choose to handle it. I am seeking further medical advice. My condition has caused a recent drop in posts, but I am determined to keep working to offer spiritual provisions as best as I am able. Please pray for my continuing ability to do God's will, as I also pray for you.
Love in Christ,


  1. If i remember correctly,the Roman army invasion progressed enough that they broke into the wall of the temple,but did not destroy it.

    They profaned it by the breach of the Temple,though not destroying it. As gentile non anointed they had no place being there.

    But from that point,it showed Jah was no longer backing the Temple arrangement because the gentiles had entered it. It was a symbolic act Jah allowed because it was a warning of its complete destruction.

    Today,the gentile non anointed have not destroyed the "Temple",they have breached it to be in a place where they ought not be. The unfaithful Living "Temple" Invited members of apostate anointed in the GB still exists. They have allowed the breach. They organised it because it was a symptom of their apostasy. To deliberately organise gentiles into a place where only Invited Anointed should be is a very serious thing. This shows Jah is no longer with this arrangement and is symbolic and a warning of its impending destruction,just as the breach in ancient times by the Roman gentiles was a warning.

    But when the GB False Prophet is directly put into the lake of fire,the unfaithful invited Temple members and arrangement of gentiles,is destroyed. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you for your perspective about the warning presence of the Gentiles breaching the Temple in Jerusalem, and how this relates to the spiritual fulfillment today. When we understand how God feels about the non-anointed elders robbing the anointed of the priesthood; we can connect this trespass with a loss of God's favor and spirit, and the destruction to come upon the "Temple". For those wishing to see these things clearly, and by means of scriptures, this article may be helpful....
      Regarding your last comment; It helps us to remember that the book of Revelation is entirely symbolic. The "Lake of Fire" spoken of at Rev.20:10,14,15; 19:20; 21:8 is also symbolic. It represents God's pure truth, which condemns and destroys all those who disobey it in defiance. How does it destroy? Is that destruction physical? Well, yes and no.
      How so?
      All those who do not receive salvation (by being written in the "Lamb's scroll of Life") are already dying through sin (Rom.5:12).
      God does not need to destroy them, because they are already as dead (Rom.8:6,13). Only those blessed with God's approval will live eternally (1John2:17).

      To receive God's permanent condemnation, is to die eternally. This is what the "Lake of Fire" represents. It is condemnation by means of God's Word...which IS FIRE (Heb.12:29; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Rev.11:5). There is a first death, which is physical and from which we can be saved (Matt.10:28; Dan.12:13). Then there is the "second death", which is God's condemnation from which there is no salvation. Life resides with God. He chooses who receives it, based upon His own righteous judgments.
      The fire of God's Word has two effects, based upon our heart.
      If we are submissive to God's Word and inclined toward it's discipline, the fire will refine us for salvation. If we are "stiff-necked" and rebellious, that same fire will burn us up. It all depends upon whether our heart and it's works are "fire resistant", or corrupt (2Pet.3:7,10,11,12; 1Cor.3:12,13,14,15; Matt.7:24,25,26,27).
      Those due God's condemnation through His final prophets (Rev.11:5,3,4) are judged by their reaction to that truth from God's Word.
      They are as good as destroyed, because they are left UN-saved and UN-written in the Lamb's scroll of Life (Rev.13:8; 20:15).
      Yet the "Lake of Fire" into which they are pitched, is not speaking of a literal, visible destruction. It is speaking of God's condemnation and the death that will result. These are abandoned to Satan...the god and father the unfaithful have unwittingly chosen. If Satan will bring about a premature death to these, this remains to be seen. Without any intervention, they will die anyway at the end of their lifespan.

      Another thought to remember is that the Wild Beast (as you say, the "arrangement of Gentiles") and the false prophet, are "still alive" when thrown into the "Lake of Fire", so that they are physically alive to experience their condemnation (Rev.19:20; Isa.30:33; Rev.14:10; Matt.8:12; 13:42,43). This is because they are still functioning while being condemned by God, which condemnation occurs by means of God's true prophets (Jer.5:14; Rev.11:5; Jer.23:29; Hosea6:5; Luke12:46). This has already begun fulfillment.
      Thank you for your fine contribution to truth,


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