Thursday, November 21, 2013

What corrupts?



Regarding Matt.15:11; Jesus was teaching the Jews that physical statutes matter less than the spiritual lesson and application behind the symbolism of those physical statutes. He was speaking of literal material forbidden foods as not defiling a person's spirit. 
this "river" being disgorged from Satan's mouth (Rev.12:15) is neither literal nor material. As the rest of Revelation's symbols, it has spiritual meaning and application. Taking Satan's misleading deceptions into ones self (as the "earth" does, at Rev.12:16), does corrupt/"lead astray". Scriptures which shows this, are 2Cor.11:3; Gen.3:1,3.
So we see that physical food does not corrupt the spirit, but improper spiritual food does (Rev.8:11). When the "earth" "swallows" that which comes from Satan's "mouth" (lies), the "earth" is corrupted (Rev.13:8; 1Cor.10:21; Rev.16:13,14).
Your point of Matt.15:11 though, does help to enforce the proper interpretation of what happened in Eden.(

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