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2nd Follow Up to 1914


Second Follow-Up to 

as follows:

Dear Timothy,
I see that you tried to reason with "Bro DW".
 I thought since he did not get the sense of the scriptures I cited, but rather dismissed what they reveal, I would follow up for you.
He stated:
"So think about it why does the labour pains have to come before the birth on two SEPERATE women?? One's an Earthly Woman and one's Heavenly. Two separate women have two separate labour pains and two separate births. According to Pearls argument everyone on the Earth is exactly the same age, all women get pregnant at the same time and all give birth at the same time. Nonsense!!!
It's the birth of the heavenly woman that causes the labour pains for the earthly woman. The labour pains are for the "Earthly Woman" not the Heavenly one!!"

I will remind you of what Rev.12:1,2 actually said...
"Now a great sign appeared IN HEAVEN: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. 2 Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth."
The labor pains, according to God, take place with a heavenly woman, not an earthly one. This does not necessarily mean that those who represent this woman on earth (but whose names are sealed in the heavens) do not have labor pains, because they do (Gal.4:19; Luke10:20; Isa.4:3; Heb.12:23)...but it does mean that these labor pains of the Kingdom's birth (it's completed number of kings), are not coming from Satan's world. (John18:36; Job.14:4)
DW then quotes Rev.12:13 to refer to the same heavenly woman as being on earth...
Rev 12:13 
"Now when the dragon saw that it had been hurled down to the earth,+ it persecuted the woman+ WHO GAVE BIRTH to the male child".
He is absolutely I showed you in the scriptures above, that those anointed who are sealed into this covenant, become this covenant above and represent it on earth (Gal.4:26; Rev.3:12; Isa.42:6; Gal.4:19; Luke10:20; Isa.4:3; Heb.12:23).
Again, these labor pains are found within these holy ones who are of heaven (see previous scriptures)....not within Satan's world which is where "JW's" point to for the fulfillment of these "labor pains".
(The problem here is being caused by viewing "heaven" and "earth" as physical places. This fleshly view is not accurate, and prevents understanding of these symbols.)
If you would like to read about the actual woman having these labor pains, and how the scriptures identify the spiritual fulfillment of the signs Jesus gave, I hope you will consider

DW then says...
"Can you really argue that Satan being in heaven prevented Jesus being crowned King?? How can you say that the basis of Jesus kingship is Satan being hurled to Earth?? It's nonsense!! This is what the scriptures say is the basis of Jesus Kingship"

Of course, I never said these things. As you know, I did say that while Satan retains his power, he has opposed the 144000 from being sealed and crowned, which is after all, what the true arrival of the kingdom awaits (Rev.6:9,10,11; 7:4; 14:1). Satan has demanded to test these ones. "Day and night" he makes accusations against them, trying to prevent their receiving the final seal of God's approval (Rev.12:10,17; Luke22:31; Rom.16:20). Jesus is not awaiting his own crown, but rather the crowning of the full number of his co-rulers (Rev.3:11; 20:4).
Poor DW is still under Satan's blinding curse, as an agent of the Abyss (Rev.9:3,11).

As far as DW refuting the order of Satan's needing to be cast down by the chosen ones, before the kingdom victory for the completed 144000 (not the victory for Christ), the scriptures cannot be nullified (Rev.12:10,11). Christ has already been ruling over his body. But he has not been ruling over everything since 1914, without all his co-heirs. DW has totally forgotten that the kingdom administration is more than Christ (Eph.1:9,10,11,12; 2:6; Rev.14:1).

I hope that if DW's ignorance caused you any confusion, that these new thoughts may help to clarify. We should pray for all those still captive and under the power of this Great Tribulation of spiritual test, that as many as possible will be saved from this blinding deception, which has been delivered by means of Satan, the false prophet, and the wild beast (Rev.9:1-3; 16:14; 13:11-18; 2Thess.2:4,9; Matt.24:4,5,24,25; Rev.13:7).


  1. Interesting that caught my eyes of what you said the great tribulation is spiritual test! I have a few question for you. If one does good and tries their best is serving Jehovah God but fails in the flesh does that mean they have failed spiritually? Like the mind is fighting over the heart, hope I'm making sense of this question.

    1. Thank you for your fine question. To answer it directly, I would need more information. For now, I will do my best to cover your question in a more general way.
      Please explain what you mean by "fails in the flesh".
      Please also explain how someone can fail in the flesh, and yet "does good and tries their best",
      in light of Eze.33:17,18,19,20; Gal.6:8; 1Cor.9:27; Gen.4:7; and Phil.4:13

      When the mind of Christ (1Cor.2:16; 3:1) gains mastery over the heart (which it must -Prov.4:23);
      we no longer walk according to the desires of our flesh (Gal.5:16,17,24).
      This is not to say that this accomplishment is easy, nor instantaneous. But you seem to feel it is impossible to achieve, and that the dichotomy is an acceptable condition. This is not so.

      For those who are still slaves of their flesh, the following article contains many of God's comforting words that may help motivate and encourage you to ask for what you need to gain victory, if this is what you truly desire.

      Love in Christ,


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