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"Invited "stars" (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) can indeed fall (2Pet.3:17; Rev.12:4). The fallen star (Rev.8:10,11) is handed the "key" to the "abyss" (Rev.9:1). The abyss is the power of deception and death. By accepting that "key" to the abyss from Satan it's "king" (Rev.9:11; John8:44); this fallen anointed one enters a covenant with Death (Isa.28:15). That covenant is called..."Babylon the Great". Covenants are symbolized as "mothers" (Gal.4:24,26; Rev.12:1,2,5; 17:5).

To have the "key" to the Abyss, is to acquire the power and authority of the "kingdom of this world" (1John5:19) by those who "mind the flesh" (Rom.8:5,6,7,8). Jesus was tempted with this very key (Matt.4:8,9) by means of the one who holds it (Rev.9:11; Heb.2:14 B). This key to deception and death enables it's holder to ensnare and take captive, those overcome (Rev.18:23; Ec.7:26; 13:18,20; Col.2:8; 2Tim.2:26). We are set free from this power, by the truth (John8:32,36; 2Cor.3:17; Gal.5:1; James1:25). Christ and his faithful possess the power and authority to free from deception and death (Isa.49:9; Luke4:18; John9:39; Rev.3:7,8; John15:15; Luke24:45). This power is also symbolized by keys. When given the "keys to the kingdom" (Matt.16:19), one acquires a sharing in the authority and power of the "kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ", by means of the one who holds them (Matt.28:18) and are given to those who "mind the spirit" (Rom.8:1,2,9,11). It means to acquire authority over and above the key to deception and death (Luke10:19; Rev.1:18; Heb.2:14; 1Cor.15:56,57) and it's agents (Rev.9:10; Luke10:19; Eze.2:6,7,4,5)
 (Rev.11:15)   (
The fallen star of Rev.9:1, is "Wormwood" (Rev.8:11), who is present today as the last harlot daughter of Babylon the Great [Zech.2:7; Isa.1:21; Jer.2:20; 51:12,13; Rev.18:4; 17:1,5 (]...the false prophet (Rev.16:13)...and the two-horned wild beast of Rev.13:11. These are all symbolic parables about the same identity."


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