Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broken Searchbox

Google has assigned some of their construction tasks out to external designers. This has resulted in certain features (designed by those external vendors) to become defective. This failure of design, due either to incompetence or intention, has resulted in the search box located on this page to fail to operate. I know many of you rely on this tool to research the resources at this blog. I myself often use it. Until it is (hopefully) fixed, I wanted to post information about an alternative resource to accomplish the same results.
Instead of searching here, you can go directly to Google search:

Once there, insert your question, subject of search, or scripture of interest, AND ADD "Pearl Doxsey".
The results should actually be richer than what is offered on this page, because it will include not only what is written on this page's posts; it will include my other blogs, and comments posted over the internet. Most things in the results will not be closely related to your query, but if you click on results directly written by me (URL results starting with "4woman" or a page that starts with "pearl-") you should get a direct answer.
If you do not get what you feel to be a satisfactory answer,
then please use the contact form on this Main Page, and submit your question to me directly.
If I have written about it previously, I will refer you to that.
If I have not written about it previously, I will try to cover it then, and reply to you accordingly.

Sometimes we meet with difficulties. But with perseverance we are not deterred.
Love in Christ,


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