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"Who Really Is?"

All inside the WT seem to take for granted that the GB is the "faithful and discreet slave" of Matt.24:45. Of course, this is what is taught as fact.
But in order to devote our primary attention to Christ and not to men,
we should go back to his words regarding this DS (discreet slave).
Did he tell us anything that would lead us to believe that the GB is the DS?

The first thing about Christ's words I would like to highlight, is that, he puts the identity of the DS in question form.
"Who really is like a wise servant who can be trusted? His master will put him in charge of his other servants. He gives them their food at the right time." (Matt.24:45)

Why did Jesus ASK US who this faithful servant is?
Could it be because we should be asking ourselves this question, rather than assuming who it is?
Why would we need to ask, and not assume?
40 verses previous, Jesus tells us ...
"Many men will come in my name. They will say, "I am the Christ" (discreet anointed slaves) ("Christ" means "anointed"). They will fool many people. Jesus answered them, `Take care. Do not let anyone fool you." (Matt.24:5,4)
Clearly, Jesus is saying that there will be imposter "faithful and discreet slaves".
These counterfeits are mentioned again, 20 verse before...
"People will come and say they are the Christ. People will come and say they are prophets. But they are not true. They will show big signs and do wonderful things to fool people. They will fool God's chosen people if they can. Watch! I have told you these things before they happen." (Matt.24:24,25)

So we see that there was a good reason for Jesus to put the identity of the DS in question form.
If we DON'T ask ourselves "who REALLY is the DS", there is a good chance that we may be deceived by the imposters,
since Jesus said that their disguise would be so convincing, that "even the 'chosen' can be mislead" (Matt.24:24).
Note too, that Jesus confided that "Manywould  be mislead (Matt.24:5).
In fact, the "false prophet" of Rev.13:11 is said to "mislead the entire 'earth'" (Rev.13:8,3,12; 12:9) and by means of the Beast it uses, IS able to "conquer" "the Holy Ones" (Chosen) (Rev.13:7; Dan.8:12) (2Thess.2:4; Dan.8:11) (Dan.8:10; Rev.12:4) "throwing/casting truth to the ground".
So, this "conquering of the Holy Ones/Chosen" is not physical, but spiritual, by means of the debasing of truth, and a believing of the lies of the "false Christs/prophets".

Do you see how all this is connected to our assumption of who the DS is? Do you see why Jesus warned us, and puts the identity of his true messengers in question form?
We are therefore warned (Matt.24:25), against assuming who the DS is.

Jesus followed this question by showing us that indeed, there lie two choices before the Stewards...
But only one of those choices was to be faithful and discreet.
Note Matt.24:48-51...
"But suppose that servant is wicked and says to himself, ‘My master is staying away a long time,’ and he then begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards. The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Yes, Jesus speaks of another option before this option all JW's seem to discount when it comes to the GB.
But if we respect the loving warning Jesus gave, we will hold any prophet up to this light, and determine with caution,
"who really" is faithful and discreet, and is not demonstrating the traits of the wicked slave. 
(1John4:1; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14)

If we use this test given us from Christ, and apply it to the do they stack up?

Do they have reason to subscribe to the words, "My Master delays."?
(Are they not the source of the doctrine of 1914, which has proven pre-mature? -see 2Thess.2:1,2,3)
(All anointed have "fallen asleep" due to this false doctrine -Matt.25:5)

Do they "beat their fellow servants" by persecuting other anointed who are serving Christ by bearing witness to truth?
(Trust me, and thousands of other former witnesses who have been disfellowshiped for apostacy. Why have many suffered the loss of their children, marriage mates, grandchildren, homes, and careers? Not because they have violated scripture, but because they are being shunned, ostracized, and unlovingly persecuted for being in subjection to truth. These refuse to be in subjection to false doctrine, those who promote it, and those who enforce it. -John16:2)

Do they "eat and drink with confirmed drunkards"?
(Since this is symbolic, a brief answer is not possible. But if you recall the alliance between the Harlot and the Beast...and the False Prophet and the Beast;
therein lies your answer.)

How would we know the genuine faithful and discreet slaves of Christ? What are their traits?
We are only told at Matt.24 that they are offering "the proper food at the proper time".
The proper food, is the Truth. The proper time, is when that truth is vital to know and obey.

But there are many scriptures which describe the "fine fruit" of the DS, which distinguishes their identity from the impostors (Matt.7:20).
We are also told, that in the time of the end, all the faithful, die for truth (Rev.6:9,10,11; 12:10,11).
How do the "discreet slaves" fulfill this? Are the GB fulfilling it?
Revelation is symbolic, so we need to see who are dying a symbolic death, how this occurs, and why.
Are these "deaths" in reality, the "beating" by the "wicked slave"/false Christs?
Those guilty of the "deaths" of the faithful, are exposed as being the Wild Beast, the Harlot, and the false prophet (Rev.11:7; 17:6; 13:15).  We are told that they "kill" the faithful because they preach the Truth of Christ, refuse to idolize the Image of the Beast, or accept the brand-mark (666) of the Beast's deceptions (Rev.13:14,15,16,17,18; 20:4; 6:9).

I know the comment you made about this subject was brief, but the implications of it are profoundly relevant to all searching for the genuine discreet slaves of Christ in the time of the end, as well as searching for the "proper food at the proper time".
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  1. Hello Pearl,

    This seems to be a continuous topic of conversation for Witnesses and ex-Witnesses alike. But in my opinion the faithful slave is the one Jesus appoints over his household (Genesis 41:39,40). Jesus appoints this one over his household because this is the "one" that will provide food to eat for when the serve famine that is prophesied, comes to pass (Genesis 41:30-32). 'They" will provide food at the proper time. The proper time, is during the 7 years of severe famine.

    1. I have written a reply on the Main Page (10/25/13), at
      Thank you for expressing your faith,


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