Sunday, October 13, 2013

Globe Gadget

Dear Readers,
I am considering adding a tool to my Main Page. I need your opinion and feedback.
The tool will show on this front page, 
(the bottom of right side column)
where all readers are located. Each reader will be added to the list after the tool is working and they visit again. Past readers will not be counted or listed.
From the time that the new tool is installed, it will keep a cumulative record of the locations of all visitors.

The advantage of this tool, is that it will let readers know if a fellow reader is near them.
It will also give readers who believe in what they are learning here, a picture, of how important their personal testimony is within their own part of the world.

The possible disadvantage is that it will reveal the country and town of all new visitors.
If anyone does not want their location made public,
please contact me using the form on the right side of this page.
( my email is )

If anyone... (even one person), tells me that they do not want this new tool put here for their location to be listed, I will not do it.
I will wait one month to hear from all readers, before this tool is installed.
If anyone objects to this tool afterward, simply write to me, and I will remove it.
That removal will erase all recorded locations of visitors.

I realize that there are many languages who read here. For this reason, I will make the required response, simple. When you write me your letter, simply put "NNN" if you do not want your location listed. You are welcome to write more if you wish, and I will translate it for myself to read.
In the event that I receive one such letter in the month to come, I will not install this tool.

Thank you for your assistance in this decision,


Because of the concerns of another anointed one, I have not installed the tool, but instead, have provided a forum. It is located at:
Regular readers are welcome to join.

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