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Two Witnesses / "Elijah" AND "Moses"



Am I right in understanding that the "last Elijah" is the same as the two witnesses, or is it one particular anointed one?


Elijah, is a symbol...a description. "Elijah" is a role, with a particular sort of spirit and power that such a designated prophet possesses (Luke1:17). That role prepares for the arrival of God's salvation, by calling God's people into cleansing repentance (Luke1:16) (elijah-turns-hearts). "Elijah" prophets arrive when God's people have descended into apathetic wickedness and unfaithful idolatry. The original Elijah opposed the worship of idols; he was persecuted for rebuking Ahab and Jezebel (king and queen of Israel) (1Kings18:4; Rev.17:6; Rev.2:20). 
Elijah's name means, "My God is YHWH". His exclusive devotion to the true God, contrasted the leaders of Israel and the bad influence those leaders were having on all of God's people.

If a human is chosen to have the name of "Elijah" written upon him by God's spirit, that human is the only one who knows this assignment for a certainty (Rev.2:17). When the prophets Zechariah and John were asked to identify the two witnesses ("Moses" and "Elijah") and their supporters, they were unable (Zech.4:1,2,3,4,5,11,12,13,14; Rev.7:13,14).

Those who accept and receive these Elijah Heralds, and respond to the call of "Elijah" prophets, can benefit from that Herald's instruction, warning, and the redemption to follow, rather than suffer abandonment to the Destroyer (Matt.10:41; 25:40) (Jer.29:19,18; Rev.6:8) (Luke17:26,27,30,34,35; 13:35 A; 2Chron.15:2; Jer.17:10; 1Kings9:6,7,8,9) (1Cor.5:5; Rev.2:20,21; Jer.12:7; Isa.2:6; Rev.13:8; 14:11,10,19).

When you ask if "Elijah" is the same as the TWO witnesses....
I would tell you that Elijah is only one of the two models/roles for the final prophet/witnesses.  These witness prophets (however few or many they literally are), must fulfill both the roles of Elijah and Moses.

The final two witnesses must accomplish the assignments of both Elijah and Moses (Rev.11:3,4).
This is according to the vision Jesus Christ gave to Peter, James, and John (Matt.17:1,2,3).

The vision took place on heavenly Mt. Zion (Matt.17:1,5; 2Pet.1:18; Rev.14:1; Heb.12:22,23,24),
which represents the kingdom administration in which these rule with Christ (Dan.2:35 D; Isa.2:3; Micah4:1). 

(This mountain is not an earthly Organization made of Non-anointed.)
LINK:  "YHWH's Genuine Mountain"

Although only Elijah is specifically mentioned as "restoring all things" (Matt.17:11) by returning the repentant to loyalty to God and the path of life (through a restoration of the relationship between spiritual fathers and sons) -(more about this later);
the role of Moses is also vital to the survival of those subjected to the Great Tribulation.


Because God's people are being held in captive slavery, by the very Gentile god they are idolizing.
(Rev.13:7-8,10; Luke 21:24; Rev.11:2; Dan.8:11; 11:31) 
(abomination-causing-desolation) (disgusting-thing)

So much could be written about why these two men become models for the final prophets.
Simply put, it is because the combined situations and responsibilities which these two ancient prophets faced,
is identical to the final situations and responsibilities the final two witnesses face. The circumstances God's people were in at the time of Moses....AND in the time of Elijah,
are the combined circumstances God's people are in during the last days.

This is why Elijah alone was not seen working with the glorified Christ.
Moses took an equal part in the discussion and work these two coordinated with Christ (Matt.17:3).

We are told that "no one can number" those Chosen priests who remain standing/spiritually survive  the Great Tribulation (Rev.7:9,14; Matt.5:19 B). None would survive (Luke13:23,24; Matt.19:25,26; Ps.94:17), if God did not limit the lethal power of it's ability to deceive and conquer (Matt.24:4,22,23,24,25; 2Cor.11:3,14,15; Col.2:8; Jer.31:11; Ps.35:10; Rev.12:15,14).

Rev.7:9  infers that the number of final witnesses, is open to any and all who are called and chosen to do this work. Other faithful anointed can join in with those already performing the roles of "Moses and Elijah". Any who accept this truth (Matt.10:41,40) can help to witness about it to yet others (Rev.22:17). 
The "two witnesses" identity (Rev.11:3) is a reference to the roles of the prophets Elijah and Moses (Matt.17:3). The role of Elijah Herald is fulfilled by those chosen by God  to have Elijah's "spirit and power" (Luke1:17; 1Cor.12:18) (including John the Baptist --Matt.11:14), to prepare the way of the Lord just previous to his arrival. 

(The "four angels" are awakened/released, by the "voice" of the "slaughtered" Herald "Elijah" -(Rev.6:9; 9:13,14; Ex.30:1,2,3,6; Matt.25:6) (horns = kings -Dan.7:24; Rev.17:12,14; 1:5; 5:10) ("horns of altar" are sealed anointed kings -Rev.9:13; Eze.1:5; Rev.4:6)

In doing the preparatory work of "Elijah" and "Moses", the "two witnesses" prophets (1Cor.12:29; 14:32; Rom.12:6) call for God's chosen people (Chosen Ones) to awaken and be set free from slavery to men (Moses) (Rev.13:16,17,7,10; 9:5,10,14; Isa.42:7; Nahum1:13,15; Ps.107:14) and to leave the idolatry of the Wild Beast (Elijah) (Rev.13:8,4,15; 2:14,20,22; 17:2; 18:9) and it's table of demonic lies (Rev.16:13,14,15; 1Cor.10:21,22; 2Cor.6:17; Rev.18:4; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.12:15; Rev.13:2,11,17).


LINK: (What does "buying" and "selling" mean?)

Those Chosen ones who do heed this call, will join the "cloud"/forces of Christ, and do their part in the war of God (Rev.6:9,11; 19:14,19; 16:14,16; 2Cor.10:4,5,3; Rev.12:7; 2:26,27; 12:10,11; 17:14) becoming angelic messengers throughout the earth ("four angels") 
(four = North, South, East, West). 

These faithful assist, join, and support the work/testimony, of the symbolic prophet Moses/Elijah Heralds. The basic message is to "come out" of captivity (Matt.25:39; Ps.142:7; Isa.51:14; John8:32,36; Col.2:8; 1Cor.7:23; Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10)
and to worship God alone, in defiance of the end-time idolatry, rife among God's Chosen remnant (Rev.12:17; 13:1,3; 20:4; 14:6,7,8,9,10). That extended supportive testimony, through these faithful "angelic" messengers, "gather" those who respond, to the spiritual provisions of the "two witnesses".

You may have been taught that Jesus Christ himself fulfilled the future "Moses" prophet-role. Yet Jesus denied that (Deut.18:15,18 (John16:13); Deut.18:19; John1:21,25). He was neither "Moses" nor "Elijah" who were prophesied to arrive. 
He is the "Seed"/"Emmanuel"/Only Begotten Son of God (Gal.3:16; Matt.1:21,22,23; John3:16; 1John4:9), whom Moses wrote about (Gen.3:15; Luke24:27,44). Both "Elijah" and "Moses"  are co-workers with Christ (Matt.17:3).

What can we learn from the foretold manifestation of the second "Moses"?
What were the traits of this major prophet?
How might those traits be manifested in the time of the end?
Moses faced defiant and threatening Gentile rulers (Ex.9:1,13,14; Rev.11:2; 13:7,10; 12:11; 11:3,7,8), in order to encourage the humble among God's Nation to set themselves free from oppression (Ex.6:6,7,8,12; 12:21,24,28,42). 
[Note: The Israelites were in captivity for 400 years. That is, 144,000 days. (400X360=144,000)(360=Jewish year) Can you perceive the role of captivity in sealing God's administration? Deut.4:20; Isa.48:10; Rev.3:18; John8:32]
Moses directs the saving of the "firstborn" of Israel from the destroying angel, by directing God's people to avail themselves of the life saving sacrifice of the "Passover Lamb" (1Cor.5:7; Rev.5:6,9,10; 14:1; 7:14; Heb.11:27,28; 12:23; James1:18; Rom.8:23; 2Thess.2:13). He leads the trusting through the Wilderness of testing; all the while providing living water from stone (Num.20:10,11; Matt.3:9; Luke19:40; 1Pet.2:5; John7:38). He begged God for provisions (Matt.6:11; John6:31,33,35), so that "bread from heaven"...the Holy Manna of immortality that prevents starvation during spiritual famine, was provided (Rev.2:17; 3:20; Luke12:37; Isa.65:13; 55:1,2,4; Rev.22:17) (Rev.6:6,5; 13:17).
He held a rod of authority over the Nations (Ex.7:19; Rev.2:26,27; 16:3), forcing them to release their slave-hold on God's People.
He pours out the plagues to come upon the oppressors of his brothers (Ex.11:1; Rev.15:1).
On God's power, he conducted the faithful through the "Dead (Red) Sea"/"abyss"/"deep", so that Satan's wormwood waters would not overwhelm and swallow them up (Rev.12:15; Isa.43:2; Ps.32:6; 66:12; Rev.9:14; 16:12; Isa.11:15; Ex.14:16). 
He directed that the pursuing enemy be destroyed/condemned, by a sweeping flood of those same demonic waters of death, and the Gentile agents who carried them (Ex.14:26; Isa.28:17,18,19; Prov.21:15; Rev.12:15; 9:2,3; 17:12,13,15,16,17) by exposing the lies of the enemy (Ex.8:6; Rev.16:13; Rev.8:10,11).
Yet Moses did nothing, without the backing and lead of God and His "Word" (Ex.3:12; Zech.4:9; 2:9; Mal.3:1; Ex.13:21,22; Rev.22:5; John1:1,14).

All the details of salvation which were channeled through Moses, are apparently needed in the time of the end. Hence, "Moses", is one of the two symbolic roles for the final prophets. He stands as one of their models, along with Elijah.

Both Moses and Elijah were given divine authority to judge, by literally bringing down "fire from heaven" (2Kings1:12; Ex.9:23).
The final two prophets also have this power, in a spiritual sense (Luke9:54; Rev.11:5; 20:9). Those judged by the fire of these prophet's words (Rev.11:5; Jer.23:29; 5:14; Hosea6:5; Dan.2:45; Isa.51:9,10; Zech.11:14; Luke12:46), are judged by a fire sourced in heaven (Luke12:49,51; Zech.11:14; Jer.5:14; 1:9; Isa.24:6; 2Pet.3:12,7).

LINK:("Fire From Heaven")

The original Moses and Elijah performed their miraculous divinely bestowed authority with dramatic visibility. The final Moses and Elijah do so spiritually, but the results are just as powerful and conclusive. This is why the final testing and the arrival of the kingdom to follow, do not come "with striking observation" (Luke17:20,21; Matt.16:3,4; 13:10,11,13,14,15,16; Isa.44:18; Hosea14:9; Dan.12:10). 
Physical men who seek physical signs will be mislead by the god of the physical world. These will be unable to perceive the spiritual signs of the Master's arrival for inspection (1Cor.2:14,13; John14:17; 1John5:19) (1Thess.5:2; Mark13:35,36,37; Matt.24:32,33,42,43,44; Rev.3:3).


Only those who "keep awake" in constant prayer and exclusive devotion to God, will escape this stealth arrival of the Master's inspection (Eph.6:18; 1Thess.5:6; Rev.16:15; Luke21:34,35,36). Jesus well knew that his inspection would take place while Satan (the thief) dominated Christ's household of sheep, through the wicked steward (John10:10,1,8; Luke12:42,43,45,46; Rev.13:11,15).

The final tribulation is so effective (Joel2:2; Matt.24:21; Eze.14:14), judgement will be passed while most are unaware and asleep. These are consigned to "smashing" as unfit vessels (Isa.30:14; Rev.2:27; 12:5; Dan.2:44; Jer.23:29)
That day is here (Rev.6:4; Eze.9:1-11).
When Satan brings the final destruction,
only those marked for life will pass over into the Kingdom.

The role of Elijah is also needed now. He restores spiritual parents and children to accept and care for each other (Luke1:17; Mal.4:6). Most are blind to this present need, or the absence of this care.
(I will soon write an article about what this means.)

As to whether or not Moses and Elijah are literally two persons,
I honestly do not know. I doubt it, since Revelation is symbolic. God is at liberty to choose as many or as few as He wishes to fulfill this dual role, and would approve and support any whom He chooses to do it.

At first, I expected that the entire "Great Crowd" of last day faithful priests (remnant) were the manifestation of these two roles. I also thought that all sealed 144000 who will rule with Christ, are symbolized by them also. While this may be so, Truth has adjusted me to understand, that "not all are prophets" (Eph.4:11,12; 1Cor.12:4,5,7,10,11,12,14,18,20,28,29). Not all prophets are given the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah. 

On the stage of Revelation, Satan is waging war with the "remaining ones" of the woman's seed (Rev.12:17). The Great Crowd is said to come through the Great Tribulation (Rev.7:14). Jesus pointed to that time as the end of a system of worship (Matt.24:21,3,14). 
     (There are two covenants which end...the Law Covenant and the Covenant of Promise. They end through fulfillment.)
       LINK: Does the "New Covenant" end?
Therefore it would seem that the "two witnesses" active amidst this specific period, are specific prophet(s) raised up by Christ, to deal with that specific end-time scenario (Rev.11:3). The prophet Zechariah refers to these two as the "capstone" of the anointed temple priesthood. That stone would be the last to be installed (Zech.4:14,7,9; Eph.2:20,21,22; 1Pet.2:5,9; 1Cor.3:16).

Certainly, not many Chosen Ones presently fulfill the responsibilities of "Moses" and "Elijah" prophets. Almost all of them, even among those whose lives were sacrificed for loyalty to truth, are not even aware of the spiritual war around us, nor have they identified their enemies as the scroll of Revelation does. How then, can they wage an effective spiritual battle, or guide others to safety?
I still await a prophet to be found by my personal search, who embodies the scriptural definition and spiritual description of both these two prophets. 
Yet I do know that God's prophetic words will come to pass.

God spoke directly to Moses and Elijah, through God's mediator and spokesman, the "Word".
Based upon my own search, I know of no one else who has had such contact with the Lord as yet, nor been directed by him to accept this capacity, in imitation of Moses and Elijah.

No one can check God's hand. He can do as He pleases. (Isa.40:13; 46:8,9,10,11,12,13)
The presence of these two symbolic roles in the time of the end tells us much about the last day circumstances of God's people (Mal.4:5; Deut.18:15; Matt.17:3; Rev.11:3,4; Zech.4:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14; Ex.29:7; 40:15; Dan.9:24,25,26; 12:7; 2Thess.2:4,8).

The scriptures tell us much about the responsibilities of these "two" (John8:17). But true to Rev.7:9 (Matt.5:19 B), no one can say how many will arise to fulfill the work of these two prophetic roles...
whether one person, or thousands.
Time will tell.
If and when I learn more about this, I will post it.
Thank you for your good question,
Love in Christ,


  1. Greetings!
    The "two witnesses" means the entire "body" of chosen ones while they are still on earth, at "that day" .
    They are "two" : Elijah and Moses
    The scripture says the Elijah (the prophet) will be sent first : Malachi 4:5 .
    Let us compare this with Jesus words: Matthew 24:31
    "And he shall send forth his angels with a great sound of a trumpet,
    and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."
    Elijah (the prophet) = "his angels" or messengers (plural, so, more individuals)
    then, Moses = "his elect" , all the members of his "body" living now on earth / again, "Moses" is not only one man.

    Regarding of one member of this little group known as "Elijah" , I gave my testimony already
    (see also the last post on this thread)

    With love
    in Christ,
    rus v.

    1. There is a response for you, at


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