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The "Marriage Feast" --- When?


There are still many who equate the timing of the marriage feast (and the "Bride" readying herself), to the timing of the "marriage of the Lamb".
This is based upon the assumption that the modern custom of
"Marriage/state license-first"..."Wedding reception/feast-afterward"
and that this modern custom is the key to interpreting the illustrations of Christ, which were in reality, NOT based upon modern custom, but upon Jewish custom and upon the scriptural standard of "marriage".
To clarify,
here is post, based upon a past comment I left regarding this subject:

"Do you assume that modern customs apply to the Bible's "Marriage feast"?
God considers marriage when the man and wife become one flesh (Mark.10:7,8,9; Gen.24:67) and according to ancient Jewish customs (which these prophecies/illustrations follow), the marriage feast occurred prior to the actual marriage (Gen.29:21,22,23; 24:67; Mark10:8).
Regarding your first scriptural reference, I suggest you read on in the context....(Matt.24:26,27,28).
The "coming of the son of man" is the same event as the arrival of the bridegroom (Matt.25:6)...
This is when each Invited One chooses what the source of their light will be. This choice seals them as slaves of Christ, or slaves of "those who sell". If they turn to Satan's agents for light, they become slaves/"sons of the wicked one". 
The wise virgins enter the spiritual feast, the "door is shut", and these faithful receive the unfurled scroll of Revelation. That knowledge prepares them to battle with Christ at Armageddon, against Satans lies and the agent-messengers of those lies. During this time, the feast is offered to all, for all hearers to accept or reject. This is the second phase of the Great Tribulation. (The first phase only tests the unsealed anointed -Rev.7:3; 9:4; 8:7)
This is previous to the actual consummation of the Lamb's "marriage" in heaven, and is before the end of Armageddon, and is
NOT the same as the later arrival of the Kingdom when Armageddon is finished.

At Matt.24:27,28 it says that the light which comes from Christ will shine like lightening to cover the earth...
and then he compares it to "eagles" gathering to a "carcass". (see also Luke17:23,24,25,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37).
That "lightening" is the knowledge which his spiritual soldiers/angels/faithful anointed, have been armed with at the marriage feast. (Nahum2:4; Ps.148:8; 18:12; Heb.12:1; Matt.24:27,28)
Verse Luke17:24,25 says that Christ will first be rejected when he arrives.
This rejection is through the treatment of his prophets, during the rejection of Christ's message ("lightening"), through them.

It seems you are saying that the Kingdom paradise comes to planet earth, at the same time as the marriage feast.
This is not correct. Tell me, why does Luke12:35,36,37 show Christ returning FROM (AFTER) the marriage feast when he examines his slaves....and yet Matt.25:10 shows that the examination and judgment comes BEFORE the marriage feast?
Why do you assume that seeing the kingdom of God is the same as gaining acceptance into the marriage feast?
Do you think that those who partake of the feast (Both good and wicked -Matt.22:10) are the same as the bride herself who receive the first resurrection... the heirs of the kingdom who are born again as spirit?"

The "marriage feast" is an outpouring of spiritual food...the mysteries of God fully disclosed to God's prophets through the opening of the seven seals by Christ. Any "leaving the city" are invited to this feast upon the testimony of the "slain" "two witnesses". This is previous to the Bride's Marriage/"adoption" by God (in heaven), and the arrival of the Kingdom to earth (Rev.21:2,3,4,5).
The Kingdom Covenant which is seen descending from Heaven (when the Kingdom begins),
is "prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband", because that Kingdom Covenant will not be consummated until life is brought to the earth, during the "second" resurrection (Rev.20:4,5).

I do realize that these interpretations and their scriptural basis, have not been taught to "Jehovah's Witnesses". The scriptures which address these things, were misapplied and miss-interpreted.
But now is the time for "scrolls to be opened" (Rev.20:12)
For any questions which may arise due to the statements above, please use the contact form on the right side of this page.
Love in Christ,

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