Monday, September 2, 2013

Love expressed in Deed

Our dear anointed brother in Romania is still in need of financial support.
The need there is genuine.
As his basic needs are met, he shares with others in need.
If you are able to help relieve that need, to the extent that it is not a burden (2Cor.11:9; 9:7; 8:12,13,14,15),
then please do so (James2:14,15,16,17; Matt.25:35,36,40; 1John3:17; Rom.12:8,9; Heb.6:10).
Any amount will help, especially when it is combined with the modest help of others.
Alone we may be small and weak, but together we can make a difference.

I have found that "Western Union" works best for this.
It is very easy and simple to use, even if it sounds complicated.
Be aware that they may charge about $11 for the transfer.
The name is Sas Alin Gabriel.
The currency there is RON.
You will need to write to him to let him know the ten-digit number of the transfer,
as well as the amount sent.
In this way, with proper identification, the ten digit ID number, and knowledge of the amount sent;
he will be approved by "Western Union" to receive your gift.
To send him the needed information,
(the 10 digit number and the amount sent)
his email is
For any who need more info.; please contact me, using the form on the right side of this page.

To find a "Western Union" near you, here is a link:

Thank you for anything you are inclined and able to do.


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