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Readers may remember a warning I sounded about  2 1/2  years ago....
...that the day would soon arrive, when Rev.13:16 would attain a complete fulfillment.
Here is an excerpt from the article,
"What is the Mark of Condemnation, and What is the Mark of Survival?"
located at:

"Take comfort in what I clearly see ahead of us now.

"When to get out" of the Organization has come into focus.
We and all those still in association with God's wayward people,
will be given a clear choice as to who we belong to...
who it is who directs our mind and actions/deeds... ("forehead" and "right hand" -Rev.13:16) ...the truth, or the lie (Deut.6:8,2; 11:18; Ex.13:9,16)  (Rev.13:16; Isa.44:20; 2Thess.2:9,11; Isa.28:15).

The Great Test will come upon all God's people (Luke21:35,36; Rev.3:10) after the last of the 144,000 are sealed (Rev.7:1,3; 9:4; 8:7).

Do you remember the test that came upon Daniel's three companions? They would not bow down to the golden image. We too, must resist the clever test of idolatry that will come upon us. (Ex.20:3; Isa.42:8; 48:11; Dan.3:1-30; Rev.13:14,15,8)

When we openly speak truth, the elders take note ("locust-scorpions" of Rev.9). Then we will most certainly be identified as those who are slaves of YHWH, and not slaves of men. This will initiate our disfellowshipping. But we will soon be pointedly asked to be in complete harmony with, and in subjection to, "those taking the lead"/"The FDS"/"God's channel"/"The 'Spirit-directed' Organization". We will pointedly be demanded to be in full unconditional subjection to the Organization in both our thinking and our actions. Such enslaved subjection must be reserved for our Heavenly Father, His Holy Word (Ex.34:12,13,14; Isa.42:8; 43:11; Rev.4:11; 22:9; Deut.30:20,19; Ps.18:25; 119:105,104,102,106; 2Tim.3:16,17; Deut.28:58,59; Rev.16:1,2; 2:22; Jer.5:21,22,23; Acts20:32)
and Christ (2Cor.11:2,3; James1:1; Gal.1:10; Rom.6:16; 1Cor.7:23; Col.3:23,24).
This Organizational demand, is in reality and defined by scripture, a demand for worship. To comply, constitutes idolatry (Rev.13:15,8). This Great Segregating Test, is the very essence of the Great Tribulation.
Christ knew the climate that this choice would be made under (Luke12:51,52,53; John12:25; Matt.10:37).
Despite the shame and pain taking our exclusive stand for God and His Word will entail, it will also bring me (and I'm sure many who are anxious about their possible association with BTG) comfort and relief, when we consider our standing before God... to finally have this corruption amputated from us. (Matt.10:37,38,39; Luke12:8; Rev.18:4) Our singular focus through this Great Tribulation must be exclusive devotion to Our Father in Heaven (Luke9:62; 17:32)

I believe that the time for this "killing" of us has come. The numbers of those being expelled for loyalty to God rather than men, grows each day. We must speak the Truth (Eph.4:25; John4:24). This includes warning all we can to have exclusive devotion to YHWH and Scripture. We will then be pointedly asked about the object of our loyalty, devotion, and dedication....and must make our stand manifest as being devoted and dedicated to God alone; and not to the men who have been unjustly appointed above us (Rev.13:15; 2Thess.2:4; Isa.23:8; Rev.9:7; Matt.24:15; Mark13:14). The day will come when this choice will be thrust upon God's people, when there is no longer any room for neutrality. When we are forced to choose between slavery to God or slavery to Men, we will each be sealed as slaves of those who brand our forehead, depending on how we respond to this future test, and which master we choose. (Rev.13:16; 14:1; 17:5; 20:4 B; Rev.3:12)
Please take note of Rev.14:9,10; 13:8.
Refusing to submit to the Organization when this test surfaces, means the difference between our eternal life or death.

The present flavor and content of the WT study articles, clearly shows that the Organization is moving in this direction. They are pressing loyalty to the Leaders, and a despising of all those not in complete subjection to, and harmony, with them. Loyalty to God is not relevant to these men.
This climate, is a backdrop for the expulsion/spiritual "death"  which I point to, as expressed above."


(End of Excerpt)
The purpose of this post today, is to declare that THIS TEST HAS NOW ARRIVED!



ALL active anointed ones, including the governing body of "Jehovah's Witnesses" must keep a scriptural principle in mind. This principle must guide not only all anointed who proselytize, but also all those who seek spiritual guidance and understanding from such ones.
That principle is found at 1Cor.3:4,5 and 1Cor.1:12,13.
Today there are many professed Chosen Ones who are actively preaching. There is the small committee of men on the "governing body", Robert King, "Perimeno", "AblebodiedMan", Sas Gavril, myself, and others.
Should any among those who learn from these; surrender their loyalty, faith, or power of scrutiny over to any of these?
Should these prophets or teachers expect such from recipients of their spiritual provisions?
What did the scriptures above assert?

Within those contexts, both 1Cor.1:11 and 3:3 point to the result of such baseless loyalty.
All chosen slaves of God have no reason to boast (1Cor.4:7,6; Luke17:10),
...much less to covet the trust and loyalty, which belong exclusively to God and Christ.
As 1Cor.3:7,11,21,23 and 1Cor.1:13,25,27,28,29,30,31 express, only the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ deserve the loyalty, faith, praise, and thanks of all. Those faithfully feeding Christ's sheep, do so by provisions from the Master. He deserves the credit.

The most any Chosen worker of God should hope for, is that those who receive what is offered, will realize the true source of all light, truth and life. The wise anointed servant prays that all possible, will give their loyalty, faith, praise, and thanks
to God and Christ, by a readers respect of the scriptures offered.
Our hope and goal should harmonize with that of God's and Christ's...
(John14:6; 6:44). According to those scriptures, the only spiritual destination is God and Christ, to whom all Chosen slaves should point their students to.
Still within that context, Paul exposes the spiritual condition of any who lack this mature perspective...
Such ones are exposed as lacking spiritual maturity, and a deviation from the direction of Holy Spirit.
Simply stated, no Chosen One has been granted by God, to assume God's station;
nor to deflect the glory, praise, loyalty, gratitude, credit, obedience, submission, or trust
that are due God and Christ alone.
(Psalm62:2; Prov.3:5,6; Luke4:8; Mark12:30; Psalm118:8,9; Isa.2:22; Psalm146:3; Jer.17:5; 1John4:1; Col.3:23,24)
Woe to the one who expects anything else,
and woe to the one who gives anything else!
(Eze.14:10,8; Rev.13:8)

Yet we know that such jealous conflict between teachers whose doctrines lack harmony, is inevitable.
Matt.18:7; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13,14,15; Matt.24:4,5,24,25
1Cor.11:19; Mal.3:18; Rom.8:19

Does this mean that there is no station due a faithful slave of Christ?
No. God has designated positions within the Body of Christ
(1Cor.12:18,28; Heb.13:17,24; Eze.3:17; Acts20:28; 1Cor.16:16; 1Tim.5:17; Rev.4:10,11).
Those serving God with endurance who provide fine fruit, must be recognized, so that spiritual famine can be alleviated
(1Cor.4:1; Matt.10:40,41,42; 2Cor.5:20; Rev.22:17; Jer.26:5; 29:19).
Christ, through the scriptures, has equipped each one who desires to do God's will,
to be able to recognize those of His servants, who offer fine provisions (John7:17,18).
Those who do, should have what they offer, considered and appreciated for what it is....God's provision, not man's.
(Phil.4:8,9; Rom.14:18; Ps.89:7; Mal.2:7; Matt.10:20; 2Cor.2:17; Rev.1:20)
The relative authority of such a one, is from God (Eph.4:7,8,11,12; 1Cor.12:28).

let us all take note of those who expect the fear, devotion, and glory, which are due God alone (2Cor.11:13; Matt.7:15; Phil.3:18,19; James3:15)
as well as recognizing those who expect their students to learn from God.
(John7:16,17; Matt.7:20; Phil.1:27; 2:29; 1Thess.5:12; 1Cor.16:18; Heb.13:7)"


  1. something strange. ve learned that anointed Christians will be sealed on the forehead before the great tribulation. read Revelation 7:3. But one seal on the forehead means approved.

    Jesus said the faithful discreet slave should be put on all that he owns, or be thrown out when he comes after the great tribulation. Matthew 24:45-51

    Does that mean that the faithful discreet slave is not sealed before the great tribulation, but all other faithful anointed is sealed before the great tribulation. What do you think?

    1. My reply to your comment, is located here:
      and is a post on the Main Page, dated Sept.28, 2013.


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