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Who are the "kings of the earth"?

There is a new article, "Who are the Kings of the Earth?"

PART A is ready, for those who would like to begin to study this subject.
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Who are the Kings of the Earth?


"Trample" - How does it happen?

ADDITION TO "Worship Christ?"
as follows:

Jesus is YHWH's representative (John14:9; 12:45; Col.1:15; 1John5:20).
Yet Christ, like God, is now physically invisible (John16:16; John4:24; 2Cor.5:16). He is perceived only in spirit, by those whose spirit is in union with him. (1Cor.6:17; 12:13; John15:4,5; 17:21,23)

Since the anointed know these things, and God's spirit of truth has been poured out upon them (1John2:20,27),
how can the prophecy be fulfilled which states that a "man of lawlessness" takes over the anointed "Temple" and suspends their sacred service? (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16; Dan.11:31)

Men's natural inclination is to follow and obey what they can see (1Cor.2:14; 1Sam.8:19,21,6,7; Rev.13:8).
This improper worship of impressive "visible" power, was prophesied for our time (Rev.13:14; 2Thess.2:9).
The leadership and authority given to...and taken by, the "man of lawlessness"
       [This identity is depicted within prophecy, in a variety of parables.
        It rules over the Chosen ones
       (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16; Eph.2:22; Rev.13:7; 11:2;
        Dan.8:13; Luke21:24; Isa.63:18; Jer.12:10)],
replaces the worship and subjection which is due Christ,
as the Head of his wife/body/Congregation. [2Cor.11:3,4,20 (Phil.2:10; Eph.1:22; Romans14:8,9,11 (John5:22)]

How could this happen?
How could God's Temple of anointed (1Cor.3:16) lose their subjection to Jesus, and transfer that subjection over to a "disgusting thing" (man of lawlessness/wild beast) "standing"/ruling, where is does not belong" (Mark13:14; Dan.11:31; 2Chron.23:6; Num.3:10; 2Thess.2:4; Mark13:14) ?

The first step, would be to teach doctrines to the Chosen Ones ("Temple"), which diminish the headship/authority/obeisance, due Christ.
How could God's chosen priests possibly accept such an idea?
Reasonably, diminishing Jesus Christ could only be done
by his lesser comparison to His heavenly Father.
Once he is diminished by this comparison (God deserves worship, Jesus doesn't), that wicked goal begins it's accomplishment.
Can you discern the advantage such a strategy would afford someone seeking to usurp Christ?

If someone then proceeded to declare themselves "Jehovah's representative" (rather than just one of Christ's many brothers), the subconscious conclusion, is that these representatives would be equal to Christ, if not above him. (John14:6; 10:7,1,10,9)

Now what if that usurping false representative of the heavenly Father (Rev.2:2; 2Thess.2:2,3; 1John4:1; Matt.24:24; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13), empowered their own representative army? (John10:12,13; Dan.8:24; 11:31; Rev.9:1,2,3; 13:15) Then that army (of non-anointed "Gentiles") would not only have the power and false authority to replace Christ (Dan.8:11; Rev.9:7; 13:14,12,15), but it would certainly have in subjection Christ's mere ambassadors (Dan.11:15; 8:11,12,13,17). This is exactly what has happened, hidden in the darkness. This is Satan's final and great machination, designed to draw away the worship of Christ's anointed slaves, to himself.

That "man of lawlessness" (Gentile army belonging to the "fallen star"/steward) did not achieve this position over those of God's anointed Temple priesthood on his own. Those who comprise this "man" were empowered by a fallen anointed identity (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,2,3,7; 13:11,12,15; Dan.8:11).
The composite "man of lawlessness" (2Thess.2:3) are the Gentile "armed forces" of that unfaithful steward slave (Dan.11:31; 8:11,24; Rev.13:7; 11:2) who empowered them.
That wicked slave takes the worship clearly commanded in scripture that is due Christ,
(by making Christ and his commands... recede),
as they draw their own glory and false doctrines to the forefront,
empowering their own Gentile army to take over the Temple priesthood.
(Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 2Chron13:9

The psychological effect of this photograph, depicts this point:

 Look at Christ's face in this WT illustration. Where does this blurring of his identity cause your eye to turn? This is an intentional and clever psychological manipulation.

That "fallen star"/Harlot group of unfaithful (Rev.1:20; 8:10,11; 9:1; Hosea5:3,4; Jer.3:20,3), leads the collective "man of lawlessness" against God's chosen Temple priesthood (1Pet.2:5,9; 2Thess.2:4; Dan.8:24,25; Rev.13:7; 11:2), so that these Gentiles trample the Temple into subjection for the Harlot/unfaithful steward. This collective Wild Beast is the "muscle" of the Harlot (Rev.17:6; Matt.24:49).
The results?
The priestly service of the Chosen remnant...their worship and obedience due Christ and his teachings, ...has faded into silence (Rev.8:1; Dan.12:11).
This operation of error will continue, until that Organizational army of Gentiles/Wild Beast/"man of lawlessness", finally turns against that unfaithful "harlot" above it.

But this "man of lawlessness" will also be "done away with".
Not by "human hand" (Dan.8:25; Zech.4:6,7)
but by the spirit/"breath" of Christ's mouth (2Thess.2:8; Isa.11:4; Ps.2:9; Jer.23:29; Rev.19:15) through his sealed ones (Rev.2:26,27; Zech.12:3; Dan.2:34; Rev.19:14; 17:14).
These deserve their judgment (Rev.16:5,6,7) for usurping Christ and the will of God.
(Acts10:42; 17:31; Luke22:22; John5:22,27; Phil.2:9,10; Dan.7:14; Matt.28:18; Acts2:33)

Yet according to God's mercy, there is yet a way out for the wicked steward, if "he" is willing to accept it.....


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Great Tribulation -Two phases


Something strange. I've learned that anointed Christians will be sealed on the forehead before the great tribulation. read Revelation 7:3. But one seal on the forehead means approved.

Jesus said the faithful discreet slave should be put on all that he owns, or be thrown out when he comes after the great tribulation. Matthew 24:45-51
Does that mean that the faithful discreet slave is not sealed before the great tribulation, but all other faithful anointed is sealed before the great tribulation. What do you think? 


What you are actually noticing, is that the Great Tribulation breaks out upon the Chosen Ones, first (Rev.7:3; 9:4).

These are the first, to recognize the test before them, and the spiritual war-like condition 
       [not peace and security -(Matt.24:4,5,24,25; Micah3:5; Jer.6:14,15; 3:3; Eze.13:10,16; 1Thess.5:3) [Isa.5:5 (Ex.19:12; 20:18) Dan.11:16,45; Rev.11:2)]
which tribulation, is their true spiritual reality. They are first to recognize the idolatrous condition of God's people, their Temple priesthood being trampled down under spiritual Gentiles (, and the initial ones to endure the test of loyalty to God and Truth, that this new perception of their actual spiritual circumstances, (Matt.24:15), catalyzes into their response (Rev.13:8; 2Thess.2:4,3,12) 
(Isa.48:10; Zech.13:9; Rev.8:7-12; 12:4; 9:15,18,20; 1Cor.3:13; Rev.6:17; Mal.3:2-3; Luke 18:26-27) and choice, to either loyally repent, or to continue in idolatry toward the image of a so-called, spirit-inspired alliance (Rev.13:15; 19:20). 
( It is through that test, (and how each Chosen One responds to it), that the unsealed chosen ones are either sealed as slaves of God, Christ, and their mother covenant, New Jerusalem (Rev.14:1; 22:4; 3:12; Gal.4:26,24) (
[and are given their white robe (Rev.3:5; 6:11; 7:9,13,14; 22:14; 19:8,14; 15:6)].
...Or, they are branded as slaves of other Masters.
You may wish at this point, to see what it means to be sealed on the forehead (Deut.11:18; Rev.13:16).
Jesus illustrated these two choices for Master, in the parable of the 10 virgins. Five chose to source their lamplight in the receptacle they had from the beginning (Gal.3:3; Rev.3:3)...
and five chose to "buy from those who sell" (Matt.25:10; Rev.13:17).
"Buying" requires you to give something up. If you engage in spiritual commerce not sourced with Christ (Rev.3:18), your forehead is not marked as a loyal slave of God, but a slave to the one whose doctrines guide and direct you (Gal.1:10).  

Those other Masters include the "mother" Covenant of Death (Rev.17:5; Eze.16:2,44,45; Isa.28:15),
her harlot daughters (Eze.16:44; Rev.17:5),
and the Gentile Wild Beast (Rev.13:16,17,18; 16:13) (
Only after all of these Called Ones are sealed, does the Great Tribulation break out on the "trees, earth, and earth/land" (Rev.9:4; 7:3; 12:9,12; 20:8) (Isa.56:8; John10:16). 

At the end of the Covenant with physical Israel, this pertained to physical Gentiles joining up with physical Jews who were all to be of the anointed body of Christ. 
At the end of the New Covenant, it pertains to spiritual Gentiles joining up with spiritual Jews, all to be of the woman's seed (Zech.8:23; John4:22; Rom.2:28-29; Isa.42:6)  (Gen.22:18; Gal.3:29; Rev.22:2; Matt.7:20).
  So when you say, "I've learned that anointed Christians will be sealed on the forehead before the great tribulation"....
  this is both true and false. 
It is false, in that they are sealed while they themselves are being "tribulated"/sifted.
It is true, in that these are sealed before the sifting tribulation breaks out upon the "rest" (earth/land/sea/trees/plant/green things).
  It should also be recognized, that this "breaking out" of "harm", is, the Great Tribulation. The "144000" are sealed before the outbreak of the Great Tribulation". Those "unsealed" who DO go through the Great Tribulation ("great crowd"), are sealed after/during, the "breaking out" of that "harm" (abomination causing desolation/Great Tribulation). Yet that harm does not only break out on the unsealed. It also breaks out on the "rest"/"earth/land/sea/trees/plant/green things" during that great sifting.
During that time, these elements will also be branded by their masters....sealed as to whose laws they obey (Rom.6:16) and submit their faith/thinking, and actions/power, to (Rev.13:16,7; Gal.1:10; 1Cor.7:23). The great sifting/separating/tribulation, brings the two harvests to a finish.
The first harvest is of the Called and anointed "wheat"/"earth"(--God's "inhabited homeland" John14:23) (Rev.14:14-16). That is done by Christ, bring his "wheat" into his storehouse. He will base that judgment according to what these "branches" have produced as "fruit"/teachings... whether fine, or rotten. The kind of fruit each produces, will depend upon which root they were grafted into (John15:5-6; Jer.2:21; Deut.32:32-33; Rev.14:18-19).
The second harvest, is of the actual fruit of each vine (teachings and those who took them in) that was produced by these Chosen branches/prophets. If they have taken in fine fruit sourced in Christ through his faithful branches, then they have taken into their hearts, sayings of life. They will be saved from death and harvested as such. 
If they have fed from Satan's vine and his branches of "fallen stars" (Rev.8:10-11; 9:1), partaking of that rotten fruit/wormwood... they will suffer the consequences due to those who love lies (2Thess.2:9-12).
If you think about these two separate phases (Rev.7:3)
   (breaking out on the unsealed, and then later, on the "rest"), 
you will see why this is just and reasonable.
The tribulation segregates those willing to die for truth (Mark 8:35; 13:13; John16:2), from those who love the lie, become idolators (Rev.13:8), and prefer Satanic deception (2Thess.2:9-12).
How can the other elements make a choice for truth, if it is not available?
The faithful anointed must be first to choose to live (and die) for truth,
proven by the testimony they give in the face of death (Rev.12:11,7; 20:4; 6:9; 2Cor.10:3,4,5; Eph.6:12; Rev.11:3; Dan.12:3-4; Rev.20:12).
That testimony of Truth must first be present and available, by which the "rest" will thereafter, be sealed as either accepting, or rejecting.
(John13:20; Matt.10:40-41; 25:40,46)
Do you see that those Chosen must decide their side of this battle first?
They do this by their acceptance or rejection of Satan's end-time deception
...The "operation of error", "the lie"...which asserts that the Gentiles should be ruling over God's anointed Temple and trampling them underfoot,
thereby preventing the "remaining ones" of the 144000 from becoming sealed as slaves of God and Christ (Rev.3:2; Dan.8:11-12,13,24; Rev.13:7; Dan.11:31). This counterfeit kingdom of the False Prophet and Gentile Idol...
(and their lies -Rev.16:13; 13:11,14; 2Thess.2:4,9,11; 2Tim.3:13)
...acts as a restraint against the arrival of the genuine Kingdom of God, and restrains the necessary sealing of God's chosen rulers as slaves of God and His truth (Deut.11:18; Heb.10:16), 
  and not slaves to spiritual Gentiles who teach doctrine from the wicked steward (and Idolize their false "Image", as being directed by God's spirit -Rev.13:15-16; Isa.44:20) ( (
( (What is "Jew" and "Gentile"?)
(Rev.16:13,14,15,16,17; 1Tim.4:1; 2Thess.2:9,11,12; Mark13:14; Rev.9:7,3; 3:9; 13:4,5,7,8,14,18; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.11:2; Matt.5:13; 2Cor.11:3)

Once the Chosen take their own stand, the sealing of the Chosen Kings (and the harvest of the wheat), is done. The faithful "come to life" at this time (Rev.20:4,5,6,7,8; John5:24; 6:47,58; 11:26).
Then the Battle ensues between these messengers of death / lies, and the messengers of life / truth. Due to exposure to both, the next phase of the tribulation/sifting/sorting/choosing, occurs for the "rest". In this "valley of decision", this will determine who receives life or destruction (Rev.20:5; 8:13; 11:14; 12:12; 11:5; 9:12,18,20,21).
(Coming to Life)

                 [NOTE: While being "killed" is naturally viewed as a bad punishment to us;
                               this is actually the symbolic means of salvation within Revelation
                               (Mark 8:35; Rev.9:18; 11:7; 6:9,11; 12:11; Zech.13:9,8) 
It happens to those who do not succumb to the overwhelming climate of idolatry (Rev.13:15,8; 20:4)]

When Christ's sealed slaves are working faithfully, (shining their lamps of truth fueled by Holy Spirit);
they are appointed over the care of all Christ's "sheep" during the tribulation. 
They are assigned a greater work, with greater supplies (the marriage feast), and with a greater responsibility. Unfortunately, the majority of God's people, reject these final prophets. (Rev.11:3,7,8,10; John16:2; Matt.5:11-12; Mark 13:13)

All are sealed during their own battle of the Great Tribulation, which will test every heart dedicated to God, as to it's love of truth or lies (Luke21:35; Rev.2:4; Jer.5:31; Eze.13:19,22; Isa.28:15; 2Thess.2:9,10,11,12,13,15; Rev.13:3) (Eze.13:4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
...first to the as yet unsealed Chosen Ones ("firstfruits" -James1:18; Rev.14:4; 20:6),
and then on to the "rest" (symbolized by earth/land/trees/green things/sea, previous to gaining life) (Rev.7:3; 9:4; 20:5)
Try to remember that the spiritual, symbolic timing within Revelation, is not according to the literal timing that we as physical beings are familiar with.

I hope this reply addresses your thoughts.
Thank you for your contribution.
Love in Christ,

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Head Wound Comment


If I may can I give you a perspective on what the head wound of the wild beast might be?

In my opinion it seems to be a fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis 3:15:

Genesis 3:15 -And I will put hostility between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring; her offspring will attack your head,and you will attack her offspring’s heel.”

Have we ever seen the head wound of the wild beast? I believe so, and I believe that It happened in Jesus day. The wild beast received a head wound and appeared to have been killed due to Jesus miracles and preaching and prophesying (John 11:48). But the lethal wound appeared healed when Jesus was killed, and the whole world followed in amazement (John 16:20). This reflects what will happen in the latter part of the days when the two witnesses wound the head of the wild beast and it appears as though it is dead, just like Jesus did, with their prophesying and powerful works (Revelation 11:4-6; Revelation 13:3a). Then the wild beast will conquer the two witnesses and kill them just as Jesus was conquered and killed, and this is how the head wound of the wild beast is healed (Revelation 11:7,8; Revelation 13:3b). The wild beast is able to kill the two witnesses, as it did Jesus and take back it's kingdom (John 11:48) and thus the whole world follows it in amazement Revelation 13:3,4; John 16:20).

I also believe the dream of Nebuchadnezzar of the tree being chopped down and the tap root having a iron band placed around it until seven times passes by, MIGHT have some significance here as well.


    Summary of answer:
He is it's Father. (Rev.13:1,4)
The wound to one of the Wild Beast's heads, is not the same as Satan's own head being "crushed".
      "Crushing" the "head"(s) of Satan himself (Rev.12:3; Ps.74:14), are not merely
      the same as a blow to one head of his offspring/the Wild Beast (Rev.13:1,4).
      When Satan's head is crushed; it will not be a heal-able wound,
      such as is the case with the one head of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:3).
      When God, through the faithful, crushes Satan's head,
      the wound for he and his co-horts, is incurable
      (Jer.30:12,15; 6:7; Rev.2:21,22,23; 20:10,14; 2Chron.36:16;
       Ps.74:12,13,14; Eze.26:19,20,21; Isa.27:1; Rom.16:20).

What is this "head" that receives what appears to be a lethal wound, that seems so miraculously healed, that hoards are moved to follow it with admiration (Rev.13:3)? The heads are interpreted for us, at Rev.17:9,10,11. Briefly...the seven heads are seven kings that are ruling "heads" to the Beast Organization. These are separate from the "ten kings" who are merely "horns" of power, but do not rule (Rev.17:12,3).

One of these ruling heads, seems to be destroyed, but is restored.
If the last Beast truly is the WT, then we could expect that one of it's body of rulers/steward (a "head"), experienced a lethal blow, only to be restored, and that this restoration caused followers of the Beast to place their confidence in it.
If you would like to read the historical account of this happening to a ruling head of the WT, you can read it in the Organization's own literature. See the "Revelation Climax" book, on pages 167-170 (read par.19,21,23,24)(See their illustration on the top of page 167), where the Watchtower falsely claims that the death-like blow to it's leaders, was the fulfillment of the death of the two witnesses of Rev.11:3,7. In truth, this blow to the ruling leaders of that period, was in actuality, the death-stroke to one of it's (The Watchtower- beast) "heads".

Truly, "J.W.'s" "follow the Beast with admiration", partly because of this seeming miraculous "resurrection" of the ruling headship of that period. Such a rescue from impotence, gave that administration the appearance of divine backing and approval. This gave the Beast an air of invincibility (Rev.13:4). So much of the "Watchtower's" claim of divine approval and standing today (appointed as the faithful slave over all Christ's belongings), rests upon this supposed "resurrection", and supposed divine healing of that "death blow".

The events that befell that governing body of the past, were of Satanic design...a fabrication...a counterfeit fulfillment of prophecy...aimed at accomplishing just what we see it has accomplished...a seeming divine endorsement of Satan's Wild Beast and it's leadership of false prophets. Satan preempted the genuine death of the two witnesses, with this fabricated counterfeit.
The authentic death of the "two witnesses", would be at the hands of this same false prophet and it's Wild Beast/counterfeit priesthood/counterfeit Mt.Zion. By Satanic distraction and deception, the genuine deaths of the "two witnesses" to later follow, would be viewed just as prophesied... punishment due for apostasy (Rev.11:9).
It has come to pass...just as God Himself foretold...and just as Christ has revealed to us, for our protection (Rev.1:1,3; 22:6,7,10,11,12).

We are offered clarification of Gen.3:15 within Gen.3:16.
Here is the Hebrew interlinear, along with my own references:
and·enmity (Eph.6:12; 2Cor.10:3,4,5)
אָ שִׁ ית
בֵּ ינְ 6
וּבֵ ין
הָ אִ שָּׁ ה
the·woman (Rev.12:1,2; John16:20,21; Ps.30:5; Isa.58:1)
וּבֵ ין
זַרְ עֲ6
seed-of·you (John8:44; Matt.13:38; 1Tim.4:1; 2Thess.2:3; Rev.9:3; 13:1,4)
וּבֵ ין
זַרְ עָ הּ
seed-of·her (Rev.12:5,17,7; 17:14
יְ שׁוּפְ 6
he-shall-hurt·you (John16:33; Rom.16:20; Luke10:18,19; Rev.12:10,11)
ר ֹאשׁ
head (Deut.28:13,43,44; Ps.74:13,14; Isa.27:1) (
וְ אַ תָּ ה
תְּ שׁוּפֶ נּוּ
you-shall-hurt·him (John14:30; Luke9:22; Rev.6:9; John16:2; Mark8:35; 2Cor.11:20,24-28)
עָ קֵ ב
heel (Job.18:9; 22:10; 30:12; Amos3:5; Luke21:34-36; Matt.5:29; Gen.49:17) (entrapped by Satan's snare--the "Gentiles" who "trample" the "seed" causing them to "stumble"/"fall backward")

אֶ ל 3:16
הָ אִ שָּׁ ה
the·woman (Rev.12:1; Gal.4:26; 1Thess.2:7; Gal.4:19)
אָ מַ ר
הַ רְ בָּ ה
אַ רְ בֶּ ה
עִ צְּ ב*נֵ(
grief-of·you (Matt.24:8; Mark13:8) (
וְ הֵ רֹ נֵ(

Now the question is, why would the birth of the woman's seed cause more pain for the sealed woman to bring forth the unsealed seed?
Verse 16 contains the answer.

בְּ עֶצֶ ב
in·grief (Acts20:23; 9:16; Joel1:13; Lam.1:5; 2:5; 3:32,33,51; Prov.17:21,25
תֵּ לְ דִ י
בָ נִ ים
וְ אֶ ל
אִ ישֵׁ (
man-of·you (2 Thess 2:3,4 ; Rev.9:3,4,5,10; 11:2; 13:7)
תְּ שׁוּקָ תֵ (

[that "impulse" is to be dominated by this "man" (Non-anointed blasphemous Organizations). Therefore, within that climate of domination, the birthpangs (Mark13:8) which bring forth the kingdom sons, will be more painful.
(Gal.4:19; 1Tim.4:1; Matt.6:25; 1John2:15; Rom.6:16; Gal.1:10; 2:4; 1Cor.7:23; 4:11; 2Cor.11:20; Rev.9:6; 13:7,15; 12:2)]

וְ הוּא
and·he (the "man of you"/"seed" of Satan/son of "destruction" (Rev.9:11; 2Thess.2:3) with which you fornicate (2Cor.11:2,3)
יִ מְ שָׁ ל
he-shall-rule (Acts21:11; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.9:7; 13:1,2,4,7,8,17,10)
בָּ (
in·you (2Thess.2:4; 1Cor.3:16)

I hope by means of a consideration of the scriptures, which I believe relate to those portions of these two verses,
you will see that I do see the relevance of the Wild Beast/"Man of Lawlessness"/Locusts-Scorpions,  to the subservience of the woman's seed.
That seed is not sealed until it leaves this unclean "husband"/Gentiles/Satan's "seed", and returns in faithfulness to her true Lord (Jer.31:22; Zech.1:3; Mal.3:7; Deut.4:30; Jer.3:1; 4:1).

However, at Gen.3:15,
It is Satan himself who attacks the seed's heel;
and it is Satan's head/heads themselves which are attacked by the woman's "seed".
That "head" of Satan himself, is not merely one head of his offspring/the Wild Beast.
When Satan's head is crushed; it will not be a heal-able wound, such as is the case with the one head of the Wild Beast (Rev.13:3).
When God, through the faithful, crushes Satan's head, the wound for he and his co-horts, is incurable (Jer.30:12,15; 6:7; Rev.2:21,22,23; 2Chron.36:16; Ps.74:12,13,14; Eze.26:19,20,21; Isa.27:1; Rom.16:20).

I do not see John16:20 as proving that the "whole *world follows with amazement" (Rev.13:3,4) the Gentile powers of the first Century. I see John16:20 as relating to John15:19; 17:14,16 and 1John2:15,16; and the temptation that Jesus also endured (Matt.4:8,9). It is in regard to Mark10:42,43,44; 1Cor.4:8; Rev.3:17; 1Pet.5:3; and 1John2:9; 4:20,21,7 . Those who un-lovingly lord it over their brothers, are not weeping and mourning, but are already "rich". These are fond of what is "their own", but persecute those who slave only for Christ.

Regarding Rev.13:3,4...
First of all, the Greek does not say "the whole *world follows in amazement". It says "earth" (Greek- "occupied home"/"being homed" -What "home" is God referring to here? -John14:23). The earth is not the whole world, because the whole world includes the "sea"/Nations/Gentiles/Non-anointed/not "Jews" (anointed -Rom.2:28,29; Col.2:11).
(Compare "earth" of Rev.14:3 to Rev.7:4. The source of the 144000 is from the "earth"; and at the same time, from the 12 spiritual tribes of Israel -Gal.6:16,15; 2Cor.5:17; Col.2:11)
Revelation is totally written in symbols. Revelation's symbol, "earth", does not mean our entire physical planet and all those of humanity residing upon it. 
The "earth" which exists within the entire symbolic scenario of Revelation, 
and when Revelation's entire symbolic drama takes place; 
it bears little resemblance to the whole world of the first century, nor the events which occurred at that time and place.

 [Revelation's symbol "EARTH" = God's people (anointed) in prophecy] 
         -Jer.25:29,30,34; Rev.13:8; 14:19; 
          Rev.18:24; Matt.23:34,35; 
          Rev.11:18; Hosea4:6,12; Rev.12:9)
       ---"harvest of the earth" (Rev.14:15,16), 
             is the "dried out" harvest of "wheat" (check Greek)

The "earth" is separate from the "sea" belonging to Satan's world (Psalm65:7; Isa.57:20).

The "earth" is not the whole world of mankind. It is the symbol for God's people.

I agree with your last statement about Nebuchadnezzar's Tree.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope my cited scriptures give you fuel for further ones.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Head wound -vs- Beast wound

Worth re-reading.
Continuous additions.
Whew, this was a tough one :)


good morning sister D
thank you for the warning. out of curiosity, what is the wound that the beast suffered and is the wound visible to all?


Hello Modise,

Excellent question.
Rev.13:3 reads:
"One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed".
How does this apply to the organizational Wild Beast?
       {Just let me clarify, that Rev.13 speaks of two Wild Beasts (Rev.13:1,11). The first is 
       from the sea [spiritual Gentiles-Not Anointed "Jews" (Rev.3:9). The second, 
       is from the earth (God's people/anointed/spiritual "Jews" (Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:29]} 
These heads are "seven", and are the counterfeit antithesis (opposite side)...enemies, of the "seven stars" in Jesus' right hand (Rev.1:20). Those seven stars are Christ's "seven horns"/kings (Rev.5:6). "Horns" are "kings" (Rev.17:12).
Each of the "Lamb's" "horns" has an "eye". This signifies the lamp each faithful sealed king has (Matt.6:22) in which they are "burning" their own portion of Holy Spirit, which light they "send out into all the earth" (Rev.5:6; 1:4; 4:5; Zech.4:10; Matt.5:15; Zech.4:2; Phil.2:15).
Those "seven stars" are his "seven angels"/priests -Josh.6:4/"messengers", who battle for truth with Christ, at Rev.12:7 and Rev.19:14,8.
(2Cor.10:3,4,5; 6:7)
Please keep in mind, that all numbers referring to these groups, are a part of symbolic descriptions.
  So to get back to the "seven heads"; these are the antithesis (evil counter-balance) of the "seven angels" of Christ. Those "seven heads" of the first Wild Beast are also a progression of "seven kings" (Rev.17:9,10) who have entered the Covenant with Death...coming under that "woman"/"mother"/covenant, of Rev.17:5; (Gal.4:24; Isa.28:15). ("Who is the 'woman'?")
Just as Christ has a succession of "seven horns"/angels/true prophets/kings, to serve the "seven congregations" (Rev.1:20);
The "Gentile" Wild Beast has seven head-like authorities (the succession of rulers/false prophets/angels/kings).

These "seven" false prophet leaders,
the Covenant of Death they have entered,
and the Gentile Wild Beast they direct,
are over all those marked as slaves to Satan's lies (666) which are delivered by means of those channels: [Covenant of Death/"Babylon the Great" (abyss), false prophet ("Wormwood"/"two-horned" Beast), and the Wild Beast and it's Image ("Man of Lawlessness"/"Locust-Scorpions"). (Rev.16:13; 13:16,17,18 (]

Just as Jesus' seven "horns"/kings (Rev.5:10) translate into angels, stars, prophets, and warriors (Rev.1:20; 12:4; Dan.8:10; Rev.11:3; 19:14) within Revelation's various illustrations;
  the "seven heads" of the Gentile Wild Beast also translate into Satan's angels, stars, prophet, and warriors (Rev.12:7; 19:19,20; 8:10; 9:1,3,7,9; 13:11) within the same illustrations.

You may have noticed a difference between the forces of Christ and those of Satan, in that there are "heads" on Satan's side, but none on Christ's side. This is because Christ's faithful "stars"/angels/kings, have only one head...the Christ (Eph.1:22; 5:23; Col.1:18).
They each remain in subjection to Christ as a part of his body (1Cor.12:27,12; Rom.12:5).
Because Satan's forces do include ruling "heads" who have been enticed by power in this world; these also have under them, those Gentile forces whose power they lust after, govern, and exploit for their own interests (Jer.17:5; Hosea7:11; 4:12; 8:9; Isa.30:1; 31:1; Rev.9:7; Isa.36:6). This alliance will end badly for those prostituting themselves in exchange for the power of the Gentiles (Jer.13:21,22,24,25,26,27; Rev.17:16; Lam1:8; Eze.16:36,37; 23:26; Nahum3:5,6; 1Kings9:9).
   The faithful do not form this alliance with spiritual "Gentiles" (Organization of non-anointed Elders). They confidently depend upon God to be their strength and shield (Ps.28:7; 18:2; 13:5; 26:1; 40:3; Rev.14:3).

The "ten kings" ("horns" of the Beast), submit to this arrangement (1Cor.6:15,16; 2Cor.11:2,3).
These are anointed throughout the earth who do not rule as the heads of the Wild Beast Organization.
The alliance of unfaithful Chosen ones ruling over Gentiles who "trample the Holy Ones", is why you will see that there is a "Gentile" force contained within Satan's dominion (Rev.9:3,11; 11:2; Rev.13:1) (2Thess.2:4; Mark13:14),
but not under Christ's.
  The "Master" Christ is "Head" of his own "body", and all his forces are faithful anointed/stars/angels/witnesses/warriors, under his direction.
These turn to God's spirit for power and strength...
...not to Gentiles who have not received the anointing consecration/circumcision of the heart by spirit. (Rom.2:28,29)

With this background information,
let us get back to the seven heads of the first Gentile Wild Beast.
We are told that one of the heads (from the succession of rulers), received a "fatal wound" which was later "healed".
this whole empire/design/scheme/machination of Satan which Revelation exposes,
is to fabricate a counterfeit fulfillment of prophecy, in order to mislead the final Chosen Ones (1Pet.5:8; Luke22:31; 2Cor.2:11; Matt.24:24; 2Thess.2:9,1,2,3; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.16:13).

The emergence of the Wild Beast from the "sea" is the emergence of the Gentile Organization known as "Jehovah's Witnesses", the backbone of which are elders that are not of the anointed body of Christ. That beast-like organization made of a counterfeit Temple/priesthood, is a counterfeit Zion "mountain of God" (antithesis/counterfeit, of Zion)
which collective Beast is ruled by these "seven" unfaithful "heads".

Those "heads" (who were chosen to be under the Covenant of Life -Gal.4:26), broke that covenant (Hosea6:7; Jer.11:10) and so are now also considered as sin-stained, as "uncircumcised" spiritual Gentiles (Amos9:7 A; Eze.32:29; Acts7:51,52; Rev.17:6) (Rev17:3,4; Isa.1:18).

The "death stroke" to one of these ruling "heads", is fabricated by Satan to emulate a counterfeit fulfillment of the "death" of the "two witnesses" of Rev.11:3,7,11,12.

This death stroke to the Beast's head is in the past tense (Rev.13:12), so that this "lying sign" sets the stage for the subsequent scenario, that takes place when the second wild beast of Rev.13:11 emerges (the last "Head"), and the events of Rev.13:12-17 to follow).
("Chronology of Revelation")

The best explanation of this "death stroke" being fabricated into a counterfeit death of the "two witnesses", can be found in an illustration within the "Revelation Climax" book.
If you have a copy, please turn to page 169, and compare that illustration to Rev.13:3.
The counterfeit fulfillment of the "two witnesses", is expressed in the last sentence of paragraph 23, and according to this publication, occurred in 1919. This corresponds to the "death stroke" that was healed, which in reality, occurred to one of the Wild Beast's governing "heads" (not to the real "two witnesses" to come).

       (NOTE: This is not the same event as the entire Wild Beast descending into the "Abyss" 
                     and then re-emerging. Associating the "death-stroke" of one head,
                     and the descent of the entire Beast into the abyss, is error. 
                     These two descriptions are not the same event.
                     Many similar illustrations within Revelation's parables are assumed to be
                     the same events. But not all are. One must also keep in mind, that each true
                     fulfillment involving Christ's faithful slaves, has a counterfeit mirror image,
                     fabricated by Satan...the list of counterfeit events and identities
                     that I have referred to, I have described as each true event's "antithesis".)

The whole entire "Gentile" Wild Beast
descended into the Abyss, and yet is seen re-emerged, at Rev.13:1. 
This is why the entire/whole Gentile Wild Beast, and it's 
persecuting presence, goes unrecognized by God's people 
(because they believe it -"now is not"), 
when in fact, it is in their midst (Rev.17:8).
When they finally do "see" the true identity, nature, and existence of the 
persecuting Wild Beast,
they will be "astonished!".

To clarify...
the death-stroke to one of the governing heads, is not the same
as the banishment of the entire beast to the Abyss. 
All the earth sees the healed blow to the head, and even "marvels with admiration" at it.

All the earth does not recognize the re-emergence of the whole Wild Beast,
who they assume is not present, because of it's past defeat ("was"). 
God's people make two wrong assumptions about Satan's world dominion:
  *Their concept of "Christian neutrality" prevents subjection to Satan's "Gentile" powers.
  *Anointed are protected, (have "peace and security") within the "spiritual paradise".
Yet a Gentile fortress is exactly what God's people have subjected themselves to, 
through the tyrannical, persecuting Beast, and it's Image of divinity/being "god-breathed"/"spirit-directed" (Rev.13:15; John20:22) which is in reality, a product of Satan's power and dominion ("sea") (Rev.13:1,2,4; 2Thess.2:9; 9:11). (
The "earth" does not recognize this Wild Beast's return, due to it's new disguise...
(it has been cloaked with divinity/spirit by the false prophet -Rev.13:15,14; John20:22); 
nor do they recognize the re-emergence
of it's power and use by Satan; to persecute, ensnare, hold captive, and "kill"...
the anointed of God (Rev.13:1,2,7,8,10; 11:7).

I hope you are able to see why the death stroke to one of the Wild Beast's "head"s...
as you say, "is the wound visible to all";
and why this is separate from the past defeat of the "Gentile" Wild Beast dominion,
whose re-emergence, goes unrecognized by God's people.
This is why, as unlikely as it would seem according to human reasoning...
Rev.13:3 A and Rev.13:14 D, is not referring to the same factor as Rev.13:1; 17:8,11.

Even though you ask about the "wound that the (entire) beast suffered" that is "visible to all";
I hope you can now see that healing of the wound the entire beast suffered 
(by it's banishment to, and it's re-emergence from, the abyss), 
was not initially recognized (Rev.17:8).
The wound to the head, was recognized...
(The GB release from prison in 1919) 
...and was the reason for all the "earth
to "marvel" in admiration,
so that it followed the entire Beast.

       ["EARTH" = God's people (anointed) in prophecy] 

         -Jer.25:29,30,34; Rev.13:8; 14:19; 
          Rev.18:24; Matt.23:34,35; 
          Rev.11:18; Hosea4:6,12; Rev.12:9)
       ---"harvest of the earth" (Rev.14:15,16), 
             is the "dried out" harvest of "wheat" (check Greek)

The "earth" is separate from the "sea" belonging to Satan's world (Psalm65:7; Isa.57:20).

The "earth" is not the whole world of mankind. It is the symbol for God's people.

While it's true that the entire organization known as "Jehovah's Witnesses" and the Chosen Ones within it, marveled at the release of it's governing "head" from prison in 1919 (and still do); this is not true of the entire world which does not "marvel" in unity at their political governments, nor at the "United Nations". But such is the case for the events of 1919, which in the admiring minds of "Jehovah's Witnesses", establishes their "blasphemous" organization (which bears those unfaithful heads), as "God's spirit-directed organization" (Rev.13:1,5,6,7,9,10).

Just as Satan had hoped...the Chosen Ones have been mislead into a false sense of peace and security while under Satan's puppet dominion of Death..."Babylon the Great", her Harlot daughters, and his "Gentile" Wild Beast. 
The Chosen have been deceived into believing that they have already recognized and conquered the satanic spiritual dominion of the "world" (the Beast that "was, but now is not, and yet is");
...despite the fact that it is that very "Gentile" entity, which has now emerged to become their Overlord and Idol.
They never took note, as the anointed priests and shepherds were being replaced by spiritual Gentiles, who were bestowed with a false facade of spirit-appointment, due to the dragon tongue of the false prophet (Rev.13:11,15,14; Eze.44:6,7,8,9; 2Chron.13:9) breathing spirit into it himself.
("Are Elders spirit-appointed?")

As a side point...the seven kings/horns of Christ,
and the seven kings/heads of the Wild Beast,
is what Christ was referring to at Matt.24:7.
This is a war between the "wheat" and "weeds"...
truth and lies...
the faithful and unfaithful Chosen Ones.
This is the essence of the final battle of Armageddon,
and the culmination of the war (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:7; 16:14,15,16; 17:14; 19:11,14,19).
[For more on this spiritual fulfillment of "the sign of the end",
  please see (]

I sincerely hope this addresses your question. I know this is deep stuff.
Satan's end-time machinations are not simple (Matt.24:24; 2Cor.11:3),
so laying them out plainly in the light, takes some doing;
both on the part of the teacher, and of the student.
Please respond if any need remains.
Love in Christ,

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