Friday, August 30, 2013

Addition to "Warning Letter"

New addition to
as follows:

The scriptures confide to us that not many will heed the final warning and find life (Luke13:23,24; Matt.22:14; 7:14,21; Eze.3:7; Rev.13:8).
But we who perceive the danger to those asleep, are still obligated to sound the trumpet (Mark13:36; 1Thess.5:6; 1Cor.14:8; Joel2:1; Joel3:9,11,12; Eze.3:11,18; 2:5).

We can be grateful to God that we are awake. But before we are cut off from those we leave behind, we must attempt to wake them up as well. (Eph.4:25; 2Tim.4:2; 1Tim.4:16) Make the best use of your fleeting opportunity! (Gal.6:10) Time is running out! (1Pet.4:7; 2Pet.3:11,12; Rev.18:4)


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