Monday, July 29, 2013

The Final Witness / Good News of Kingdom

Jesus told us that the last thing to take place before this age finishes (Greek: "the consummation"), is a world-wide witness (Matt.24:14). He called it "the well-message of the Kingdom" (Greek transliteration). That message is defined for us at Isa.48:20,21.

Isa.48:20,21 includes assurance, as to why it is safe to leave Babylon the Great. "The Lord has redeemed his servant Jacob". This means that despite "Jacob's" sins, including that of idolatry (anointed within the Organization who are marked as slaves to that Idol -Rev.13:7,8,16), God has made provision for Jacob's "twelve tribes" of invited anointed to be forgiven (Rev.7:4; Rom.9:6,8 -link to "God Saves Israel"), if they flee "Babylon" and serve Him. Verse 21 assures them, that if they flee, they will not lack spiritual provisions. Just as Moses provided water from a rock, and thereby miraculously sustained the lives of the exiles; God's present day prophets will also provide living waters out in the "wilderness". They are the rocks/stones, who became Abraham's seed (Matt.3:9; Gal.3:29; Dan.2:45; Matt.16:18; 1Pet.2:5). Yes...that temple of living stones are and will provide living water, to any who leave the condemned land of spiritual drought (Jer.2:13; Zech.13:1; Isa.65:13; 30:25; 55:1; Eze.47:1,9; Joel3:18). They need not fear that if they flee the condemned City (Matt.24:16; Rev.18:4), that they will perish (Matt.22:9; Eze.36:8; Zech.14:8).
This message must be declared to all those claiming to know God [especially to the Chosen Ones ("Jacob" and his "twelve tribes") held captive among them] before the end.
These are the ten virgins, who must be woken up (Matt.25:5,6). What are these anointed directed to do upon arising? (Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13)

In order to "meet the Bridegroom", they must join him "outside the camp". This requires them to accept their condemnation ("disgrace"/"shame" -Heb.13:13) at the hands of the Organizational Beast (Rev.6:9,11; 11:7; 12:11), in imitation of Christ (Rev.11:8; Rom.6:5).
But we recall that only a symbolic half of those virgins are prepared, and have enough lamplight to immediately set out to meet the Bridegroom. The other 5 virgins choose to fill their waning lamps with "bought" oil (Matt.25:8,10; Rev.13:17).
Once all 10 virgins fulfill this prophetic illustration, the door to the wedding feast is shut (Matt.25:10; 2Thess.1:8,9). All anointed are sealed, and the wheat and weeds are finished being sorted (Matt.3:12; 13:49,39; Rev.14:15). Then the end comes.

Can you see that previous to this final sorting, the virgins must be woken up at "midnight" by a "cry"/herald? (Matt.25:6)
That "cry" is the final witness....the one being spoken of at Matt.24:14 and Isa.48:20,21.
Once exposed to this warning, each virgin must choose their reaction to it.

Will they "go out to meet the Bridegroom", and individually finish their race by accepting
their personal humiliations in imitation of Christ's death?...
        (Matt.25:6; Heb.13:13; Rom.6:5; Rev.11:7,8,9,10; 6:9,11; 2Tim.4:7)
Or, will they prefer to "buy" the misleading security of branded slavery to the doctrines of men (Eze.13:10; 1Thess.5:3; Rev.13:17),
      at the cost of their spiritual virginity? (2Cor.11:2,3,4,20; 1Cor.7:23; 1Tim.4:1; Rev.17:1,2; 16:14,15,16)

Does Satan know that this lifesaving message is due to be declared, so that all those Chosen will be exposed to it and be sorted?
Does he know that his world ends when this message finishes it's purpose?
Of course.
What is he doing to prepare the minds under his control, to be inebriated, blinded, deceived, and predisposed to reject the warning/call to freedom?
Satan is already at work through those whom he can use, to sour the minds of those headed for death, so that they will not be receptive to this final warning.

Here is a video published by a fellow anointed one. It is directed toward those who are busy souring the minds of witnesses toward any message that is sourced outside the WT.
I have posted a link to that video, so that readers can perceive what the final witness and those who help to give it, will be up against. For any readers who may be involved in these present demonstrations, I hope you will re-evaluate the results of your activity, in the minds of those unaware of their captivity and it's resulting lethal destination.

Any who wish to be involved in demonstrations that are in harmony with the one Jesus will direct;...
Your willingness to demonstrate is greatly needed. But his must be done in harmony with God's will and purpose, and the exact message Christ intends (according to the above scriptures).
The message conveyed, must be the one sourced with the Lord of Truth,
not sourced in spite, revenge, and personal vindication.
The WTBTS has it's own propaganda against so called "apostates", sourced in such things.


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