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Holy Spirit at work / The "Token"

The transliteration of the congregations of 1Cor.14:33 is literally translated from Greek, --the "out-called of the Holy Ones", which shows that the seven congregations are made up of those "called" and "holy" (anointed ones). (Rev.1:20; Rom.1:7; Rev.20:6; 1Cor.14:33). The angel/messengers assigned to each of those groups are the members of the body who are assigned by God as apostles and prophets, to serve their congregations (Eph.3:4,5; 2:19,20; Rev.1:20).
(Discerning the Body-/-God of Order)

Dear Pearl,
i would like to know what you have been taught about the steward burying what faithful Invited have been sending them... that they ignore it and do not share this information, (because they are wicked and would lose their position).
 I know you get enough questions, but in my research I'm learning a lot about how the HS in the form of the "Token" to Invited, teaches them.
 How does the Idea come to you about what to write?
Is it usually in a finished form?
Do scriptures comes to mind that you have never read?
That would show the HS Token is teaching you something you didn't know before.


I am not too clear on what you are asking.
You say,
"I would like to know what you have been taught about the steward burying what faithful Invited have been sending them"
All I can tell you, is that my own letter was buried, and all the anointed I have spoken to have sent similar letters which were also buried. By buried, I mean that the information sent was not acknowledged nor published. That response was sometimes affirmed by a written reply, either to the anointed one, or to the elders in their congregation.

Next you say;
"I'm learning a lot about how the HS in the form of the "Token" to Invited teaches them."

The "token" of Holy Spirit is described at 2Cor.1:21,22...
"Now he which establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, is God; Who has also sealed us, and given us the token of the Spirit  in our hearts."

This is in harmony of what I have experienced.
Notice that the anointing token, is put in the heart...not in the mind.

The "token of the spirit" put in the heart by anointing,
is not the knowledge spoken of at 1John2:20,27, which is more gradually, put in the mind.
The exception is vision, which occurs at a definite time. In my case, much understanding was given in that moment. Increasing understanding of those visions already given, would also continue to unfold.

Although the knowledge of the mind we now are being given could also be considered a "token" (Because it will later be complete -1Cor.13:9,10); that kind of knowledge is put in the mind over time. (1Cor.2:16; Eph.4:23,24; 5:17).
This is not the same as the token in the heart, given at the time of anointing. I suspect that this "knowledge" of the mind is generally given gradually (Prov.4:18), because we are being raised as children of God,
and this process of correction, tests by Satan, and refinement, take time
(Eph.5:1; Heb.12:6; Prov.27:11; 2Tim.3:14,15,16,17; Luke22:31,32; Rev.12:17; Mal.3:3; Dan.12:10).

In fact, an anointed one's progress in the knowledge of God relies upon that person's progressive development of intimacy, faith, and trust in God's spirit (Eph.1:19; 1Pet.1:17,21; Rom.12:6). This requires experience with that spirit, as we learn to completely rely upon it as young children would, and progress in our imitation of Christ (Eph.4:20,21,13; Matt.18:3; 2Cor.3:4,5; Ps.78:7; Prov.22:19; Jer.17:7; 2Thess.3:5; James1:3,4,5; Phil.1:6; 1Pet.5:10).

Those who resist such a reliance due to a lack of Faith, will not progress. These are the ones Christ referred to as trees with "unripe figs" who do not bring anything to perfection, and will be abandoned up the coming wrath if they do not repent (Luke8:14; Heb.12:2; Rev.6:13; Jer.24:3,5,8,17; Matt.7:16). Such "trees" have hindered the operation of Holy Spirit within them (Eph.4:30; 1Thess.5:19; Acts7:51; Matt.7:19; Jer.48:13) by overconfidence in themselves or others. They can repent and be saved, if they respond to counsel (Luke13:7,8,9; John15:2,5; John6:27,28,29; 1Thess.2:13; Jer.4:4; Rev.3:2).
We are all expected, and must learn to bear,
 mature, fine fruit, even in "troublesome season" (2Tim.4:2; Mark11:13,14,20,21,22; Matt.24:20).

For those who become anointed, many things can happen due to God's spirit...not just one (Heb.10:16).
Some things happen at the moment of anointing, many occur later, as in any relationship.
If someone thinks that this anointment is just one thing that happened once, the multiple works of Holy Spirit might become confused with one another.

What is the spirit doing to a heart during anointment? (See Rom.2:29)
The heart is being circumcised by spirit...being cleansed and inducted.
The token in the heart is direct contact with Holy Spirit. It is like God touching you directly.
What heart-felt emotion does this cause....What does that token in the heart feel like?
That feeling highlights the truth of 1John4:8
The token in the heart is an overwhelming flood of love as never experienced before...directly from God, as He chooses and cleanses your heart.
This is separate from the progressive learning through Christ (imparted due to one's anointed identity)...also by virtue of the anointed designation and Holy Spirit.
Those who are chosen, come under Christ's progressive teaching (Eph.4:20,21; Matt.13:12; John15:5; Rom.11:17).

Consider another translation of 2Cor.1:22...
"set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come"
That is the meaning of "token"!
This token is a small piece of the future reward...a "deposit"...a small taste of a larger joy. Can you see that?
That future feeling in the heart, is not knowledge, but a time when the heart of the anointed one will constantly be filled with a fullness of God's love, eternally.
That is the promise of the anointing's token...."guaranteeing what is to come".
Another scriptural reference to this circumcising of the heart, is Jer.31:33.
That scripture describes that deposit, as God's Laws being poured into the heart.
While it is not hard to imagine Divine Law as cleansing (circumcising) the heart,
how does the receiving of God's Love in the heart, compare to the receiving of His Laws?

God's Law is Love. If we love, we fulfill His Law (Matt.22:36,37,39; John13:34; 1John4:8; Rom.13:10; Gal.5:14; James2:8) (John15:9,10; John16:27)
Once we have felt the pure and boundless love of God and Christ, we understand better what pure righteousness, justice, and mercy are (1John4:10,11,12,13; 5:2,3). We do not understand the love of God, until we are given it. That love teaches us His Law of Love.
If we live by God's love as His children (Eph.5:1; 1John3:1,3; 4:8), we will never fail to live by His Law (1Cor.13:13). How is that token of God's Law of Love, a guarantee of what is to come?
See John16:22,23; Isa.11:9; Rev.21:4,5; Psalm33:5; 119:64)

So unlike what you thought... the original anointing token in the heart, does not directly "teaches them" in the mind. Rather I would say that the token of Love is given in the heart. This is separate than the progressive teaching in the mind. Yet I guess it's also true that the heart token teaches the anointed one about God's love and how much of it we will feel in the kingdom. It teaches us that the love God has given us, we are under obligation to show toward others (1John4:19; 3:10,11,14,18,19,23). It teaches us what life will be like for all, when God's love is fully expressed toward His beloved creation (Rom.8:22,19,20,21; 1Cor.2:9). And it teaches us the essence of God's Laws, which God gives us because of His Love (Isa.48:17,18; Deut.30:20).

But if you are talking about the gifts of insight and understanding to the mind, that is another aspect of what Holy Spirit does with the chosen. How can we divide our heart from our mind? They work together, but they are also distinct facets of our person. God puts His Laws, into both (Heb.8:10).

All anointed are directly given the token and promise of love in the heart,
but not all are chosen as prophets and apostles (which are gifts of some direct exclusive knowledge 1Cor.12:29; Amos3:7; Num.12:6; Eph.2:20).
Those not chosen as these, receive much knowledge through those chosen for this. This is how the apostles and prophets contribute to, and build up the body of Christ (1Cor.12:7; 1Pet.4:10; Eph.4:11,12,13).
Although some knowledge exclusively comes through the prophets and apostles...understanding and recognition of the Master's voice of truth, is still given to all by virtue of their anointing (John10:14,27,5,4; Luke8:10).
If it were not for that spirit, no one would recognize nor understand the truth (Mark4:10,11,12; Matt.16:17; Matt.11:25).
Although a prophet or apostle may be a messenger to the other anointed members
(messenger is the meaning of "angel" -Rev.1:20; 8:6; Josh.6:13)
which other members may be symbolized by the "seven Congregations" (1Cor.14:33) (Rev.1:20);
the ability to understand is still given to all, by means of Holy Spirit (1Thess.2:13; Matt.10:20; John16:13). The transliteration of the congregations of 1Cor.14:33 is literally translated from Greek, --the "out-called of the Holy Ones", which shows that the seven congregations are made up of those "called" and "holy" (anointed ones). (Rev.1:20; Isa.13:3; Rom.1:7; Rev.20:6; 1Cor.14:33). The angel/messengers assigned to each of those groups are the members of the body who are assigned by God as apostles and prophets to serve their congregations. (Matt.23:11; Eph.3:4,5; 2:19,20; Rev.1:20)

Then you ask...
"How does the idea come to you about what to write?
Is it usually in a finished form?
Do scriptures come to mind that you have never read ? (this would show the HS Token is teaching you something you didn't know before.)"

These are really hard questions to answer.
It is complicated. I usually learn all during the night. This must sound strange to those who have never has this experience (Matt.10:27; Job33:14,15,16,17,18; Dan.4:5; Num.22:19,20). I do sleep, but when I wake up, I am very clear about what I have just learned.

This learning can also take the form of a response to prayer, such as when I ask for help to reply to a letter or question. While I start out having no idea what to say, once I start to write, it is like each thought comes in order, and the scriptures just pop into my head.
I do though, often, edit what I have written, in the sense that sometimes I can't get it all down fast enough. When I edit it, I remember a scripture or thought that I did get before, but didn't put down before I moved ahead. I think it is required of me to work as hard as I do at this. There are reasons why it has not been made too easy.
So no and yes, regarding the "finished form". You see, the prophets have to "remain in union" with Christ, because their learning is progressive (1John2:28; John15:5).
In this sense, I could edit EVERYTHING I've written in the past and add more (so no, nothing is totally complete). Something which may have expressed my complete knowledge last week, does not express what I understand today.

The visions however, were complete as regards what God has chosen to give me so far by that means. Learning more from what I have already seen though, is progressive.
As to whether or not I will ever receive more vision, I can not know or say.
It seems to me that what I was already shown, is so expansive, and will take time to fully convey. My personal feeling is that what I have already been shown, is enough to prophesy about the relevant events and identities significant to the end. God's work though, is up to Him, and who can know His mind or the details of His plan? (Rom.11:33,34; 1Cor.2:11,16)

Regarding scriptures which I have never read...
I have read the entire Bible,
but if you knew how bad my memory is,
you would know that my scripture recall is beyond just human ability (John14:26).
But I have less than human ability. I have begun to go the way of all my father's family...
a mental decline due to Alzheimer's. While I lose my ability to function in daily life,
I have thus far retained the ability to write and recall scriptures in a way unmatched by the youngest and healthiest of minds.
I attribute these things to God.
It is this ability to recall scripture that Holy Spirit uses, to teach me both personally,
and in what I should write.

My learning experience mirrors my writing.
In other words, just as I give answers with scripture...
so am I given answers with scripture.
As I am expressing the truths I am seeing while I write, I am also given a scripture where that truth is recorded or referred to.
I am very thankful for this method,
because my love of truth is overjoyed to be learning directly from God's Word,
combined with His directive spirit.

I know that all this mercy would end, if I did not "remain in union" with Christ,
and keep working to feed his sheep.
Making Christ the only "vine" that feeds me, keeps me from doing any research to consider other sources of knowledge.
The scripture about a cup running over comes to mind (Psalm23:5).
I already have more than I can handle,
so why look elsewhere? (John15:4,5; 1John2:28; John6:68)

Much of what I learn, I learn right along with my readers,
because I don't know what the answer "for today" will be, until I am done writing it (Matt.6:11).
That is pretty much how all my writing goes.
For articles, I start by feeling a burning need to take care of giving the readers understanding of a certain concept (because I perceive the effect a certain ignorance or deception, is having on their faith...the danger), and when I sit down to write about it, I am guided as I am for the answers to questions.

When I need an answer in which I know of no scriptural directive...
something personal that effects my ministry or obedience...
I pray. I have had miraculous answers to clearly direct me.
How that has galvanized and solidified my faith!

I hope this answers what you were looking for.
If not, please let me know.
Love in Christ,



  1. I know you have reached out to connect with other anointed ,i am aware of 2 or 3 which also write translation .My question is have you found other true anointed and what are their jobs ,is there other sites we should be following? I myself have more then enough to study here, thanks to your insight.

    1. I have left you are reply on the front page, which reply is located at
      It is a post on the Main page, dated 9/11/13.
      Thank you for bringing up this good question.


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