Sunday, July 14, 2013

Armageddon (addition)

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God's people must choose which they will believe and obey ("forehead" and "hand" Deut.6:6,8; Rev.13:16; Isa.44:20).
The simultaneous presence of both offerings ("fine fruit"/truth and "rotten fruit"/lies Matt.7:20) is due to the war already being fought, between those providing truths and those releasing lies.
The war between Satan's seed, and the faithful in covenant with God (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:7; 9:3; 13:7; 19:11,14; 16:13,14,16) has been raging since Eden.
["woman" = covenant (]
Armageddon is the final battle of this war, ...when the last of the 144000 are sealed, due to their faithfully providing Truth (Rev.12:11; 6:9,11; 14:5; 20:4) at the cost of their lives (in imitation of Jesus'example) (Rev.12:11; 6:9; Mark8:35; Rom.6:5).
During that final battle, the unfaithful (Satan's seed/angel messengers) also will become irrevocably sealed, due to their leaving God and providing "wormwood" teachings, along with their "slaughtering" of the faithful [1John3:12; Rev.6:9; 13:15; 11:7; 20:4; 17:6) (Rev.8:10,11; (Rev1:20; Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3) Rev.16:13,14].

So you see...during this battle between truth and lies, God's people are exposed to both. This causes a choice...a "Tribulation"....a sifting and sorting as either loving truth (Prov.4:6; John14:15,6; Luke10:27) or as loving lies (2Thess.2:10,11; Rom.1:25).
This is why it takes place in "the valley of the decision" (Joel3:14,2,12) where God foretells a judgment of his own people, as worthy of death [Jer.1:18,19; 6:27; 26:12; Micah3:8; Isa.28:21,22; Eze.7:1-27 (click on Eze.7 to open)]. Only a remnant/few, will survive/remain standing (Rom.9:27,28; Matt.7:14; Luke21:34,35,36).

Once this testing is completed (through all the anointed making their choice/sealed); God removes His protection from the whole world, and Satan goes to work as the "Destroyer". Only those who have chosen God as their Savior and Father, will be protected. (Isa.43:11; Rev.7:10)


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