Friday, June 21, 2013

ADDITION TO A Yoke of Slavery
as follows:

"You can not be a slave of both Christ, and the Beast, at the same time (Matt.6:24). You can not be under Christ's yoke (Matt.11:29; Rev.14:1) working beside him;
and at the same time, be under the Wild Beast's yoke of slavery (Rev.13:16; Gal.4:9; 5:1; 2Cor.11:20) The Greek of Rev.17:8 is most revealing. It says that unknowingly; we are "alongside" the beast in its' yoke, while we don't even realize that the persecuting Beast exists.
"estin"---"IS"--" PRESENT"
"parestai"--WILL BE "ALONGSIDE" as in a yoke.
"Parestai" is the future tense of pareimi, from which parousia comes (Matt.24:3). The Antichrist, has also a "parousia" which it's victims fail to recognize while they worship it's image as it's slaves."

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  1. I receive this word with gladness.
    This week has been such a struggle, I have felt in deep bondage, to realise what are Lord says. Take MY yoke and learn from me, because l am gentle and humble in heart, and you's will find rest for he souls.
    This has help me focus on the One thing that h True meaning.



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