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Jesus died for all of us. I suggest that the 144,000 as mentioned in the bible have already been chosen and received. Why has the WTS. leaders proclaimed that the choosing and receiving work is continuing on to this day? How do you come to distinguish or define the anointed generation from that of the greater crowd of the earthly hope?


(Rev.1:5,6; Eph.5:23,25)  In Ephesians there, it clearly says that Jesus delivered himself up for his bride. That bride comes down out of heaven (Rev.21:2) and is made up of the 144000 (Rev.7:4; 14:1). These of the first resurrection, are not of those who "come to life" afterward (Rev.20:4,5,6). Why do you believe that the "great Crowd" is not of the anointed generation, or that the "great crowd" has an earthly hope? Do you have scriptures that prove that the "great crowd" are not anointed, are on earth, or are exclusively to be there? (Rev.19:1)

Oh, and I have a strong hunch that the WT "proclaiming that the choosing and receiving work is continuing on until this day" is about to change drastically. "New light" so to speak. Have you considered the cover on this year's Memorial invite, and who they are now depicting as the 144000? (Chosen pre-1914). This fits well with the Beast alone as the eighth king (and the 10 anointed kings within it) ruling without the adulterous anointed Harlot over it (Rev.17:12,16,11). This change in doctrine was done to the alleviate the conflict of 1Cor.11:26 with the doctrine which declares Christ as returned in 1914.
Saying that the 144000 was complete in 1914 when Christ returned seemingly settles this conflict. Discontinuing the Memorial serves the same purpose.
However, if we are not in the Kingdom (just look around you) then the anointed are still here (Mark 13:29,30,31).
I'm sure these false doctrines will continue to evolve, in response to their errors being exposed.
If they believe that the full compliment of the Kingdom of Kings is assembled, Scripture says that their approval and installation occurs upon Christ's return (Matt.24:45,46,47; 25:19,23). Jesus himself said that when this occurs, his faithful ones are appointed over ALL Christ's belongings.
What do you believe "ALL" of Christ's "belongings" are? (Matt.28:18; Phil.2:9,10,11; 3:21; 1Cor.15:25,28; Heb.1:2; 2:8; Ps.2:8) How today do you see those kings appointed over all Christ's inheritance, and does this include the planet and all life on it? (Rom.8:19)
Is this the "New heavens and earth, in which righteousness dwells"? (2Pet.3:10,12,13)...and do you believe that this already exists (and that the previous heavens and earth have already been "burned up")? There is no "overlapping". The Kingdom is God is either here, or it is not here. Jesus has taken his rulership over all Creation (with all the blessings that this brings), or he and his kings (Rev.1:5) are not yet ruling over all Creation. If you do not see Christ and all his 144000 brothers ruling over all Christ's belongings.... all Creation, then the Kingdom has not yet arrived. One can have authority, and yet wait to use that authority. Jesus is waiting for his full number of co-rulers to be sealed in order to rule with him (Rev.20:6; 14:1). This can be compared to Jesus as having the keys to death and Hades, long before he uses them (Rev.1:18; Acts24:15; just as the Heavenly Father has all power and authority, and yet suspends using that authority for a time. Rev.11:17).
The full number of kings is completed, and the Kingdom begins to exercise all it's authority; AFTER Satan's world ends. Obviously, this did not occur in 1914.

If you review Revelation's description of the Great Crowd, and all the references made to it, and compare those references to who the Bible says have those same descriptions; you will see who the Bible identifies the "Great Crowd" to be. The current popular misconception of this group stems from only looking at a segment of Rev.7.

Also, do you have scriptures to prove that the "great Crowd" "is greater" in number than the 144000; since we are told that "no one can number them"? (Rev.7:9)

For a brief illustration, compare the full 144000 to an entire apple pie.
How large is the last slice? Is the last piece large...or is it only a sliver?
However big or small it is, it is still a part of the original pie.
The last of the faithful anointed remnant, come through the time of the end,
the "great tribulation".
No one knows just how large or small this segment of the 144000 group is.
That does not mean that they are not anointed priests, just as the scriptures describe them to be.
(rendering sacred service in the temple 1Cor.9:13; Lev.6:26; 2Chron.23:6)
(dressed in white robes...a symbol of righteousness worn only by the Holy Ones and their collective "bride" identity Rev.19:8) fact, all the listed traits of the Great Crowd in heaven (Rev.19:1) are unique to the anointed priests (1Pet.2:5,9,10; Rev.20:6).

Have you ever considered that the "little flock" were fleshly Jewish anointed (Matt.15:24; 10:6); and the "other sheep" were the fleshly Gentile anointed to come? (Acts15:14; 13:46) These Gentile anointed to come, were a much larger group than Jewish anointed. But these all became one anointed group, and were then all considered spiritual Jews and spiritual seed of Abraham (Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:27,28,29) regardless of their flesh, making them all one flock. (Eph.2:14,15,16).

Jesus well advised us, that when we flee apostate Jerusalem (Matt.24:16; Rev.18:4), we should not take anything (especially false teachings), along with us (Luke17:30,31,32,33; Mark2:21,22)....even if we feel more comfortable with teachings that are familiar (Luke5:38,39).


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  1. "Saying that the 144000 was complete in 1914 when Christ returned seemingly settles this conflict. Discontinuing the Memorial serves the same purpose."

    IF they end up saying this,then how can the GB claim to be the FDS or make up the group of anointed who will become the FDS? This means those anointed of the GB are not anointed and thus cant be in their position of the GB. They would be saying there are no anointed at all amongst JWs. The weeds in the GB would not allow that. This would be removing them from their power. IF this did happen,could this not be how the beast dethrones the Harlot ? If the GB is so drunk to have no control over such a move by the beast,this might be how the Harlot is removed.


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