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Those not anointed-what benefit now?


1. Why did God not simply decree that all who would obey Him could live forever?

Actually, God has made this decree quite clear, numerous times.
It began in Eden.
When God gave Adam and Even perfect, endless life; it is reasonable to assume that they would have retained this, if they had obeyed him. He in effect, decreed endless life for obedience, when he notified Adam and Eve of the alternate consequences of disobedience (Gen.2:17).
Living forever has requirements. "simply" stating that obedience leads to eternal life, could be misleading, because obedience and the knowledge that leads to it, is not "simple", because Satan is constantly working (with powerful signs and portents) to veil the path to life (Hosea 4:6; Isa.5:13; 2Cor.4:3; Rev.12:9; 13:14; 2Thess.2:9,10).

Remember that Job also revealed his hope of "living again" based upon his sustained efforts to please God (Job 14:14,15; Job 1:1,5). This resurrection hope is attested to throughout the Hebrew writers.
And then of course, we know that Christ brought with him the confirmation of that hope (Matt.7:21; 1John2:17; Acts 17:31; 2Pet.1:19).

You may wonder though,
Why do obedient ones still have to die before they receive eternal life (Jude 1:21)?

We are all born corrupt and sinful. And as we know, sin brings forth death
(Rom.3:23; James 1:15; Rom.5:12).
We can not redeem ourselves nor our fellow humans, even if we are obedient (Psalm 49:7,8,9,10).
But now that the ransom is paid, why are we still dying?
The kingdom of God has not yet arrived. It arrives, when all Christ's enemies, are brought to nothing (Ps.110:1; 1Cor.15:25) and Jesus hands his victory, over to his Father (1Cor.15:24). The reason why we still die, previous to the arrival of God's Kingdom, is because, Death, is Christ's last enemy (1Cor.15:26).
The subduing of Christ's enemies, is through members of heavenly Zion (Ps.110:1-2; Rev.2:26-27). Before the last enemy (Death) is conquered, it must arise and battle with those who have been granted life (John5:24; 6:50; 3:6-7; 1John3:14). After Satan's release from the abyss (Rev.20:7-8) he wages war with the last of the anointed (Rev.12:17; 17:14). Satan is able for a time, to bring them under the power of his agents of death (Rev.13:7; 9:10). Only by conquering the agents of the abyss of death, is death finally conquered. This is accomplished during the time of the fourth living creature (Rev.6:7; 20:9,14; 11:5; 12:10-11) and the fourth Beast.
Previous to the arrival of God's Kingdom, Satan's authority and dominion (deception and death -John8:44), still exist (1John5:19; Heb.2:14). Jesus will soon reverse Satan's authority over death (Heb.2:14,15; 1John3:8; Rev.1:18; 3:7; Matt.16:19; Isa.22:22; John20:23), when his kingdom/Temple is finally finished with construction (Eph.2:20-22; 1Pet.2:5; 1Cor.3:16), and all it's members successfully "conquer" Satan (Rev.12:10,11,7,8) with God's and Christ's power (Rom.16:20; Gen.3:15; Luke 10:19).
That conquering (Rev.12:10,11) means life (Rev.2:7,10; 3:21; James 1:12; Matt.24:13).
(1Cor.15:24,25,28,26; John 5:24; 1John3:14; 2:10; 5:2; Eze.37:14; Rom.8:13)
This conquering of Satan and his seed (previous to Satan's release from the abyss), occurs during Christ's kingdom of a "thousand years". When Satan is released, there is a "short period of time" in which the great tribulation and Armageddon take place. During that time, the agents of Death take captive God's Chosen priests (Rev.13:10; Col.2:8; Matt.24:24-25) and cause their sacrifices to God, to be suspended (Dan.7:7,21,25-27; 8:10-12,17,19,24-25; 2Thess.2:8) (Dan.11:31-33; Luke21:24; Dan.8:13; Rev.11:2; 13:7), as the Temple is being trampled by Satan's agents, the "Gentiles".

That "fear of death" (Heb.2:14,15) includes a fear of it's agents, whose agents can hold the chosen ones under the power of the abyss of deception and death (Rev.9:1,3,10) after Satan is released from the abyss (Rev.9:1,11; 13:4,7).
God has told us not to fear the faces of these ones (Prov.29:25; Eze.2:6; Isa.51:12; Jer.1:8,17,19; Eze.3:9; 28:24) (see NKJV for Jer.1:8 "faces"), who only have the faces of men...not of gods (Rev.9:7; Eze.28:2,9; Isa.2:22).
If we fear them more than Almighty God (Isa.51:12; Ps.118:6; 9:20; Jer.17:5); then we commit idolatry (2Thess.2:4; Rev.13:8; Num.14:9,24,37,38). We must fear God alone (Jer.17:7; Matt.10:28; Rev.14:7; 4:11).
Once we are freed from this captivity (Rev.13:10,16; 9:14; Heb.2:15; Luke 10:19) (Gal.2:4; Col.2:8; John8:32); we are freed from slavery to these agents (Rev.9:5,10; 1Cor.7:23; 15:55,56,57,54) and their power (Rom.8:2; 6:16,22; John 8:32,36; Jer.31:11). Death, is then, conquered.

The anointed do not enter into glorious life, without all these requirements...
 obedience AND the ransom of Jesus Christ AND the end of Satan's power over them.
The end of Satan's power has occurred with individual anointed ones (1Pet.5:10; 1John2:14; Eph.1:20,21,22,23), but not yet with all creation (1John5:19; Luke 4:8; John17:15; 1John5:18; Gal.1:4; Rom.8:19,25).
  This brings us smoothly into your next question...

2. Who besides anointed Christians are experiencing benefits from Jesus' sacrifice and life?
    How will these receive benefit?

We know that the anointed enter into the kingdom through many tribulations (Acts 14:22; 2Tim.3:12; 1Pet.4:13; 2Cor.1:5; Rom.8:17). This is compared to the labor a woman suffers and endures, before her child is born (John 16:21,22,6; Isa.26:17).

  This illustration of "childbirth" scripturally applies to many prophecies.
For example...
*The progression of the anointed from conception/"begotten" of incorruptible seed to  "birth"/seal. (Mark 13:8; Matt.24:8; John 16:21,22; Isa.26:17)
*The consequences to come upon the wicked (Hosea 13:13; Micah 4:9; 1Thess.5:3)
*The pain of creation since it's fall into sin (Rom.8:22).
*The agony the New Covenant-mother/Jerusalem above, goes through (made of those already sealed) until all her full number of firstborn sons are completed (Isa.37:3; Rev.12:1,2,5; Gal.4:19; 1Thess.2:7; 3John1:4).

Throughout the spiritual maturation process/cleansing, refinement of a chosen one, they are under a promise (New Covenant/mother in heaven Gal.4:26,28). This compares to a child developing in the womb. (Ps.110:3; 1Thess.5:5; Judges 5:2; Micah 5:7; Gal.4:19) Once sealed (and born), they continue that growth, to become full representatives of that Covenant (Christ's 'Bride'/"Christ fully formed in you") and channel it's benefits to others as that mother in heaven (2Cor.5:20; 1Cor.4:1; Isa.42:6; Acts 13:47; John 7:38; Rev.22:17; Matt.5:14). These sealed ones are no longer subject to death (Rev.20:4,5,6; John 5:24; 1John3:14). They bring Christ's kingdom into the midst of fallen mankind...
to offer life by means of truth and light.... given them by Holy Spirit.
These symbolic "trees of life" (Ps.1:1-3; Rev.22:1-2; John15:16; Matt.7:20), offer "fine fruit" that provides spiritual healing (James 5:14-16). That "fruit" is their testimony of truth from in their hearts (Luke 6:43-45) wherein holy spirit, lives (Eph.2:22; John7:38-39; 2Cor.1:22; 1Cor.6:19; Matt.10:20).

When the agents of life, provide the fruit/sayings of life, so that others who hear and accept (John13:20; Luke 10:16), might also live (John6:63; 12:49; 20:21).... then the heavenly "mother" covenant/promise, made to the Chosen, is fulfilled. They are now that woman/covenant in heaven (Eph.2:6) and permanent members of that "City"/Temple (Rev.3:12; Prov.9:1).
(Luke 17:20,21,23,24; 2Cor.5:18,19,20; Matt.5:14,16; 1Pet.2:9; Mal.2:7; John7:28,29; 14:16,17,26; 15:26; 16:7).
They can then offer living water, to all (Rev.22:17; 19:9; Matt.22:8-10).
Those who accept the guidance of Christ's Bride, to share in the conquering of Death, will also live.
  *But note also at Rev.22:17, that "anyone 'hearing' " (Matt.13:16), can also share in doing
   the inviting to the marriage feast. Any who partake of and appreciate the opening of the scrolls,
   can share the provisions with others, by inviting them to the same feast of living waters.
   In doing so, the "crowds can be fed" (Mark 6:41-42) by "five loaves"
   (Matt.25:1-2,10; John 12:24; 1Cor.10:17) and a "two fishes" ["Gentiles" (not anointed)
   that are harvested from Satan's "sea" (Matt.13:48-49)(Leviathan),
   who speak truth John 8:17).
   ("What is 'Jew'/What is 'Gentile'"?").

The reason I bring the labor of that woman, is because there is a final birth being spoken of...
The birth to life of those not anointed (Isa.66:7; 54:1; Gal.4:27).
This occurs under God's kingdom of sealed 144,000. The completed bride of Christ will bring these forth into life,
without any pain for "her", or for her earthly "seed" (Isa.66:7,11; Joel3:18; Rev.21:2,3,4,5; 22:1,2,3,17; John5:28,29).

This partly answers your question, as to the un-anointed "experiencing benefits" from Jesus.
Christ's ransom pays directly and first, for the anointed. Once these are redeemed and become a part of the Kingdom Covenant's construction, the Temple of God/bride, grows further toward completion (1Pet.2:5; Eph.2:20,21,22; 1Cor.3:16; Eph.1:10,11,12).
In the meantime, the teachings of Christ advise others (not anointed) to "receive" and "listen" to his faithful brothers (John13:20; Matt.10:40; 2Cor.5:20; Zech.8:23; Rom.2:28,29; Col.2:11). These faithful slaves work hard to provide understanding and guidance (2Tim.4:2; 1Tim.4:16; Mal.2:7). Jesus also teaches allhow to identify which anointed kingdom ambassadors are providing that fine fruit for life (John15:4,5; Matt.7:20 ).

By the treatment all (those anointed and not anointed) give the faithful anointed, these are judged with finality (Matt.25:40,46; Heb.13:2; Matt.10:42; Heb.6:10; Rom.8:33; Matt.7:1), because how one treats these, is a direct result of one's response to the Truth the faithful declare (John10:27; 12:49; 16:13; 1John4:8; John14:17; 2Cor.2:14,15,16; 1Cor.1:18,21; 2Tim.2:21).
The ability to discern the faithful (who are offering food for life) is a gift from Jesus and the Father, to the non-anointed (John6:44; 13:20; 10:27; 7:17). This is a "benefit of Jesus" to those not anointed, that they should use right now.

In time, the benefits of both Jesus Christ AND the New Covenant, will reach all creation (1John2:2; Gal.4:26; Rom.8:19; Heb.9:28; Acts 3:21; Matt.17:11; Rom.8:21) when Christ hands his fulfilled kingdom over to his Father, for God to begin the eternal Kingdom of God (1Cor.15:24,25; Matt.6:10).
But it is imperative to recognize the how and when. Otherwise, if you confuse and overlap the stages of salvation, it results in confusion ("Babylon"); and a diverting from the path of life and it's necessary guidance for the individual.
The application of the ransom of Christ for the second resurrection,
and the life provisions under the fully formed, completed and Materialized New Covenant (Christ's Bride),
is delivered for all physical Creation under the Kingdom Administration to come, under God's future Kingdom. The ransom is first applied through the Promise/Covenant/mother in Heaven for the first resurrection (Gal.4:26; Heb.6:12; Gal.3:29). That period is now. This is Christ's "thousand year" reign. Once this purpose/promise, sees fulfillment in the full administration of Priests and Kings (Rev.5:9,10; Rom.8:24; Heb.11:1; 1Cor.6:2; Dan.7:18,22; Rev.20:4; 2Tim.4:1,2; Eph.1:10; Acts 17:26; Jer.27:5; Hab.2:3; 2Pet.3:9; Zeph.3:8).
the Kingdom government is ready to remove Satan's rule (1Tim.4:1,2) and restore all Creation ( :21; Matt.17:11; 19:28; Rom.8:21,19) under God.
Yet even now,
those who "accept" and "receive" the faithful brothers of Christ, can be "written in the Lamb's scroll of Life" (Matt.10:41), which he presents to his Father. This favorable judgment for those who remove the mark of the Beast (Rev.13:8; 14:9,10,11; 15:2; 17:8; 20:15; Matt.10:41), includes an invitation to the Marriage feast of unveiled revelations, and the blessing of eternal life (Matt.10:41,42; 7:8; 22:8,9,10; Rev.19:9). This is certainly "a benefit from Jesus", and it is available to all,  right now!

I hope this answers your questions. If not, please let me know.



  1. Good Day,

    Kindly expound on Proverbs 4, especially verse 18, which is used quite frequently by the Witnesses religion in explaining the changes in prophecy or just to shift goalposts, as it were. What is the context of the chapter and must we be selective in explaining any scriptural understading?

    Kind Regards

    Spritually Thirsty Soul

    1. Please, may I start you off with a few articles:

      ( --Part One / the first half

      If these do not supply an adequate reply, please ask further. I think the first one especially, will address what you are looking for.
      I also perceive that perhaps a new post is in order, explaining the process of full enlightenment.
      Remember Luke8:18
      "So be careful how you listen. Whoever has something will be given more. Whoever has nothing, even what they think they have will be taken away from them."
      Within that verse is God's justice, and how it dispenses increasing light to His priests.
      If we are faithful with a little, we are given more (Matt.25:14,19,21,29).


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