Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guardian Angels?

Hello Sister Pearl,
 I have heard; that we each have a personal guardian angel. Is this true?


Hello Jerry,
At 2Tim.3:5 we read, "(Men) having a form of godly devotion, but proving false, and from these turn away".
How do we know what "form" of faith is false? What is the standard of what it true?
At John17:17 we read, "Sanctify (cleanse, correct) them by means of the truth. Your Word is Truth.".

  If you consider yourself a follower of Christ's teachings, then I assume that you are guided by scripture. You have not told me which scripture has lead you to consider the possibility that we each have our own individual guardian angel. If you "have heard" this from outside the realm of scripture, why are you considering it? The number of false spiritual rumors are limitless.

This subject could, through the related scriptures which are in God's Word, branch out into many subjects and truths. I could share scriptures about the one guardian angel assigned to all of ancient Israel as they wandered through the wilderness (Ex.23:20)....Or, discuss how many such ancient occurrences are a prophetic pattern which point to the present and future.
I will instead, keep it simple as I believe the nature of your question to be.

The Bible term for "angel" simply means "messenger". The term is not limited to spirits, but also applies to human messengers. Messengers of divine Truth, can "guard" us from deception and ignorance, and as a result, guard from death (Hosea4:6; Prov.10:21; Dan.12:3; 1John2:20,21; Heb.1:14; 2:5).
God does not protect everyone (Prov.22:3; Matt.7:13,14; Rev.20:15,14). He can see the difference between good and bad people (Prov.15:3; 16:17) and He is only moved to act in behalf of those whose heart completely loves God, and His truth (2Chron.16:9).

So in my effort to answer you directly....
No, we do not each have a spirit person assigned to us, to guard us.
I don't know what you imagine we are being guarded from, but a brief glance around us reveals immense suffering and injustice, making obvious that our lives are not charmed in the way you reference.

Yet as we saw at 2Chron.16:9; God will act in behalf of those who truly seek His will and approval (2Sam.22:26; 1Pet.5:6; James4:10; 1John2:17). In this case, a human angel messenger, may be sent to them (Acts9:17; 8:26,29,35,39; 2Cor.5:20; 1Tim.4:16), to illuminate the path of escape from condemnation and death (Matt.7:14,21,13,24; John14:6), which awaits all those alienated from God and the Truth (2Thess.2:9,10; Col.1:21; Eph.2:3; 2Thess.1:8; Rom.2:8).
To be "guarded" from these consequences, we must take action ourselves (1John2:17; Gal.6:7; Prov.16:17).

I hope my reply has given you some thoughts for satisfying consideration.
If any of it causes further questions, please follow up and I will do my best to answer you from the Bible.
There is also further and deeper material in the links to follow:



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