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"Two" and "Ten" | "Heavens" and "Earth" | "Light" and "Darkness"

Good morning Sister D

Thank you for all your help in all of this – you know how it goes, the more one learns the more questions come to mind due to what we had learned before.

I cannot wait for that article – but can you please also make mention of this:- does the fact that only 2 symbolic witnesses repent compared to the 10 (ten kings) that remain in the organization mean that the majority of today’s anointed won’t inherit what was promised them due to them being blind and not trustworthy? I guess in essence my question is about the symbolic meaning of those numbers (2 and 10)


My reply:

Hi Modise,
Yes...the symbolic numbers of 10 and 2 are very significant. Ten represents the earth, to which the unfaithful anointed have been cast down (Rev.12:4; 1:5; James3:15). They are at this point, not a part of those sealed in the heavens (Eph.2:6; Rev.12:5 B; Heb.12:23). To remain a part of the earth (scattered amid the Gentiles) amounts to failure for the chosen ones. This is and has always been their just punishment by God, for their turning away from YHWH and His spirit (Lev.26:33; Eze.22:15; Deut.4:27; Jer.9:16; Rev.13:7,10; 9:3,4,5,6,10) All anointed in the time of the end are there for a while, prisoners of Satan's Abyss (for a symbolic 1,260 days) (Eze.32:18,19,20,21,25; Isa.24:1,2,3,4,5,6,17,18,20,21,22,23; Ps.79:11; Rev.2:10; Dan.1:12; 1Cor.9:25; Rev.3:10; 2:13; Rev.17:18). 

The symbol of being captive to the Abyss, means that they are captive to Satan's deceptions and the power of his agents....the locust-scorpions/ also known as the wild Beast (with seven heads and ten horns) (Rev.9:3; 11:7; 13:1; 17:8 --"sea" = "abyss"), and are under the power of what that abyss represents...death (This is being in a covenant of death with Satan). That mother Covenant is called Babylon the Great (Rev.17:5; Isa.28:15). The symbol for covenants that bring forth seed, are "women".
Her "daughters" are spiritual Harlots. They are "fornicating" with Satan's himself, to produce seed for death. To be in this covenant, is to be in a state of spiritual confusion, darkness, and mayhem. It's symptoms are spiritual drunkenness, a lust for power, and a ruthless persecution of the faithful (Rev.17:6,15,18). 
Those still under the dominion of this power, are not "children of the light", nor sealed (1Thess.5:5,7; Eph.5:8; 1Pet.2:9; Rev.9:2,4). The only way to life, is to get out of her (Rev.18:4)! 
This is the antithesis of the Covenant of Life, "Jerusalem above" (Gal.4:26); who bears seed for life and light (1Thess.5:5; Eph.5:8; Isa.9:2; 42:16; John12:36; Acts26:18; Rom.13:12; 2Pet.1:19). That seed is begotten of God's spirit through Christ (1Pet.1:23; Rom.8:9,10,14,15,16,23; John14:6). Christ is the new father of the new creation (1Cor.15:45; John5:21; 6:57; Rom.8:2; Isa.9:6; Ps.45:16; Rev.14:4). The reigning "Word of God"'s firstborn sons of resurrection (Rev.20:6), will share in his inheritance of the earth. While they are yet in the flesh of this life, they are Jesus Christ's (the son of man's) brothers. In resurrection they are his sons. After adoption by the Father, they are again his brothers. (I hope these symbols do not confuse you. Previous to their resurrection to spirit, they are in a different relationship with Christ and the Father. They are yet awaiting their adoption.) (Rom.8:21,23; 2Cor.4:14; 1Cor.6:14; 15:20,23)

The only way to not be found guilty by Christ at his return/inspection, is to repent. Those who remain inside the Organization, are still under the Covenant of Death, and still marked as slaves to her beast/Organization, in their right hand of power, if not also on their forehead of Faith and conscience. You are correct.....few anointed recognize and are saved through this Great Tribulation (Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:14). 
Those who remove the slave-mark of the Harlot's wild beast, have their sins totally washed away, as if they were never guilty or dirty before God (Isa.1:18; 43:25; 44:22; Eze.33:16; Rev.7:14). Great is God's love, salvation, and reward for the repentant remnant and those who receive them (Matt.10:40,41,42; 22:9). They are honored by Him, for their successfully coming through that great tribulation (Zech.4:6,7,8,9; Eph.2:21; 1Cor.3:16; Rev.7:13,14).

The "two" stands for witnesses of Truth (John8:17; Matt.17:3). This was prophetically expressed when Joshua and Caleb returned from "spying out" Israel's inheritance; totally un-intimidated by the Gentiles that stood in their way (Num.14:6,7,8,9,24,30). 

The ten were intimidated...not trusting in YHWH's power to keep his promises toward them (Num.14:10,11,12,23,35,36,37,38). 

This is the very meaning of YHWH's name, "He causes to become" (Jewish verb "hawah" "to become") "Yehawah". 

By not putting faith in the meaning of that name (this is the real meaning of "calling on God's name" (Rom.10:13), not knowing and saying it verbally); they had their personal inheritance revoked. Israel would not enter the promised land, until all of these died off (40 years in the wilderness). We are symbolically in the "wilderness" now (Rev.12:6; 17:3; Jer.3:2)...the place of the great test, and of the great war between Babylon's confusion, and Truth.

  All of this is a pattern of what was to come in our day. We see it fulfilled through the ten kings of the earth (Dan.7:7,20,24,25; 8:10; Rev.13:1; 17:12,16), and the two witnesses (Rev.11:3,4; Zech.4:14,10).

As far as whether the majority of anointed will fail (when comparing 10 and 2), we know that the last of the faithful anointed can not be numbered by men (Rev.7:9). Certainly we know that the faithful are not reflected by the tally of partakers inside the organization. Although we accept this inability to read hearts, Jesus informed us about how many of those invited, do make it through the entire gauntlet... (Luke22:31; Matt.24:13; Luke13:23,24; Matt.7:13,14,21,22,23; Matt.19:25,26; Matt.22:8,14).
Although the numbers 10 and 2 are symbolic, they do also accurately reflect a general comparison of quantity. We are assured of this due to Matt.22:14.

Excellent question! It reflects that you are really thinking, and have a very healthy spiritual appetite. Holy Spirit always helps me to answer your questions. This gives me an easier way to teach others as well, by using your questions and answers at the site.

These things will be covered more fully in the next two articles I hope to complete soon.... "Leviathan and his Abyss" and "Who are the kings of the earth?". 
Things are so difficult now, for me here. I am in the middle of many struggles which make writing more difficult. But what do we expect in Satan's world? The prayers said in my work's behalf are powerful and much appreciated. With our heavenly Father's blessing, all things are possible.
If anyone has a question about this post, please ask it in "comments" below.

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