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Daily Bread

Greetings! I have passed by this post of yours, at
I find it very imperative information, will you expound more about "daily bread".
And explain Rev.6:6 please.

Regarding the "daily bread", there is already much information in the above post, as well as many scriptures there upon which to meditate.
If you like, you can also read the "signs" article, located at ,
under "famine".
The spiritual famine (lack of bread--"hearing the words of Jehovah") is a subject that I prefer to expound further upon, when an article about the "four horsemen" is released. If you have a specific question about "daily bread", please submit it here, or email me at , and I will forward to you whatever spirit and scripture, provides in response.

Regarding Rev.6:6
 "Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"
I will also go into this in depth within the "four horsemen" article (Rev.6:1-8).
I will give you a brief answer for now.
You can already see that according to this plague, spiritual provisions (daily bread) will come at a cost, for what should be free (Isa.55:1,2; Rev.22:17; 13:17,16,15; 2Cor.2:17; 4:2; 2Pet.2:3; Titus 1:10,11; Prov.1:19; Isa.57:17; 2Thess.2:3; 1Tim.6:5; 2Tim.3:5).
("Dishonest Gain")

When Rev.6:6 tells us, "do not harm the olive oil and wine"; perhaps you know from my past writings about this... that "olive oil" stands for Holy Spirit which acts as fuel for spiritual enlightenment (Matt.25:7,8; Heb.1:9; Psalm23:5; Zech.4:12,14; Rev.11:3,4).
Under this plague (caused by the "Wild Beast"/"Man of Lawlessness" 2Thess.2:4), it restrains the partaking of Holy Spirit and it's enlightenment [but allows only it's own spiritual commerce, based upon lies (Rev.13:17; 2Thess.2:7,10; Amos 8:11)].
"Buying" is the acquisition of divine favor, guidance, stature, and instruction.
It is acquired by what one trades for it (or sells)'s devotion, obedience, and honor (Rev.13:3,8).
Organized religion requires conformity and servitude to it's doctrines and leadership.
If you sell these away to men, they will give you approval and spiritual food.
This entire commerce is corrupt. All these things belong to Christ, and not to men, who exploit these things for their own glory and power. Who rightly owns our subjection and loyalty?
These should only be given to God and His Christ (Rev.3:18; Mark8:34,35; 10:21; Matt.16:24)

Let's get back to the spiritual commerce prophesied for the end time....
We read that this plague also restrains "the wine".
Wine is a product of the "vine" (see John15:5,16; Heb.13:15). Yes, without Jesus Christ the true vine...sending Holy Spirit to those branches that remain "in union" with him (John15:5 B; 1John2:28) there will be no "fruit" (Matt.7:20,17; 12:33,35,37; John7:16,17,18).
That spiritual fruit produced (teachings, sayings)
and it's wine (fruit made ready for spiritual ingestion)
are the end product of Holy Spirit being poured out upon anointed prophets
(1John2:20,27; John16:13; Exo.4:12; Matt.10:20; Rev.11:3,4; Zech4:14; Mark9:4).
That wine can be fine truths sourced in God's holy spirit...
or the false prophets who bear rotten fruit (Matt.7:15,16; 12:33,34; John7:18). The false prophets will offer poisonous wine...doctrines leading to death (Jer.2:21; Deut.32:33,32; Psalm140:3; Rom.3:13).
God tells us the future of these anointed who leave the "True Vine" Christ, in order to mislead for the profit of their own power and glory (John7:18 A; Jer.25:30,29; Rev.18:3,4; 14:18,19). These forbid partaking of the True "olive oil and the wine" (Rev.6:6; Rev.13:17).

For a time, this plague of discipline headed up by the returned Master (Rev.6:2);
allows the Chosen to be mislead and disciplined by the Gentiles, whose idolatrous rule they have chosen to have over them. (Dan.11:36; 2Thess.2:4; Matt.24:24; Eze.11:12; 8:10; Matt.24:15; Micah6:16; 22:30; Dan.7:21,25; Rev.13:7; 9:4,5,10). Why are they being "trampled"? (Rev.11:2; Isa.5:5; 63:18; Dan.8:13; 12:7; Luke21:24) Because they have lost their "saltiness", and buried the light of Holy Spirit under a "measuring" basket of commerce (Matt.5:13,14,15; Rev.13:17). Their lamps have replaced the fuel of Holy Spirit, with doctrines of spiritual Gentiles (Matt.25:9,10). To replace Holy Spirit in your lamp with false doctrine, is spiritual fornication (Rev.17:2; 18:3; 1Cor.6:15,16).
If it were not for God "cutting short" those days of deception (Matt.24:22; 2Thess.2:4,9; Rev.12:9; 13:11,14; 14:8), no flesh would be saved (Luke13:23,24; 1Pet.4:18; Rom.9:29; Isa.1:9; 10:21,22; Eze.17:22; Psalm72:16).
To allow His deceived people more of a choice, God does cut this sifting tribulation by Satan short, limiting it's lethal effects (Luke22:31; Amos4:11; Isa.48:9; Mark13:20).
Jehovah restricts the damage, just as a log is snatched out of a fire, for the sake of His Holy Name (Eze.36:22; Dan.12:1; Zech.3:2,3,4; (Rev.19:8) Zech.2:12; Jude1:23; Rev.9:14).
What is it that saves the remnant from being drowned by this flood of Satanic lies? (Rev.12:15)
How are His people given one more chance at life?
Along with this plague of horsemen (including a spiritual famine); He limits their ability to harm/destroy totally, the "olive oil and the wine". (Isa.65:8,9) A remnant will be awoken spiritually (Matt.25:6,7; Luke12:37; Rev.9:14; 11:3,4). These will have the resolve to base their teachings upon Holy Spirit, despite Satan's persecution and the wrath of the Wild Beast (John15:4,5; 1John2:28; Rev.13:15; Mark8:35; Rev.11:7; 20:4) The fruit the faithful bear, will remain (John15:16; 1Cor.3:13,14). The "blessing within it"(Isa.65:8), will become manifested (Matt.13:43; Dan.12:3; 11:33,35; 12:10; Prov.4:18; 11:30).

I hope this answer suffices for now.
There will be more under the "four horsemen" article, I hope soon to come.


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