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I have read two different applications of this scripture Rev 9:4. One is on your blog about the serpent disgorging water from it's mouth and the earth coming to the aid. Here you say this is after all the wheat are threshed and in the store house. Rev 9:4 -6 states that these who are not sealed get  tormented 5 months . And you further say that the woman is devoid of any anointed at this point. However on your blog about who Apollyon and Abadon  you say this same scripture is depicting the attack on those who haven't yet received the sealing and is linked to their tribulation. That is how I read it.

I do believe these are the unsealed but this is before they are taken to the store houses. It precedes the untieing of the angels at the Euphrates and  the plagues that follow must give opportunity for repentance or it would not be stated that these did not repent of the work of their hands. Rev 9:24 Why would it be said they did not repent if they were not going to benefit if they did?  Any way maybe you could clarify. Are they sealed at the point of Rev 9:4 are they still suffering tribulation? Thank you.


"They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads."

This test is not for any but those invited who are yet unsealed.

"They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them."
"It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, 'Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.'".

You say that you believe that I teach that all wheat are in the storehouse when the locust-scorpions "harm" the unsealed men of Rev.9:4.

As best as I can recall, I do not believe nor teach that, but I don't understand why you have drawn that conclusion about my teaching. If you know where there is such a quote, can you please send it's location to me? 
I will try to understand your question, and respond. Perhaps you have over-simplified?

Rev.9:4 shows...not the condition of all anointed... but the condition of each anointed, previous to becoming sealed.
They do not all become sealed at once.
There is a period of time however, that no anointed are awake or faithful (Matt.25:5; Eze.22:30). Rev.9:4 is true of all, only for a time...and it is still true for other unsealed, after the first ones have been released and sealed.

Some today believe that if something is hard to understand...then it must not be true. Yet even in the first century, anointed had difficulty understanding deep things, for a variety of reasons (John16:12; Heb.5:11; 2Pet.3:16) 
Despite this, I hope to help you to understand something a bit complicated, by means of an illustration. The nature of this is complicated due to Satan's "deep things" and how he is working (Rev.2:24,10,9).

Imagine that a man has a terminal illness, but he does not know it. While he is in ignorance, he feels happy and secure despite twinges of pain. 
In a sense, he faces three plagues. The first is his actual illness. The second is his gaining knowledge about his dire straits. The third is the painful treatment which is necessary, in order to make him fully well again. This is how the end plays out for all the "men", and the "earth", "trees" and "green things".

ALL God's people are under the plague of the Locust-Scorpions (the Wild Beast/spiritual Gentiles). This is such a masterful deception of Satan (Matt.24:24,25; 2Thess.2:9,10), that they do not realize that while in subjection to these, they are kept prisoner under the Covenant of Death, "Babylon the Great". (This corresponds to the time of ignorance of the terminally ill man.)
Subjection to these Locust-Scorpions/Wild Beast and their lies... means death. While the "earth", "trees" and other "green things" are ignorant of their spiritual peril.... they are free of the second and third plague... (facing the reality of their fatal disease, and the painful treatment that is required in order to survive).
To explain...
Rev.9:4 tells these Locust-Scorpions NOT TO HARM the grass of the earth, plant or tree, BUT ONLY these unsealed.

This symbolic verse involves three truths.

1. The Greek word for "harm", literally means "to treat unrighteously".
    It is "unrighteous" to "sting" the invited holy ones (lovers of truth) with
    death-dealing lies, and subject them to spiritual "Gentiles" 
    When this verse tells us that the "earth, grass, plants, and trees" are 
    not to be "treated unrighteously"...
    this is because it is not "unrighteous" to give these ones what they do 
    deserve and desire, for accepting the lies 
    and for taking pleasure in "unrighteousness".
    To clarify...
    If the "earth, grass, plants, and trees" want to be stung, then it is not
    unrighteous to sting them.
    The Bible reveals that this is the case (2Thess.2:10,11; Rev.13:3,4,6,8).

2. The reason why the only ones tormented by the Locust-scorpions are 
    the "unsealed men", is revealed to us at 2Pet.2:8.
    The unsealed men are tormented in the same way as Lot. They know 
    first-hand of the unrighteousness of those oppressing God's sons, 
    together with the rest of the flock. They see Christ's lambs being 
    skinned and thrown about, by an authority and power that is not of 
    God at all, but of the wicked one (2Thess.2:9; Rev.13:2,4).
    We are told at Rev.9:6, that those tormented "seek death"...
    "longing for it"; but death "flees from them" and they 
    "cannot find it". Due to being spiritually asleep, the unsealed 
     try so hard to accept their fatal subjection to the veiled and disguised 
     lies of Satan (resulting in their deaths); But Holy Spirit does 
     not allow it. These "cannot find" a valid scriptural basis to accept the
     brutality, pride, and unjust wickedness they see being displayed 
     before them. This is because, (unlike the earth, trees, and green things),
     they love the Truth.

3. The "harming" of the rest, is later brought to light by the four angels 
    that are untied. (Just as the ignorant man feels happy and secure while 
    in ignorance, he is for a time, protected from the knowledge and the 
    necessary painful cure). In the same way, the "earth and green things"
    remain protected for a time, from the judgement due those no longer 
    ignorant. The untied angels bring the tribulation to the rest 
    (earth, trees, green things), by exposing the truth about the 
    locust-scorpions, and the toxic effect their "sting" of death is having. 
    This exposure brings that testing tribulation to the rest. 
    Now the "rest" (earth, trees, grass, plants) will have to be separated
    through the same sifting tribulation, which the "four angels" have just
    finished with themselves. Now the "harm" and torment caused by the 
    Locust-Scorpions reaches all other lovers of Truth that might yet 
    be present within the "earth, trees, and green things".
    I will try to make this clearer...

Rev.7:2,3 says, 

"Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.” 

Here we are told that Jesus commands the four released angels to first focus on the rest of the unsealed anointed,
to bring in the final number with him (Rev.6:9,10,11), (Just as Jesus first focused on those in Covenant -Matt.15:24; 22:2,3,4,5,6) and to give these who claim to be Jehovah's chosen priests, the opportunity to prove it... 
by taking their stand for Him, and by repenting of their idolatry to the Beast and False Prophet.
As these are also released from Satan's river "Euphrates" (Rev.9:14; 12:15; 16:12; 11:6), they join the forces 
of the faithful witnesses, depicted in Rev.9:15,16,17,18,19; 11:3,4; 19:11,14,15. 

Rev.19:15 is very important. It contains details
of this warfare and the events taking place which are contained in this entire posting...
Jesus is "striking" those who claim to follow God, with "the long sword of this mouth". All this has deep meaning...
"striking" (Prov.20:30; 17:10,11; 27:6; Psalm141:5) with a long sword (Heb.4:12). It is "long" because such a "long" sword in battle, outreaches any resistance from an enemy. "And he will rule them with a rod of iron" means that Jesus is exposing the "iron" of the "feet" of the "Image" of Daniel (Prov.10:13; Dan.2:33,34; Psalm2:9; Isa.8:9; 60:12; Dan.8:25; Zech.4:6; 12:3; Rev.9:9)... and allowing it to rule his unsealed anointed to discipline them. Those who refuse Christ's discipline (Heb.12:6; Psalm3:112)....
those not released from lies as a result of this divine rebuke (by choice), are the ones who "do not repent" (Rev.2:16,21,22; 9:20,21; 16:9,11).

The "earth, trees, grass and plants" (which includes the unsealed anointed "trees" Isa.61:3; 1Cor.3:9) are then all faced with the reality of their peril. These were mislead into believing that they had "peace and security" (Micah3:5; Jer.6:14; 8:14; 14:13,14,15; 23:17; Eze.13:10,16; 1Thess.5:2,3,4). 
Eyes opened... they are now caught in the middle of the war-field of Armageddon, between those warring for truth and those warring for deception (Gen.3:15; Rev.12:7,17; 19:11,14). 
Rev.16:14 reads, 
"For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty." We are being told that demonic frog-like expressions, cause the anointed Kings to assemble in the plain of decision. 

The "earth", "Trees" and "green things" also face this decision of who they will worship, due to these same demonic lies. 
The "manifestation" of Christ will bring these plagues to light.
These must now choose which side they will take (Zech.14:4,8; Exo.32:26,29).
Some will realize the situation, and be fully aware of their choice (James4:17; Luke12:47; Deut.25:2). Others will make that choice based on their heart condition, and not be fully conscious of the side they are taking (Prov.4:19; 1Cor.3:18; 8:2; John11:10).

Not all anointed are sealed at the same time. Once the four angels are released (at Rev.9:14), they are no longer a part of the "earth". When released, they go off to release yet others (Isa.61:1,2; Luke4:18,19; Matt.22:8,9,10; 25:6). These work to expose the original plague of the locust-scorpions in an effort to bring to repentance, any possible (2Thess.2:3,8).

By exposing the death-dealing sting of the Organization's representatives (as well as their false authority to dominate) (1Cor.15:55; Rev.9:7; 13:15,16,17; 2Thess.2:4; Rev.2:2; 6:6; 13:17); the next "plague" is released 
(The illustration of the man's realization of his deadly disease). 

Now the "earth", "trees" and "green things" are also exposed to the tribulation/testing/sifting (Rev.7:3). Rev.7:3 is not speaking of a time frame, but of a priority. 
This exposure of "the earth and the works in it" (2Pet.3:7,10; Isa.24:19; Rev.16:15), is only the "plague" of Truth/spirit/fire (as the man finding out about his illness). But that truth is not evil in itself. The real plague is the death-dealing "sting" of Satan's agents and realizing one's captivity to it (Rev.13:9,10). Once exposed, a "plague" of knowledge ensues, and once truth has been put within reach... time has run out for ignorance. Each and every person must make their choice of worship (Luke21:35; Joel3:11,12,14,16; Rev.14:7). All choices will be according to one's heart and free will, whether that choice is conscious or not (Rev.13:3; 7:10; 20:4).

So at the point that the 4 angels are released to ride forth for truth (Rev.6:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8; 14:6,7,8,9,10,11,14), not all wheat is in the storehouse, but the distinction between the "earth" and "heavens" has been made. In fact, this separating has been occurring since the anointed generation began it's procession of "virgins" under the "bride"/Covenant in the first century (John4:35,23; Matt.9:38; Isa.49:18; Psalm45:14). 
But the book of Revelation takes us to the final battle....the "remaining one's" of the woman's seed...the conclusion of these matters....during the time when the last of the "woman's" seed are "bruised in the heel"; and the last of Satan and his seed, are "bruised in the head" Gen3:15; Rev.12:8,9; 20:9,10,11,12....receiving the deadly blow of Jehovah's final condemnation.

I hope you can see that the woman, is not "devoid of any anointed at this point".
The woman has been conceived with a growing child, since Pentecost.
When the 4 angels ride forth with Christ, they assist in gathering to him all those willing to give God glory and credit for salvation (Rev.7:10; 14:7)....of both those anointed who become sealed, and those who receive them (Matt.10:40,41,20
Try to perceive that each anointed one matures at a different pace. 
Not all are sealed at once.
Anointed have been "growing together" (Matt.13:30) and being tested by Satan during their own lifetime (and passing or failing), since the time of Christ. 

The book of Revelation is like a child's book, explaining in simplified terms and symbolism, the basic things all need to know to remain standing when Christ's presence is manifested (2Thess.2:8; 1John2:28; Isa.11:4; 30:28; Matt.16:27; 1Cor.1:28; 2Thess.1:9; 2:3; 1Tim.6:14; 2Tim.1:10; 4:1,8; Titus2:13; Rev.3:19,20,21; Matt.10:23; 24:3,27; 26:64; Mark8:38; 13:26; Luke9:27; John8:51; Luke21:22; Acts1:11; 1Cor.15:23; James5:7; 1John2:28) (which I suppose could be an additional article). 

God tells the prophets first (Amos3:7; Rev.11:3) ( what is threatening their faithfulness, life and reward... what they are doing wrong... what Satan is doing and how, and who he is using... from where their salvation will come... what they need to do to be found awake and busy ...and the comfort they need to solidify their faith.

These things will be perceived...
 first by the prophets (Rev.9:13; Matt.25:6) and then all those who comprise the 4 angels (Rev.9:14; Matt.25:9,10)
(who are "released" from Satan's river "Euphrates"), 
(which he has "disgorged from his mouth").
These are the first ones, to make up, the material "woman" seen on earth.
Remember, the "woman" was initially a "promise" in heaven (Rev.12:1; Gal.4:26).
For those alive on earth who are the last to be sealed;
They become her...these have had this "promise" in heaven, fulfilled. The Bride has been completed...
her living members on earth now represent her. The "remaining ones of her seed" ARE a part of the son she has already borne, who was sealed in heaven.
(Here are two questions from another reader. I think the answer to his second question will help you with these deep things. 
These things are not as simple and clear cut as the illustrations in Revelation.
But they are fully depicted within that symbolism.
It is un-natural for us as physical humans, to see these things in their true spiritual symbolism.
We apply our own physical sense of timing to these things. But they are really written according to 
the spiritual justice of God...layer upon layer...not in a chain of progressive events.

In reference to your other question....
Those who do "not repent", are those who remain unfaithful,
even after the 4 angels expose the need to repent. 
Those who refuse to repent, are not those about to be sealed,
but those who remain a part of the Harlot or Beast...those who refuse to 
"get out of Babylon the Great", the covenant of death. (Rev.18:4)
This includes, not only the unfaithful anointed...but all those who call themselves by Jehovah's name, undeservedly (Eze.36:22; Jer.25:29).
Those who DO repent, are fittingly seen "dressed in sackcloth" (Rev.11:3; Joel1:13; Luke10:13; Matt.11:10; Rev.6:12; Matt.24:30; Rev.1:7; Isa.59:20,21)

At Rev.9:4; those invited unsealed anointed are still suffering, due to their subjection to the Locust-Scorpions.
They believe that Jehovah is behind this arrangement and that they are supposed to endure it.
Like Job, they do not realize that they are being tested by Satan (Job.1:21; James5:11).
Their release comes only after realizing that subjection to these, means death and idolatry on their part. (2Cor.11:20; Gal.5:1; 1Cor.7:23; Gal.1:10)
This "release" (Rev.9:14) does not happen to all anointed at once...
but those who learn of this truth first, are under obligation to declare Jehovah's impending judgement,
to any who might listen and repent (Rev.14:6,7,8,9,10,12). This is the period where all (anointed and not anointed) are either "taken" or "left/abandoned", based upon whether or not they accept the invitation to the marriage feast (Luke17:28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37; Matt.22:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10).

After the initial "angels" are released, they go from suffering the painful deadly stings of the Locust-Scorpions,
to suffering the battle wounds of Armageddon...fighting for truth in the face of Satan and his angels. 
Satan and his angels do not stop fighting, just because they have been "cast down" (Rev.12:13,17).
This battle will rage until Jehovah sees that all have made their choice (Joel3:14,16,11,12).


I apologize for being long-winded. I have a harder time being concise and clear when I am mentally exhausted.
I am happy that things are picking up with more readers writing me and asking for feedback;
but I really need to be 10 people LOL.
Please, after you have a chance to examine this explanation, I hope you will be kind enough
 to let me know where I have been neglectful or unclear.
If you can make your questions specific and clear,
it would be a great help.

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