Friday, December 7, 2012


I will copy some correspondence concerning the donations to our brothers in Romania.
Included within are the instructions for all who wish to help.

This is a letter from an anointed one, to our dear brother Sas in Romania:

Dear Sas Gavril,
My name is Brother Xxx Xxxx. I live in the United States I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have been partaking for the last 25 years. I am writing to you in response to a request for financial assistance relayed to us by our dear sister Pearl Doxsey. We are very troubled to hear of your situation and want to do what we can to help you. If you would be kind enough to let us know how, we will try to get this to you as soon as possible. I commend you for your your loving concern not only for yourself and your family but for all of the brothers and sisters in your congregation. It lets me know how wide your heart is, and compels me to help you in what ever way I can. There is so much I want to say to encourage and console you but I will try to keep things simple so that you can translate it as easily as possible, but please know you are very loved and in our hearts and prayers.
With warm sincere love your brother, Xxx

When Sas and Rus received this letter, Rus wrote to me, asking that I instruct this brother how to send funds from the USA.
I replied:

Dear Xxx,
I just wanted to forward this letter I received from Sas and Rus,
so that you can see that he is asking me to give you instructions on how to send your aid.

If you go to any Western Union location (these can likely be found on-line based upon your zip code.)
Please let me know if you have any trouble finding one.
when you get to the location, there will either be an agent or a phone, which is used exclusively for Western Union.
The process is easy and instructions are given on that phone.
You will need the following information...
Country: Romania
Sender information: (you, and your personal information)
Receiver:  Alin Gavril Sas
Amount in dollars: full amount of donation in dollars
Currency: RON

There will be a fee (I expect between $10-$20, which will be added to the amount you plan to send)
You will be given a number (sometimes you are given two different numbers through the process, if this is your first time sending money through Western Union).
Use the first number as the phone tells you (if this is what happens)
The last number is the most important, and you should be prepared to write it down.
That last (or only) number, is ten digits. (called the MTCN).
This number is the identification number of the funds.
Whoever has this number can withdraw the donation.

Record it, and send it to Rus and Sas both, each should receive an email from you with the ten digit number.
Rus' email, is: (
Sas' email, is: (
When they have the number, they go to their local western union with proper ID, and the ten digit number.
They can then receive the donation.
It only takes 10 minutes from the time you complete the process, until Sas can withdraw the sum.

I hope this was clear enough.
I am here if you have any questions or problems.
Thank you so much for your generosity.
We know that within the body of Christ, if one member suffers, all empathize (1Cor.12:26,25).
If there is a lack, those with enough fill the need (2Cor.8:13,14,15; John13:35.).

May Jehovah continue to care for our needs,
that we might serve Him with endurance, spirit, wisdom, and love.
Love in Christ,
Pearl Doxsey

Dear Rus and Sas,
I have been contacted by our brother in Christ, Xxx.
As you know, his love for the body of Christ has moved him to relieve your tribulation in Romania.
I send you the information, so that you can retrieve the money.

I myself intend to go out today to send more.
I have a donation from our anointed brother in Brazil, Paulo...
a young man who is fighting courageously for truth,
and has recently been disfellowshipped as so many of us recently have been.
I will add that generous donation to my own.

We rejoice in the faithfulness, of all the Chosen,
while they are under persecution for the Love and sake of Christ and his interests.
We rejoice to properly care for his household,
and all those sheep who might be saved in Jehovah's merciful name...
even if the cost to us, is the loss of the lives we knew (Mark8:35).

With warm affection,
I hope that by reading these letters, all can be encouraged.
Please include our Romanian brothers in your prayers,
and may anyone whose heart is moved to help,
be richly blessed for their love and support of those anointed who are working
urgently for the Master's interests (2Tim.4:2; 1Thess.2:7,8; 2Cor.12:15; 1John3:16; Heb.6:10).

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