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Becoming Sealed


I just read one of your blogs.
Here is a segment I would like to comment on.....

"At the point that the "earth" helps the "woman", they are now distinguished and  separated....weed anointed who have not proven faithful (earth 2Pet.3:7,10; James3:15), from wheat anointed who are sealed (heavens Rev.12:5; 1Pet.1:4; Eph.2:6; Rev.14:3,4 "from among mankind"/from the "earth"). Any anointed left behind as part of the earth, are not sealed. Those "taken" from the earth (to heaven), are sealed. Rev.12:17 terms them, "the remaining ones of the woman's seed"."
This is not to say that all have been sealed at this time, but to say that once the first "four angels" are "untied" from Satan's river of lies (Euphrates Rev.12:15; 9:14; 16:12), a distinction is made (Mal.3:18), and all will have to choose where they stand. Once all anointed are sealed, the tribulation/testing moves on to the un-anointed. (Rev.7:3)

As far as i can tell, the term "sealed" is not a term used by Jehovah. But its an expression that is used in reference to anointed once its confirmed if they are wheat or weeds, faithful or not. The reason i bring this up is the above quote from your blog. Just because anointed are taken from the earth doesn't mean they are the only ones "sealed". Apostate anointed are still invited anointed, though apostate. When Jesus arrives, even though they are apostate, he is still their master and can pass judgement on them as he did with Judas.

I'm feeling you use the term sealed as saying that faithful anointed go to heaven as the reward. But the faithless are also "sealed" in that they are pronounced and judged as such, and get the payment for their disloyalty to Jesus when he "arrives". What is taken from them is like a thief in the night, because of their apostasy.
 I'm not picking on what you said. It's just this term is getting used a bit lately. As far as i can tell, just because faithful wheat anointed go to heaven doesn't mean they are "sealed" any more than apostates who also get their just payment...., just not the one they hope for.

Dictionary:Sealed:established irrevocably; "his fate is sealed"

Though you can't use a worldly dictionary to dictate Bible terms, it makes a point. Once Jesus arrives and passes judgement, they are sealed as such...which ALSO means they get the reward for either course of action. Both wheat and weeds have an outcome because of their actions.

thanks for the blog !

Jehovah holds those in Covenant with Him to a standard. As the purpose of each Covenant/Woman becomes fulfilled (it's intended "seed" is born),
those covenants draw to a conclusion/fulfillment (Isa.7:14; Gal.3:16; 4:26; 3:29; Rev.12:5; 1Pet.1:4).
[Covenants=women (]
Leading to that conclusion/"birth", an inspection takes place to determine who is faithful to that Covenant and who isn't. They go through a sorting period, during which pressure/fire/lye/revealed truth, is applied. Those whose works prove unfit, have them "burned up", and they suffer shame/nakedness. All that these regarded as valuable, has been "stolen" from them, by the returning "thief" (Luke12:39; 2Pet.3:10; Matt.6:19; Rev.3:3; 16:15). They did not keep on the watch, but became part of Satan's world, by their subjection to his deceptive power of sin....letting Satan take from them their crown (John10:10; Rev.3:11; 2:10). Both Jesus and Satan come as "thieves", because Christ will hand over the unfaithful to Satan (1Tim.1:19,20; 1Cor.5:5; Prov.23:14; Rev.19:15) to be disciplined/cleansed....or destroyed. Satan's confirmed seed, are "sons of *destruction", which is the meaning of *Abaddon/Apollyon. HE is the "angel of destruction"/"angel of death" who destroys his own seed, after God rightly removes his protection from those who choose Satan's sovereignty. (Gen.2:17; John8:44; 1John3:10,15)
Only those of faithful heart, will retain protection (Matt.6:13; 1Cor.10:13; Psalm91:4; 18:30; 36:7; 40:11; Prov.18:10; Isa.31:5; 1Pet.1:5; Exo.12:23) These practice godly devotion, and remain "standing". They stay  mindful and concerned with their valued relationship with God (1Pet.1:17; 2Pet.3:11; Mal.3:2; Rev.6:17), are always cognizant of God's will, and how their actions effect their relationship with Him (Rev.7:9,15).
Those who leave Jehovah and their purpose in the Covenant (2Tim.3:5; Hosea6:7; Eze.44:7; Rev.2:4), *reject the promised seed, *become overconfident, *unconcerned, *are spotted from the world, *forgetful hearers....and like the first century Jews, do not discern their hour of inspection (Luke19:41,42,43,44; Luke12:56; Matt.16:3).
The same was prophesied for the time of fulfillment for the New Covenant (Luke12:40; Matt.24:44,32,33; Rom.8:23,24,25). Only those who;
*naturally seek the will of God alone, (1John2:17) *seek Christ's approval, (Matt.25:23; Gal.1:10) *disown their life and surrender their soul, (Luke9:23; 17:33) *love their brothers (1John4:8,20; 3:11,10),
-will pass their inspection. Even many of these are taken by surprise, because Christ's arrival/inspection, is not at a time, NOR IN THE WAY, that they have been taught to expect. (Matt.25:5; 24:48; 2Thess.2:2; 1Thess.5:3; Luke12:40; Matt.25:44; Rev.13:14; 11:4,8,10)

There are revealed to us (in the book of Revelation) the very deeds that do seal, both the faithful and unfaithful. Once these deeds are performed, a seal of ownership is placed upon the forehead of each slave. That slave mark is the name of the Master who owns them. The master of each slave (Satan or Christ), determines what is to become of those whom they own (1Pet.1:23; John14:6; John3:16) -- (John8:44; Rev.9:11; 1Cor.10:10; Heb.11:28; John10:10; 1Pet.5:8).
Judas Iscariot was sealed, the moment he decided to leave the Lord's Evening Meal in order to betray Christ to the religious leaders. Satan had entered into him (Luke22:3; John6:70; 13:2; John17:12; Rev.9:11), and Jesus referred to him as the "son of destruction". Those religious leaders were in turn also sealed, when they turned Christ over to the Gentiles in power, delivering him up to death (Matt.23:32,33; John19:15).
This is also the pattern that seals those unfaithful to the New Covenant. Only the "players" have changed. They fulfill the same roles (Matt.23:32; 2Thess.2:3; John16:2; Rev.17:6; 11:7,8).

I think the rest of your comments can be attended to, if you would like to consider the following scriptures, which I believe will acquaint you with the Bibles view of this subject of becoming "sealed".

Take a peek at 2Cor.1:22.
All those who make it to heavenly Mt. Zion,
have this seal of ownership, on their forehead (Rev.14:1).

Check out 2Cor.5:5; Eph.1:14 and Rev.3:12; 7:3,4; 22:4; 1Pet.1:4
which all refer to this same "sealing".

....And you are right...
just as the faithful are sealed permanently as slaves of Jehovah, Christ and New Jerusalem (Rev.3:12)...
the unfaithful also become permanently sealed in the same way....
branded on their forehead by the name of their master....
Rev.17:5; 13:16,18  (

Just from five chapters in Revelation alone, we will see what each unfaithful group is guilty of:

(Anointed Leaders--Rev.17:6, 18:2,5,7,23,24; 13:11,14; 8:10,11; 9:1,2,3,11) (Anointed--Rev.18:3,9; 17:2,12,13,14; 13:1,7) (Organization of False Gentile Priests/Princes--Rev.13:2,5,6,7,8,15,18; 11:2,7; 2Thess.2:4) (Proselytes--Rev.13:4,8,17,18; 17:2,8,15)
Each side is sealed through blood....
either by means of sacrificing their own blood (Rev.6:9,10,11; etc.)
or by shedding the blood of others (1John3:15; Rev.17:6; 11:7; 18:24).

Until all are sealed, the end delays.
This is why the Title "Harmageddon" means, the plain of decision.
Each person will have to decide (Luke21:35; Rom.14:12)
Those drawn to this final battle, will take their side...
for lies (Rev.16:16,13,14,15; 13:4,11,14; 2Thess.2:9,10,11,12; Rev.19:19,20,21; John8:40,41,43,45,47)
or truth (Rev.11:3,4; 12:11; 14:5,12; 20:4; John8:29,31,32,38,50; John7:16,18,38,39)
Jesus' weapon is "the long, sharp, two-edged sword coming out of his mouth".
Satan's weapon is a "river" coming out of his mouth.
Once each person chooses their "side" of which teachings they believe and live by, they are "sealed" (Rev.22:11,12,16).


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