Thursday, November 8, 2012

Light of the Daystar

HiYa Sis,
I really enjoyed your last blog entry ! Esp about the "day star" being when an anointed is sealed. This is an unusual term. Why do you think it applies to the anointed being sealed?


The "marriage feast" is not for those who prove unfaithful to Holy Spirit (Rom.1:28; Matt.25:3,8,11,12).
It is only for those virgins who have kept themselves without spot from the world (2Cor.11:2; Eph.5:27; 1John2:15; James1:27; 2Pet.3:14).
Only these faithful and sealed are accepted into the "Bride" of Christ, and are sealed as priests that are called into "light" (1Pet.2:9; Rev.22:5; 19:8; Rev.5:10), 
....and are also accepted into the "marriage" feast (Matt.25:10; Luke12:37).
Those who betray and lose holy Spirit, are not given any more
(Matt.13:12; Jude1:13; Matt.6:23; Job 18:6; Rev.2:5).

It is by means of spirit, that insight and spiritual light, are given (1John2:27; 1Cor.2:10,12,13).
Insight and understanding of Truth are totally dependent upon spirit, just as the light of a lamp, depends upon it's oil (Psalm18:28; Heb.1:9). A bright lamp is given to those who worship according to the anointing spirit they were originally given (1John2:27,28; Matt.25:4; 2Pet.3:2; John14:26) and the truth of God's Word (Ps.119:105). The unwise sell out to men's doctrines (Matt.25:9,10) for their "light".
This spiritual "light" given upon being sealed, is compared to dawn... which shatters the darkness of "night" (1Thess.5:5; John1:5; 2Pet.1:19; Psalm30:5; 130:6; 13:3).
(Luke16:8; 1Thess.5:7; 1John2:11; Prov.4:19; 2:13; John11:10; 3:19; Job 18:5,6; Matt.25:8)
The faithful priests are the light of the world (Matt.5:14,15).
They do not belong to darkness, or the night, or the world (1John2:15; Rom.12:2; Acts26:18; James4:4).
The day is for those who have been enlightened (1Thess.5:5; Prov.4:18; Heb.6:4,5; 2Pet.1:19; 2Cor.4:6).

That "light" is totally from Christ, the "daystar" (daystar=sun Matt.17:2; Rev.1:16; 22:16; John1:4). He causes that dawn, to arrive inside the heart of each one sealed (Rev.2:28; 2Pet.1:19; Num.6:23,25,27). I was taught about this hope and calling for me, the night I was anointed/chosen....and invited to the course of Christ (see --anointing account) 1Pet.1:15; Psalm119:147; 132:17.
That "Morning" "light" of "dawn" does not belong to those adulterous invited ones (Jer.23:12; John3:19), who choose spiritual harlotry with Satan and his sons, the spiritual Gentiles uncircumcised in heart...
to whom she gives away the gifts Jehovah Himself has bestowed upon her (Hosea2:1-13) in exchange for the power of the "Gentiles", which enforce her rule for her. These unfaithful anointed ones, trade Jehovah's blessings away; in order to "buy" Satan's gifts of worldly reward, which only Satan has the power and right to bestow (Matt.4:8; 1John2:15; 1John5:19; Rev.9:1). The Harlot puts her trust in the unanointed men who make up the Wild Beast/Man of Lawlessness (Jer.17:5; Isa.31:3; 30:1; 20:5 ...rather than Jehovah (2Chron.32:8; Jer.32:17; Isa.65:24; 59:1). These are the "son of destruction" (2Thess.2:3)....sons of Abaddon and Apollyon ("Destruction" Rev.9:11). They seek, not God's will (James1:27; 1John4:20), but Satan's (John8:40,41,43,44,45,46,47). This adulterous relationship, will not last (Rev.17:16; Hosea2:10,12,13; Eze.16:37,39; Isa.28:3,15,18)
In the meantime, Satan is happy to receive this worship from those invited ones who were offered life (James1:12; Rev.3:11), as chosen sons of God (Matt.4:9; Rev.13:2,4; 2Cor.11:3). He can then come before Jehovah's face in arrogance, pointing out in accusation, the faults and disloyalty of these Harlots (Prov.27:11; Rev.12:10); and buy more time for his dominion.

I hope these scriptures answer what you are looking for.
If not, please ask.
Love in Christ,


  1. Wow sister pearl - I am sitting here with tears in my eyes - this daystar has risen for me quite a while ago. I knew in my heart but never put it together in my mind till reading your spiritual thoughts in your post today. May Jehovah bless you for speaking his truth in such a way.


  2. I know you well know, that all comforting light comes down from our Father in Heaven (James1:17). It does not vary...nor need to be constantly adjusted and corrected. I have great affection for all those I am joined to through spirit. Soon our relief comes. (John16:33)
    Love in Christ,


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