Monday, November 26, 2012

Follow up questions from the first post of 11/21/12

Hello Sister Pearl,
Just to bring you up to date on the latest here in Thailand. The elders had a special meeting because of all the turmoil that was created by the merger. I don't believe I told you, but the three remaining elder's were against the merger. The merge will remain until the CO gets here during the last part of December. He will hear all of our grievances and I guess he will make the final decision. So I am going to make a list and draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and list the positives and the negatives.
You wanna here something funny? I want to share it with you. I brought up the things that you wrote me. And the one elder said, you really have brought up some good scriptural references. The other elder said, you can find a lot by researching the Watchtower library, can't you. I agreed. But I said, "I didn't get this info from the library." He said, "where did you get it?"
I replied," I have a guardian angel." They both laughed. If they only knew what the real deal was.
If you can think of anything else, please let me know.
Again, thanks so much and I will always pray for you Sister Pearl.


Thank you for letting me know how things are unfolding.
All the scriptures I gave you came, not from me, but from the Bible.
This is the source that all must respect...the elders included.
It is hard during this spiritual Great Tribulation, to have the courage to take our stand for Truth, on Jehovah's side (Heb.10:39; John16:33). Like Christ, it causes us to be abandoned and despised (Isa.53:3; John16:32). But Jesus made clear that if we are not willing to make such sacrifices in imitation of him, we are not worthy of him (Matt.10:38). That is the "real deal" (2Pet.3:5,6,7; Mal.4:1; Matt.10:15). I am nothing but a voice, sent by our Creator (Amos3:7; Num.12:6; Acts2:17; Rev.11:3,4; 9:16,17), to warn those who have dared to label themselves by His glorious name, and then have rushed ahead to defame it (Isa.48:11; Eze.36:21,22). I sincerely hope that you awaken from the inebriation of the Harlot, and run for your life (1Cor.15:34; Rev.18:3,4; Matt.24:15,16; Luke21:21,22). We are in the day of mercy, for those of loyal heart (2Cor.6:1,2; Zeph.2:1,2,3). Remember Lot, and how the mercy of our God sent two angels to rescue him from God's cleansing extermination (Gen.19:1,12,13,15,17; Luke17:28). In his ignorant apathy, Lot hesitated from doing the very response that meant his life (Gen.19:15,16,18,22). Although the angels clearly told him of the cataclysm to occur, He delayed according to his false sense of security. It was not that he did not believe the angels (Gen.19:14). He presumed upon God's protection. He had to be taken out forcefully (Gen.19:16).
The book of Revelation confides to us that our situation today is comparable (Rev.11:8; Luke17:28). I can not physically come and grab you by the hand and remove you from the Organization, but I do hope that my words here awaken your faith in Jehovah and His promise, that those who reject His warning are sure to perish (2Pet.3:7,9,10; Eze.9:10; 7:4; 23:49; Hosea9:7; Jer.25:30; Rev.14:19), along with all those following them who are asleep and drunk (2Pet.3:11; Prov.24:33.34; Matt.24:42; Rev.16:14,15; 17:1,2,15,18; 18:3,4,5,23). This is the "real deal" that I hope you and others will perceive, while there is yet time.



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