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Due to new doctrines presently being released, I was sent a few comments similar to the one here:

Dear Pearl,
I am one of the regular readers of your blog. sorry i had to post this on here but i have a different topic in mind now. actually, its been over a month since i have been hearing about this ''New Light'' that the governing body announced during their annual meeting, on many forums online. Then just a week ago, i have confirmed the same information because it's now posted on the official site. So what do you think about this new light? Would you mind posting an article about this? A lot of jw bros and sisters i talk with think that the new light is not a 100% new light, because over the years it's understandable that the GB is the faithful and discreet slave (Steward) and that the "class" is not accurate. Is the FDS the entire anointed remnant, or not? Is the "steward" the whole 144000?
 i hope to read something from you about this. this is actually a hot topic all over the internet since it got leaked and now published on the site

My response:

Jesus well knew the climate and situation in which his final invited ones would be immersed. His teacher was Jehovah (John8:28; 12:49; Matt.24:3). He prophesied many details concerning it. As we see these things being fulfilled in detail, it should guide our faith and behaviour.
Jesus appoints the "steward" within his "household" (Luke12:42; Eph.2:19; Matt.10:25,36; 1Tim.3:15; 5:8; 1Pet.4:17).
That steward can prove either faithful, or wicked (Matt.24:46,48,49; Luke12:37,45,47). If those possessing authority over the household, abuse their position and withhold the provisions of Holy Spirit (Matt.24:49; 1Cor.2:10; 12:7,8; 1John2:27,28; Matt.10:27; John16:25; Matt.25:14,22,23; Eze.34:1,2,10)....Jesus will not allow that famine to indefinitely starve his sheep (Eze.34:17,18,19,20,21,22,11,12,13,14,15,16; Isa.65:13). (Eze.34:19 -- Rev.8:10,11)
He calls other slaves to fill the need (Eze.34:23; Rev.11:3,4; John16:13; Luke12:37; Matt.10:27,40,20; John21:17).
Do not expect such faithful ones to be appointed (or even tolerated) by the unfaithful (Rom.2:29; 6:16; John16:2,4; Matt.10:16,26,28; 24:49; Gal.1:10) nor to be identified by a possession of power, riches, or prominence (1John2:15; 1Cor.4:8; 1Pet.5:6; Prov.29:23; Matt.23:12; Ec.10:6; Eze.21:25,26). In fact, the final stewards are despised and persecuted, just as Christ was (Rev.11:3,9,10; Isa.66:5; Matt.10:25). In fact, this is how those desiring to do God's will, will be able to identify the true prophets/stewards, in the time of the end (John7:17; Matt.7:20).
These are the ones providing the "proper food at the proper time" (John15:8; Ec.11:6; 2Cor.9:6,12; Luke8:11; Matt.4:4; Luke17:8,9). They must continue to do so till the end, in order to have a sound basis for continuing hope in their reward (Matt.10:22; 24:13; Rev.2:10).
All chosen slaves are "stewards of the word" (1Cor.4:1,2; Luke12:48) ...assigned to take care of what belongs to Christ (Matt.25:14; John14:6; 18:37; 1Tim.3:15; 6:20)...whether assigned to be over/ruler/"Steward" of God's anointed household....("abilities to direct/guidance/administrations"), or assigned to be a prophet, teacher, etc..
Whether the steward slave is faithful or not (1Cor.12:28) we must fulfill our own place in the body of Christ. All anointed are a part of the "one flesh" wifely "body of Christ" (1Cor.12:12,27; Rom.12:5; Col.1:18; Eph.5:23,26,27,30,31,32), and as such members, all are assigned to feed, build up, and nourish both one another (1Cor.10:17; 12:25,28; Eph.4:11,12; 1Cor.12:7; 1Pet.4:10), and the mother covenant which provides their spirit lives (Rev.12:6; 11:3; Isa.54:6; 49:14,21; 62:4; Hosea2:19; Rev.12:1,2; Gal.4:26.24)

Abandoning  Life, Truth, Holy Covenant, and responsibility is not an option for the faithful. If other anointed (such as the present "steward") leave Jehovah for worldly reward; all other members of Christ's body are still responsible to be faithful. All have a collective responsibility to get the "body" fed.
All anointed should know that being faithful is the will of God and Christ, regardless of the Steward's integrity (Luke12:47). If they care for this responsibility despite the "stewards" neglect, ...they are found awake, fighting the darkness with their own lamp burning....ready to respond to the arrival and direction of the Master (Luke12:35,36,37,38,39,40,41).
Peter asks if this message is just for them...a single steward...or was this message of being found awake and "faithful"  for all anointed???
We receive our answer (Luke12:41; Mark13:37,34,35,36,37).
The call to be awake, faithful and discreet, working, shining a lamp, providing food for the household (as well as for the returning Master -- Luke17:7,8) is for ALL ANOINTED!!! (according to whatever gift was given them individually, by spirit 1Pet.4:10; 1Cor.12:4,11,18,29; Heb.2:4; Eph.4:7; Rom.12:6)
Jesus compared the workings of his anointed Congregation...his a household under the authority of the Master, Christ.
The steward is one of the slaves, chosen to rule/oversee/"direct" the dispensation of provisions gleaned through the efforts of all.
He is not to replace the other slaves, nor strip them of their divinely assigned job in Christ's body.
He is not supposed to replace the Master, nor judge and punish his fellow slaves (Matt.25:19; Rom.14:4). He is not entitled to rob the Master of his household, and steal the Master's authority and goods,
....sharing these with "confirmed drunkards" (Matt.24:49).
how do "confirmed drunkards" respond to free food and drink? They sponge it all up until there is no more to be had, and then they turn on their benefactor. Such will be the case for the wicked anointed steward who places "his" trust in an organization of spiritual Gentiles. (Rev.17:16; Jer.17:5; 2:20; 3:1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10; Eze.29:6,7; 16:30; Isa.30:1; 31:3; Hosea2:5)
The current steward has filled the table of the returning bridegroom, with drunken vomit! (Matt.24:48,49; Isa.28:8; Rev.17:6) He has pillaged the sacrifices meant for the Master, as if they were his own. In his greed and desire for worthless associates, he has squandered the Master's provisions with no recognition of the hour.
It is time for the bridegroom to arrive (Matt.25:6)....but the Steward is preoccupied with his own interests.....destroying, defiling, wasting, and vomiting out the wedding feast provisions that the other slaves have toiled to produce.

If this is the "household" situation the remnant find themselves in, each anointed slave has two choices.....

1. Fear the beatings of the wicked steward, and so leave off working to provide the Master's  marriage feast. Any who do this...or join the Steward in his drunken revelries (Rev.18:3; Jer.48:26; 51:7,39; Rev.17:2; 16:13,14; 1Cor.6:15,16), will be severely beaten by the returned Christ (Matt.24:51; Rev.18:4; Matt.13:42; Rev.19:20; Matt.10:33; 25:41; 2Thess.2:9,10; Luke12:47).
2. Continue to work to provide food, despite the beatings of the wicked Steward; so that the returning Master is welcomed home with ready provisions to refresh him. Any who do this, will be rewarded (Luke12:37,43,44,37,40; 17:8).

There is good reason why the label of "faithful and discreet slave" has now been narrowed down to only the eight men at the top. This was a necessary step in the fulfillment of prophecy. The Beast's target is now brought into sharp focus. Now there is no doubt or confusion, as to whom the "steward" of the entire household, is! (Rev.17:16,17; 18:8; 14:8; Eze.16:37,39). They had to claim to be THE faithful and discreet slave, in order to accomplish this clear identification as the "steward" of the entire household, because Organizational doctrine has merged these two identities (FDS & Steward).

In reality, the "steward" of the household, and the whole body of "faithful slaves", are not the same thing! ALL FAITHFUL SLAVES, are responsible for (stewards) teaching truth, caring for Christ's body, and feeding all the sheep. This is not the same role as "steward" director over the anointed household.

Past doctrine defined the "wicked steward" as any apostates who questioned or criticized the GB. This doctrine served them well, and excused them beating/expelling their fellow slaves.
This interpretation is easily proven false however, since these steward-condemned "apostates" do not fill the description of being over the spiritual food being provided ALL in the anointed household. This was especially true while this doctrine was being promulgated....(which was before internet even became available).
The only "steward" determining what the entire household is fed, is the GB. Only they can fill the description of the household "ruling" steward/manager. (Luke12:42)

By presently calling themselves the exclusive "faithful and discreet slave"; they are in essence, declaring themselves to be the Steward of the Master's household. This is actually more accurate than past doctrines.
But being the "steward" and being a "faithful slave" is not exactly the same identity. The "steward" is only ONE of the slaves. All the anointed are called to be faithful with God's will for them. There are many capacities within the body of Christ....not just a "steward" over the anointed household. All are responsible to work to provide the "proper food at the proper time".

Ideally, the "steward of the household" coordinates and manages this feeding program.
If he fails, the rest are still stewards of their own assignment (1Cor.12:29) and are expected to be "faithful and discreet".

The GB fails to take into account, that as Steward over the anointed household, they do not have supreme power to prevent the other slaves from picking up the slack and proving faithful.

"He" can not prevent Christ from removing "his" position from him (Luke16:3), nor from Christ assigning a new coordinating Steward, if necessary. Faithful slaves will find a way, to render the fruits when due (Matt.21:43; Rom.11:17,18,19,20,21,22; Matt.7:19; 21:19).

Even if the wicked Steward slave continues to revel in his vomit, oblivious that his master has really arrived, has taken his position from him, and has given it to others....
he has.
(Rev.3:3; 2:5; Matt.25:28)
He may still be reveling in his sense of power and riches, but he is drunk and unaware of the ax at the door. (Luke3:9; Hab.2:16)
He has failed to discharge the indebtedness of his fellow slaves to the Master, by accepting their payments and publishing them. He has instead, demanded that the other slaves put their light under a "measuring basket" (Matt.5:15) (which is used for commerce Rev.13:17).

Let the Steward step up and take the title for himself (Luke14:8,9,10; Matt.23:12; John7:18; Isa.47:8; Rev.18:7).
The clear identity of the wicked Steward is emerging.

He is about to learn that not only is he going to lose his "drinking buddy" cohorts,
but also his position over the "Beast",
...and the approval of his Master.
(Matt.7:21,22,23; 25:11,12,13; 1John3:15; Matt25:41,42,43,44,45,46)

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