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Can you please explain to me what heaven is. And going back to Rev 12 it is said that Satan and his angels (anointed that prove unfaithful) are hurled down to earth. That can't be the physical heaven where Jehovah is.


Excellent question  :)
Jehovah's Word gives us an indication of what "heaven" and "earth" in Revelation means,
at 2Peter, chapter 3.

Notice that at 2Pet.3:7,10,11,12,13,14,17;
the meaning of the "heavens" is made clearer, as well as the meaning of the "earth".
When 2Pet.3:6 tells us of the original destruction of the "world" by a deluge, he compares it to the destruction of our day, just ahead. If we look at what Jehovah said about that past destruction of the earth, he said "The end of all flesh has come before me" (Gen.6:13). So although the Bible says the past world was destroyed, we see that it was the flesh upon it. Further scriptural insight, reveals that such flesh is the sinful flesh (Gal.5:17; Rom.8:7). THIS is what was destroyed...and what IS to be destroyed, when the "earth" we know now, passes away (1John2:17). For, the earth to go is not the planet (Ec.1:4; Isa.45:18), but what this symbol stands for.
So then, if we start at
2Pet.3:7.... When the presently existing "heavens" and "earth" are consigned to "fire", it will mean "the destruction of the ungodly men". Both... the established "heavens" and the "earth", now contain unfaithful men.
2Pet.3:10.... Here we see that those receiving this adverse judgment, are not even aware of their perilous circumstances. Other scriptures refer to them as being drunk and asleep. The "leaven" of prideful unfaithfulness will be revealed (2Pet.3:10; Luke12:2,1). Only those blessed with spiritual discernment are aware of their being inspected and refined by the returned Christ. It may help to define that word in verse 2Pet.3:10. "Great noise"/"ROAR": Jer.25:30; Amos3:4,7; Joel3:16; Rev.10:3; 14:2
It will be the roar of the "seven thunders", channeled through the "seven angels", that God's people will be warned and judged, Rev.10:4; 1:20  and the "earth" and "heaven" will "melt".

James refers to the type of deceptive Satanic lies that envelope the end-time remnant (Rev.16:13,14; 1Tim.4:1). Note what symbol he uses, when he speaks of the realm where these demonic, misleading inspirations reside...
"But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic." James3:14,15
This warning is being given to anointed ones, lest they fall into the temptation of ambitious pride...becoming jealous and covetous of the blessings given their brothers and desirous to subjugate and dominate these. (James3:16; 1John3:12; 4:20; 2:11; Heb.3:12,13,18; Mark10:42,43)
  According to James3:15, can you see that "earth" is a symbol for the realm of "wisdom" that is "demonic"? Those anointed deceived by it, remain chained to it (earthbound). As such, they have not been sealed in Heaven, (Eph.2:6; Heb.12:23; Rev.12:5) which is a symbol of God's Throne of Power and Authority.
It is hard for us physical beings to conceive of the spiritual realm. We are inclined to apply physical concepts to the spiritual...such as the physical limitations of strength, space, location, time, etc..
Jehovah's Authority and Power, is Supreme. In spacial symbolism, He is in the highest Heavens of Authority and Power (2Chron.6:30,39; Isa.66:1). There is also "midheaven" (Rev.14:6; 8:13), as well as the "heavens" that dominate over the present corrupted earth (which includes all born in sin) 2Pet.3:7; Heb.12:26; Matt.6:26; Eph.2:2; Psalm104:12; Rev.19:17.

Eph.6:12 reads
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Since Jehovah dwells in "unapproachable light" (1Tim.6:15,16; Job37:23; Hab.1:13)...the darkened "heavenly realms" to which Satan and his demons have been cast down to dominate (2Pet.2:4; 3:7) are not referring to the same Authority and Power, as the "Heavens" from which Jehovah reigns. The wicked "heavens" which now rule our world, are to be cast down (John16:11; 12:31; Luke10:18; Rev.12:8,9). This again, is not a physical removal from a physical place, but rather a loss of power and control. This is clarified when Rev.12:11,10 speaks of the means by which Satan loses his heavenly position over God's Creation. It is because he no longer dominates the minds of many Chosen ones, nor can he prevent them from faithfully beaming forth truth, any longer. He has lost his "heavenly" position over them, because they are no longer in subjection, held earthbound in the demonic bonds of spiritual darkness ( (Jer.30:8; Rev.9:2,3,10,14; Luke10:19; Rev.2:28; 1Pet.2:9; Isa.58:8,10; 62:1). When Satan loses his power and dominion over each sealed anointed one, he "falls" from his heavenly dominion. This happens in the fullest sense, when the last ones are sealed and there is no longer any basis for him to retain power over all Creation. This is because the entire administration of 144000, is now sealed and ready to take dominion. (Eph.1:10; 2Pet.3:13; Isa.65:17; Rev.21:1)
How does this relate to when Jesus began his rule? Please see the answer to the second question, located in the article

  I hope these scriptural references fill in an answer for your question. Please let me know if I have not been thorough, by sending me a follow-up question to address any unmet need you may still have.
I am sure that more will be given and written about the meaning of "heaven" in the future. I already know of a few articles where this will be explored more fully, which articles are yet to come.
Love in Christ,



  1. Greetings Pearl and everybody !

    I think the following (my) post is somehow related with the answer to this question and it may help those who "seek firstly God's Kingdom" Matthew 6:33 to understand when this kingdom has started in Heavens , and also the fact that the "heaven" in Revelation 12 must be understood "with spirit" ...

    The Kingdom of God - when in Heaven ? -- according to "Jesus' teaching"

    as usually my posts are weak (not complete) - the same this one is an "intro" or an "input" in the subject

    Thank you Pearl for your work,
    Jehovah bless you!
    rus v.

  2. Hello Rus,
    Yes...I also left a link to further info...about when Jesus became king...compared to the Kingdom arriving to the entire earth.
    I think that the reference that you mean, is,862.msg5051/topicseen.html#msg5051

    Thank you Rus.
    I look forward to meeting you face to face in the Kingdom :)
    Jehovah's spirit bless you too,


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