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Organized Religion/Hopes/Mountains/MOL/


I am posting this reply to a letter, because I believe the information is helpful for everyone.

The problem with the original "light" about general humans living on earth rather than in heaven (except the 144000) is that,
it teaches that there are two different earthly, one heavenly. This is not true. So that teaching is not much better than the one that said all men go to heaven. But at least it does show that the reward for humans, is the earth (Psalm37:11,29).
The reason the 144000 spend some time in heaven, is mostly about their work.....not totally for their reward. For, it is not where they are that is their reward....but it is who they are with, and what they are doing (John14:10,11,12,28; 5:20; Matt.25:23). (
Those rewards can be anywhere. It is not about a "physical" location (2Pet.1:19; Prov.3:13,14,15,16,17,18).

I am very glad that you can speak with me. I value our association.

Have you read the article on "divine education" yet? (
The last part of it will help you with your bad experience with the Gov.Bdy., and how to obey Christ in where to find spiritual truth.
We all must learn to receive spiritual food according to Jehovah's way....the anointed included (1Cor.4:7; 12:18,28; 11:29; Col.1:18).

Yes...I did worry about us forming a new religious "group"....because it is not the arrangement of Jesus Christ.
He talked about us being left, as orphans, and to be outside the camp...alone and suffering shame (John14:18; 16:20; Heb.13:13; 1Pet.4:12,13,14).
If we start another religion, it opens us up to being under Satan's worldly power. Satan is the one that now rules all organizations, powers, and authorities (Isa.63:18; Rev.11:2; Jer.12:10; Dan.8:13; Luke21:24; 1John5:19; 1Cor.15:24,25; Isa.40:23; Eph.6:12,11). (
Although through his faithful death, Jesus has been bestowed all these things (Matt.28:18; Eph.1:20,21); he does not exercise his full authority, until his brothers are finished being tested by Satan and sealed, and all his enemies are subdued through his faithful brothers (Ps.110:1,2,3; 2Pet.3:8; Ps.2:8,9,10,11,12; Rev.2:26,27). Once the full administration is victorious in their battle for truth (1Cor.10:4,5; Rev.12:10,22; 6:9,10,11), Jesus will become a King in God's eternal Kingdom, and fully use the symbolic "keys" of authority he now possesses (as king of his own "Thousand Year" kingdom), which reign he is now sharing with his faithful sealed brothers (Matt.16:19; Luke10:19; Rev.1:6; 5:10; Rev.20:6; John5:24). His brothers who were faithful over the "little" gold/truth they were given during the Thousand Years (Matt.25:20; Rev.3:18), will be trusted with "much" during forever (Luke16:10; Matt.25:23,34; Dan.2:44; 4:17; 7:21,22).
Until God's Kingdom arrives, Jesus cautions us, that true food comes from individual prophets...."fine trees" offering "fine fruit" (Matt.7:15,16,17,18,19,20; 12:33,37).
The only Temple of worship Jesus pointed to....was the Temple "of his body" (John2:19,21; 1Cor.12:27), ( is made up of individual living stones (1Pet.2:5)...the anointed ones (1Pet.2:9).
That is the Temple, where all can turn in order to worship in spirit and Truth (John4:21,23,24) (
Organized religion is a snare of Satan (Rev.8:8; 6:14,20). That is what Satan offered Jesus (Matt.4:8) and all his anointed followers also face this temptation.
It must be resisted, as the apostle Paul resisted it. He spent his life slaving for Christ and his sheep.
Like the other faithful anointed, he did not work with, nor was he guided by, an organization of men (Gal.1:10,15,16,17,20; 1Cor.6:12; Col.2:20,22,19,8,10,15; James4:7), but rather, by spirit (John14:26; 16:13; Acts8:26,39; Luke12:12)

Any who take a position ruling over others (Mark10:42,43,44), along with the power and riches that come with it (1Cor.4:8), have "fallen" (1Tim.3:6; 6:9; Amos5:1,2,5; Isa.14:12; Jer.8:12), and are now under Satan's dominion (Matt.4:9). These are then used by Satan, in the war he is waging against the anointed (
This was prophesied to happen to the "steward" of God's people in the time of the end (Rev.8:10,11; Rev.9:1; 13:11; Luke16:1,2,3; Eze.34:7,8,9,10; Micah3:9,10,11,12).
( --
Jesus' own answer to Satan when so tempted, was "Go away Satan. It is Jehovah your God you must worship." (Matt.4:10)
This is what the apostle Paul succeeded in doing, while he suffered, and lived with indignity
(1Cor.4:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,21; 2Cor.11:7,12,13,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31).
As with all other faithful anointed, he is a shining star during this "night" (Rev.1:16,20; Rom.13:12; Matt.25:6; John5:35) (Phil.2:15; Dan.12:3).
Paul imitated Jesus, in truly  being no part of this world (John17:16; 1John2:15). We must remember this always,
 while Satan offers the deceptive advantage, of religious rule (1John2:15,16,17; Rev.17:9).

"Flee to the mountains". Yes.  This means to go and learn from the faithful anointed (Eze.36:1,8). All the faithful anointed will come to provide food (John15:8; Rev.11:3)....without accepting worldly prominence and power. (
This can now be done on the internet.
There is no need to form an organization. Remember how Jesus and his apostles taught? Whoever wanted to listen, could come and listen (Matt.14:19).
Jesus and his disciples needed nothing more than their own mouths (Heb.13:15,16) to give an "acceptable" offering to Jehovah (1Pet.2:5).
The anointed can consult with one another, as Christ and the apostles also did. (Matt.24:3; Luke8:9; Mark4:10. This does not require that we compromise to form an organizational power.

Also remember what Jesus said about how to find the "manifestation of his presence"?
He said that his revealed Truth would lightening from east to west....
NOT as a location to gather (Matt.24:23,26,27,28; Psalm97:11).
We must obey him.

Jehovah and Jesus can see all those whose hearts are good (Psalm44:21).
They do not need us to collect ourselves to know who and where we are (2Chron16:9; Eze.9:4).

I will give spiritual food and direction, as long as Jehovah gives it to me, and as long as I live (Mark4:20; Luke8:15).
You will find it on-line in my writings, in my you-tube videos, and in the meetings (Memorial) that I and other anointed will have on SKYPE.
Others will be free to listen in.

The Man of Lawlessness in 2Thess.2, are the spiritual Gentiles who rule each Congregation.....the UNanointed elders and overseers. (
                (Anointed are considered spiritual Jews (Rom.2:29) and as priests, belong in the Temple
                  The Man of Lawlessness does not belong in the Temple (2Chron23:6; Eze.44:7,9),
                  because he is not a chosen anointed priest!
                  This is why he is considered a "disgusting thing" in the "Holy Place"/Temple.)
The Governing body is now over that Man of Lawlessness/wild beast/UNanointed "priests".
After that Beast turns on the Harlot, then Harlot/GB will be gone, and the Man of Lawlessness
will alone rule for a short time (the eighth king) without them. (Rev.17:11; Dan.8:9,10,11,12,13,25,24; Rev.13:12,15,7) (

Love in Christ,

another letter:

I try to follow Jesus' example (Matt.12:19).
He avoided those who just wanted to argue and find fault (Matt.12:14,15).
He knew they were already satisfied with what they had (Mark2:17),
and did not really hunger for the truth he brought (Rev.3:17).
Remember what the Bible says about these men???
See 2Tim.3:5

Jehovah's Word says that we all must have patience (Heb.6:12; James1:4).
You do not have long to wait.
You are not alone (1Pet.5:9)

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