Thursday, October 18, 2012


Update about our Brother Sas in Romania.
I just heard from Rus....

Dear Pearl ,
Two hours ago I was with Sas at Bank and received the money ; exactly the sum you wrote.
Then he paid them to Bank again and they are saved from court threatening.
Thank you very much and to all brothers who participate. And firstly thanks to Jehovah for His care.
Sas will write also to you .
Later I will come with the things you ask for from me.

love in Christ,
rus v.

I have translated as best as I can, this letter from our Chosen brother, Sas...

My beloved sister, Pearl
     Thank God our holy and heavenly father Jehovah, for refreshing and comfort care given me, from the heavy circumstances, which am certain care of me, also thank you to you my beloved sister, for your noble gesture, and those saints who accompany you, I also thank....which path you go wholeheartedly, you all care taken part in my affliction.
I want to let you know we received of what you have sent me, and do not know how to better Thank for your generosity.
Thank heaven our holy father, that ... I was delivered out of the lion's mouth "(2 Timothy 4:17 b) ..
Beloved sister in the Lord, I wish that further, the Lord Jesus Christ be with yours. Holy spirit be with you! Amen. "2 Timothy 4:22.

  With love in Christ Holy, will greet and kiss, Your brother, Gabriel Sas.

I sent the funds by way of Western Union.
All of you can send funds directly in this way.
For all the information, please contact me at


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