Monday, October 1, 2012

A question:

Hello Pearl,
  How does one go about attaining true knowledge and wisdom?
Thank you and have a blessed day.


Hello Xxxx,
First let me say, that I strongly urge you to look up, read, and think about the scriptures that I will cite in this answer. There is where your real answer lies.

Jehovah, the God of the Bible, is the source of all "TRUE knowledge and Wisdom" (James1:5; Dan.2:21).
2Tim.3:16,17 tells us that Jehovah passes Wisdom to us, through His Word (found in the scriptures), and that if we make use of it, we are fully equipped to have success (Isa.48:17,18).

Jesus also came to earth, to give us Jehovah God's message (John12:50); and his teachings while on earth, are also contained within the scriptures. That knowledge of God and Christ, are the beginning of the path to eternal life (John17:3). So as you can see, the Bible is indispensable in gaining "true knowledge and wisdom" (Psalm119:105; John17:17).

Prayer is also essential. For Jesus said "keep on asking, and it will be given you"..."for everyone asking, receives" (Matt.7:7-11).
Does this mean that everyone who reads the Bible and prays for understanding, will receive it directly from God? No (Matt.13:11; 11:25). This is evident in all the conflicting doctrines that issue forth from many who do those things.
This is because God has published within the scriptures, His means of answering this general prayer for wisdom and understanding (Matt.5:14; 1Tim.4:16). The Bible reveals that God has chosen a channel...vessels...chosen priests...which are given that truth, to pass on to those seeking it (2Cor.4:7; 1Pet.3:15; 2:5,9; 1John2:20,27).

Yet many claim to have this divinely decreed authority and insight, but don't (2Tim.3:5; 1Tim.6:20).
Jesus knew that there would be an abundance of "false prophets", and gave us warning about these (Matt.7:15; 24:24).
But more importantly, Jesus told us how to tell the false teachers, from those genuinely blessed with wisdom (Matt.7:20; John7:17,18,16). Once we find those who fulfill Christ's description of those who are genuine, we can examine the teachings they offer us (1John4:1), and receive spiritual sustenance, knowledge, and wisdom.

I have written two articles which I believe will really help to give you a thorough answer to this question.
The first one, answers how one would go about attaining true knowledge and wisdom, and is located here:
The second one helps identify (by means of Jesus' direction), the true, genuine messengers, who teach an accurate understanding of God's Word. It is located here:

Jesus' warning about misleading counterfeit prophets ...and his instructions on how to find the true...are vital in our search for true knowledge and wisdom.
If after reading these two short articles, you have any lingering questions about this subject...please follow up.

Jehovah bless your search,

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