Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iron and Clay

A question:
 Has there been any recent Vision that you have had regards to the kingdom at near? Another.... Curious how did you know you're found worthy, did you have any visioned about that?

The visions that I did receive many years ago were about the end, and the Kingdom.
It is up to Jehovah what He gives. He decides what is enough.
What He has already given me, is enough to do my job.
Why do you ask for something recent?

My vision about being chosen and anointed has been published for a long time.
This only means that I was considered worthy to be a slave.
That "usefulness" can change if I misuse my free will (2Tim.2:21).
You are free to read about my being called to serve.

I do not "know" that I am "found worthy".
I only know that Jehovah chose me to do a job,
and I am trying to finish that work.

A question from a friend in Africa...

Good day sister Doxsey

I feel so bad for not talking to you in such a long time, I read in one of your articles yesterday that you are sick, hope it is not too serious. I miss you dearly, please pass my regards to Obe, I also read yesterday that he is in process of writing to the congregation elders.

In the early hours of this morning I was reading Hebrews chapters 8 to 10, and I came across some interesting things but what stood out for me is the much loved Hebrews 10:25,26. Taken in context those verses speak of the anointed and I just wonder why I missed that before.

Did you get my question on Skype about Daniel’s statue? I couldn’t help but think that the feet, clay and iron represents the GB and elders as Daniel writes in chapter 2 verse 43 “they will come to be mixed with the off-spring of mankind” – I find those words intriguing, your thoughts?

Well I am at work at the moment so I will leave you to chew on that.

Kind regards

My Reply:

Hello Xxxx,
I also was missing you. Although busy, you were in the back of my mind and I wondered how you were doing.
Yes, I am sick. It does effect my ability to work, even on writing. But I just do my best.

I did get your excellent question.
I have started an article on it. I have not yet finished gathering all the scriptures
....all that Jehovah has to say about it.
This is what I need before I can teach.

Yes...I certainly see the mix of iron and clay as meaning the Org. of Gentiles,
mixed in with the anointed. These will not prove to "stick together" (Dan.2:43).
The "iron" is too resistant, hard, and proud, to actually work together with the
anointed without dominating them. The "Gentile's" hearts, are not malleable (Rev.9:9)
"Moist clay", can still be molded...but while it is a part of the statue,
it is molding to the iron of the feet...rather than being molded according
to Jehovah's will (Rom.9:21; Isa.45:9; Jer.18:4,6; Isa.41:25,29,23,24).
Jer.18:6 identifies clay, as "the house of Israel" which ever since Christ, is the anointed
(Gal.6:16,15; Rom.2:29; Gal.3:29,9,26).
To interpret the clay in the feet of Daniel's image as the anointed "Israel of God"
then, is scriptural (Jer.18:6). These will share rule with the "Gentile" "Iron" (Rev.17:3,12), over the rest of the invited anointed (Jer.5:30,31; Matt.24:45,48,49; Isa.66:5; Mark10:42,43), as well as the "Land" and "City" bearing His name (Jer.25:29,30). The combination power which makes up the feet of the Image (Iron and Clay) is the last power of persecution over God's Covenant People, the anointed. Jehovah allows this oppression/"trampling" for a time, to discipline these wayward sons from their turning away from Jehovah, and toward idolatry of the Beast's glorious and powerful Image (Matt.5:13; Dan.8:13; Isa.59:2,20; Jer.17:5; 4:14,17; 2Kings17:8; Mark8:33; Rev.13:12,14,8)....making themselves part of Babylon's Image (Dan.2:44,45; Acts17:29) Only those who repent of this curse, will be saved (Isa.59:2,20; 41:25;  Joel2:12,15,17,18,19,27; Jer.4:9,31,8; Rev.11:3; Joel2:25; Rev.9:3,5).

By the time Jesus and the faithful "break them with an iron rod and smash them like clay pots"
(Psalm2:9), the anointed who have decided to remain in the Organizational god
(Rev.17:12,13,14; 16:21,11; 18:9) beyond the final witness (Rev.11:3; Rev.14:7),
will have solidified and hardened, into those who are
no longer mold-able by Jehovah.
(Isa.30:14; Jer.19:11; Rev.2:26,27; Prov.16:18)
These will then be "sealed" as slaves to the "Covenant of Death"  Isa.28:15 ("Babylon the Great") who is now their "mother" Covenant (Rev.17:5). This makes them into Harlots, rather than spiritual virgins (Rev.17:1; 14:4). They have left their former Covenant of Life, "Jerusalem above" (Gal.4:26,24), unable to be sealed on their forehead as slaves to their previous "mother" (Rev.3:12)... they are now "Harlot" daughters, of "Babylon the Great" (Rather than "Virgin" daughters, of  "New Jerusalem above". 1Pet.3:6; 2Cor.11:2; Matt.25:1; Rev.14:4; 3:12; 1Cor.6:15).

This period of "smashing" the solidified clay.... is also the same period when the feet of the "statue" is destroyed (Dan.2:35).
I believe "the offspring of mankind"/"molded clay"/"men", means the anointed (Jer.18:6; Dan.2:43; Rev.9:6),
even though the Beast's individual "locusts", have faces like  men (Rev.9:7)...
(They present themselves and their authority, as if they  were the anointed.)

I don't know how soon I will finish that article.
I must trust in Jehovah's power to do all the things that are my work.
Thank you for writing. I am glad to know you are okay.


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