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I read in one of your articles about some pledge that every witness will have to sign. How do you see that playing out?
Thank you

Hello again Daniel,
If you would like to read about how this is already playing out,
please read about "pioneering" and the application that is involved, at
I underestimated Satan.
The pledge will not be as blatant as I had hoped.
Already, all witnesses who stay in association with the Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses
are making that pledge.
Every time a teaching comes through the magazines or talks, and it
contradicts the Bible...
yet the audience sits there in silence and accepts that false teaching....
they have already taken their stand for the Organization, turning their backs on
the Truth, Jehovah, and Christ as the Head of the Congregation.
They are no longer in the yoke of Christ (Matt.11:29)...working alongside him for truth.
They are now under the yoke of the Beast [Rev.17:8,11--"and yet will be present", "and yet is", literally means "and yet is ALONGSIDE" (as being under the same original Greek)]; working with the Beast instead of Christ (Gal.5:1). These are blind to the fact that they have exchanged their Leader from the "wicked steward" and it's Beast Organization (Rom.1:25; 2Thess.2:10; Matt.24:48,49; 23:10; 1Cor.6:15; Gal.1:10; Rev.13:8,11)
That work of the Beast is to teach lies and persecute Christ's brothers (Rev.13:7,5). Those in the yoke with the Beast do not realize it, nor see it. To them, that Idolatrous Beast of persecution, does not exist (Rev.17:8). Yet it does....and they are under it's yoke with it!

Our decisions and actions can be made manifest without signing a piece of paper. The distinction between those who serve Jehovah and those who subject their thinking and/or power, to the Beast, is prophesied to be manifested (Mal.3:18; Rev.13:16). I had assumed that this would take place as blatantly as it does on the pioneer application.
The lack of a clear manifestation of Satan's hidden trickery, does not change what is taking place, even if this overt detail is not fulfilled. Yet, it still may come to pass in the future. But it is not necessary to take place, in order for the object of each individual's worship to be made manifest. What one condones, obeys, and accepts already accomplishes that (Rev.2:20). All one has to do is remain asleep enough, to be lead along into error and death (Rev.3:1,2,3; 2Pet.3:17; Jude1:3,4; 1Cor.3:10,13,14; Matt.7:24,26).
Only those who take an active stand for Truth, will be saved (Luke9:24; Rev.12:11), even though that salvation will require a stand against the Beast (Rev.13:8,15), and the "death" that ensues (Luke9:24).


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