Monday, April 30, 2012

"Anointed" Special?

Many ask if and why the anointed are special. Some doubt that the Chosen are the only ones given the promises in the current "New Covenant". Others ask how the future rule of the 144,000 will be used to restore peace to all Creation (Rom.8:22,19,23).
Please consider this...

Often the scriptures take the view of the anointed as the priority because in the fulfillment of their hope and future in God's purpose, all other things will be restored (this includes solving all other problems facing the physical creation). This is not to diminish the relevance of the physical creation. For, the whole purpose of the "new heavens" is for the benefit of the earth and those on it. (2Pet.3:13)

Jesus compared this to making a loaf of fermented bread. The yeast is nothing in itself. The flour is the substance of the loaf. Working the yeast into the flour and letting it come to life and raise the flour, is the priority; without which the finished loaf would not come to be. Do you understand this illustration and how it applies?

          The flour= the earthly creation and earthly sons (new earth)

          The yeast= "living" spirit sons of the kingdom

          Blending the two= New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven into the earth 


          Lump rising= earthly ones eating the "fruit and leaves" of the (anointed) trees of life
                              for the "curing of the Nations" Rev.22:1,2Isa.61:3
                              Zech.4:1,2,3,11,12,13,14;  Rev.11:3; Matt.16:28; 17:2,3,11
                              'raising' mankind to perfection.

Revelation shows that the anointed will be trees of life, fed living waters directly from the throne of God while they are in heaven. That living water fills their "leaves" and "fruit". They then come down to the earth; and those who eat their leaves and fruit receive that living water into themselves, and are cured (Rev.22:2). 
Zechariah Chapter 4 (Zech.4:1-14) speaks symbolically of two olive trees as representing the two anointed ones who are standing alongside the Lord. In the transfiguration scene, Matt.17:1,2,3 reveals that these two anointed ones, are prefigured by Moses and Elijah. These anointed trees who in reality number 144,000, are to raise mankind to perfection with their fruit and leaves, infusing life into mankind; just as yeast permeates dough.

         Baking= final test by fire. Rev.20:1,2,3,7,8,9

         The finished loaf= the restoration of the earthly creation in harmony with 
                                     Jehovah's original purpose (a new heavens and new earth)
                                    (Rev.21:1; 2 Pet.3:13).
         Please see Jesus' illustration about this... Matt.13:33; Rom.11:16

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