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I received a response to the last post, located here: (LINK)...

"I saw the letter just then..but it seems they have overlooked that there must be 3 elders that you must have a meeting with and as a group here the 'charges" against you. Did this happen. Or did they just go by the one elder who you spoke about ? They have gone against protocol if this is based on one elders  account of what you say."

My response to him:

There were three elders officially involved, but I only spoke to one in depth, and it was not the 

one on the letter. They each agreed to meet with me again after the Memorial, but apparently 

changed their mind without notifying me. If you notice...the letter also said that I had 7 days 

to notify them in writing (from the date of the letter) for an appeal. I received the letter 8 days 

after that date. According to the registered mail, this was intentional. This is only one, in a 

long string of lies and violations of their own rules, that has occurred in this whole process of 

throwing me out. 

How did Jesus deal with men who had no sincerity?

He was as a lamb brought to slaughter (Isa.53:7)...silent...He knew it was a waste of time 

(John8:25). He also knew that he was destined for these things (Luke22:22). I also know this 

(Rom.6:3; Rev.11:7; 12:11; 13:7; John16:2,3).

In the book of Revelation, Jesus clearly tells his slaves what will happen and how (Rev.1:1). He 

tells us that the Organization bearing God's name is like a Wild Beast, that will be used by 

Satan to persecute and "kill" his faithful brothers (Rev.12:17; 13:1,7,8; 11:7). Should I fight 

against this, and try to overhaul this current corrupt religious system of things? 

Very soon, the wild beast and the false prophet who leads it, will be thrown into the lake of 

fire, along with all those in slavery to it (Rev.20:10; 13:8). I am not meant to stay in that place 

(Rev.18:4; Matt.24:15,16). Try to remember the winepress vision. All those who were on that line, were 

"Jehovah's Witnesses".  LINK TO ARTICLE.

There is no justice now for the Holy Ones (Dan.8:13), nor is truth allowed to be heard in the 

broadway or public squares of this Great City, Babylon the Great 
(Isa.59:14,15; Amos5:7,10,12,13). 

This will not be changed by those whom they slay. These things befall us as a witness to us, 

of the justice of Jehovah's future execution (Luke21:13; Rev.16:6). 

It is He who is just....not the Wild Beast. 

Should we really expect otherwise?

Whatever "protocol" the wild beast has, they do not follow it in sincerity, nor is that protocol 

from Jehovah. I am forbidden to subject myself to the Wild Beast (Rev.20:4; Gal.1:10; Rom.6:16). 

Otherwise, I would be accepting it's mark on my hand and would not be Christ's slave. Their 

protocol holds no authority with Jehovah God. Neither should it hold authority with me. I 

belong to Jehovah and Jesus (Rev.14:1), and not to the "uncircumcised" Rom.2:29; Eze.44:7.

I know for those not directly fed by Holy Spirit, these things are difficult to grasp and 

perceive. I do not tell you these things with any sense of frustration...but with hope that you 

might understand what this really is, and how it is seen in the heavenly places, according to 


I would like to recommend a list of articles, which are found in the following "blogspot" 





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