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 Below is an excerpt from a letter. The question was about the role of the "Organization" in the spiritual lives of anointed. What the Bible indicates about this is important for everyone to be aware of...

I wrote:

"I was thinking about how you said Robert King states that the Organization has been used to gather the anointed. Yet if we think about the scriptures..they don't indicate that as being the arrangement set up by God. The anointed are spoken of as being drawn into Jesus body...into the new temple of living stones. That is not an earthly organization headed by men, but a heavenly hope to become part of New Jerusalem. Christ is supposed to be Head of the anointed congregation.  Jer.10:23 states that "It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step". Certainly then, it does not belong to man to direct the steps of other Chosen ones. Such an arrangement is injurious (Ec.8:9)...and against the teaching of Christ (Matt.23:8,10,12; Mark10:42,43).
This set up causes chosen who are baited in (by the seeming promotion of Truth), to unwittingly subject themselves to men instead of Christ...most of those men being spiritual Gentiles, unanointed... hearts that have not been circumcised by Holy Spirit (Rom.2:29). This results in the invited ones leaving the body of Christ (the True Tent), in favor of union with a Harlot and her own priests (Eze.44:6,7,8,9; Matt.24:15; 1Cor.6:15). They then disown the one who bought them with his blood, in favor of a different Master; and they are therefore brought into the "Covenant of Death". This is the clear message of the "ten kings", the "wild beast", the "locust scorpions", and the "Harlot" of the Book of Revelation. The Organization is the counterfeit Mt. Zion (Isa.2:2,3; Matt.21:21; Rev.8:8). Those who cling to it commit spiritual fornication.
 Were the Chosen always overcome by demonic deception? No...See Isa.63:18. There you will see that "for a little while" God's Temple was in the possession of anointed proving faithful. No more...(see Rev.11:2). Through "Wormwood", Satan has highjacked Jehovah's temple (Rev.8:10,11; 9:1,11)...for the purpose of "waging war" with the "remaining ones of" the woman's "seed" (Rev.12:17). Once the anointed become subject to mere men, Satan can dominate them throught those men. He is the "god of this system of things", and until the Kingdom truly arrives; he holds all power over the earth and all the powers within it (1John5:19; Matt.4:8,9; 1Cor.15:24). This is why we are to be "no part of the world", ESPECIALLY when it comes to wielding worldly power over our anointed brothers (see Mark10:42,43).
 But as regards those like your parents and my daughter....what about those not anointed? If you read Rev.12:15,16; you will see that the "earth" swallows Satan's lies that were meant to drown the "woman". They are totally mislead by them. Some anointed (a symbolic one-third) are also mislead (Matt.24:24) by this river of lies. That torrent, is the Great Tribulation, which is also compared to a tempest, which will cause "one third" of the "stars of heaven" (chosen ones Rev.3:1) to be thrown down, because their fruitage is unripe (Rev.6:13; 12:4a,9; 3:2; Matt.21:18,19,20,21)
It is unripe, because the drunken steward over them (and his locust scorpion minions, have hindered and restrained them from obeying their real Master. Christ commands them to produce their own fruits (John15:8). Those fruits are teachings that result from knowledge, given them by the Holy Spirit; so that the sheep may have the proper food at the proper time (1John2:20,27; Matt.12:33-37; John7:16). Those in subjection to the steward and his organization, are told that they must not teach anything but what they are handed, by them and their organization of unanointed (Rev.13:17).
 Does this clarify an answer to your question about this organization, and those in it? This organization was not around to gather in any other anointed for the past 2,000 years. This is not the means by which Jehovah selects, trains, or unites the anointed. The Bible makes clear that Jehovah draws us to Christ (John6:44). No matter how the GB claims that they are the same as Christ, they never will be him. Those that follow them, are lost (Matt.24:23-25). Jehovah allows Satan to test those He called to inherit the Kingdom, according to His justice (Luke22:31; Job.1:12; 2:4; 2Tim.3:12; John16:33; Rom.8:17; 2Tim.2:12) (Deut.13:1-4). Soon, all those called by the spirit of God, will have completed their testing (Rev.12:10,11) by a symbolic death for truth (Rev.6:9-11).

To benefit from this letter of mine, you MUST read the scriptures. Please. Please do, whenever you read what I work to publish. Otherwise, it is worthless.

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